Chocolate cakes - unusual next! Recipes of original chocolate, white and dark chocolate cakes

Chocolate cakes - unusual next! Recipes of original chocolate, white and dark chocolate cakes

Sweet chocolate bars could not escape from the sensitive eyes of the pastry chef. Anyway, a sweet product with a very persistent taste and aroma will not get into the dessert? Do not be this! And the dough, and creams and, of course, decorations, everything can be prepared with the addition of chocolate. Why not a pure product? Yes, because chocolates are dairy and bitter, porous and with the addition of dried fruit. And today we use the most different kinds of them.

Chocolate Cake - General Cooking Principles

• In the preparation of cakes using both dark and light chocolate bars. It is added to the dough, cream, boiled glaze, which pour the surface of the dessert. In the manufacture of cakes without baking, chocolate is used to prepare the main mass for dessert, which is mixed with pieces of chocolate bar, cookies or other products.

• Before mixing with the other components, the tiles break open into pieces and melt in a water bath. Often, butter, milk or cream, and other products are added to chocolate. Add melted chocolate to the main mass for which it is intended, only after cooling. Melted hot product is poured over the surface of the dessert.

Nuts chocolate cake without baking (with cookies)


• two spoons of honey;

• 50 gr. white non-porous chocolate;

• shortbread dry biscuits - 200 gr .;

• milk chocolate bars, dark - 400 gr .;

• 250 ml of fat, liquid cream;

• dark powdered cocoa - 100 gr .;

• a handful of walnut kernels;

• half a bag of high fat oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Finely break white chocolate and biscuits and collect in a bowl. Add crushed nuts, mix.

2. In a separate bowl through a large grater, rub dark chocolate.

3. Pour the cream in a saucepan, add chopped butter, honey and put on moderate-medium heat. When the newly added ingredients melt, bring the mixture to a boil and immediately pour it over to dark chocolate, stir. 4. Lightly cool the chocolate mass and combine it with a mixture of cookies, white chocolate and nuts.

5. Line out the detachable form of the film, pour the chocolate mass into it and place in the refrigerator for two hours.

6. After that, put the cake out of the form on a dish, sprinkle it on the surface of cocoa and serve.

Chocolate Cake - “Truffle” with White Chocolate Mousse


• five eggs;

• dark cocoa spoon (powder);

• a glass of sugar;

• 200 gm bitter chocolate bar;

• instant, freeze-dried coffee - 2 tsp;

• 80 ml of pure water;

• a pack of sweet cream butter;

• powdered vanilla - 1 gr.

For mousse:

• fat, 22% cream - 300 ml;

• three tablespoons of ripper;

• sugar - 50 g .;

• natural, 82.5%, oil - 60 g .;

• 160 gr. white chocolate bars;

• yolks from four eggs.


• powdered cocoa - 2 spoons.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour coffee into a cup, add vanilla with sugar and fill it with hot water. Stir well to dissolve bulk solids and temporarily set aside.

2. Break dark chocolate into a small bowl, add the whole portion of butter, cut it into sticks, and put it in a water bath. As you dissolve, mix the mixture so that the butter mixes well with the chocolate.

3. When the mass becomes sufficiently homogeneous, remove it from the stove and, while stirring, pour the warm coffee mixture into it.

4. Stir cocoa with sugar. Add eggs and beat until frothy.

5. Combine the chocolate mixture with the egg mixture, mix gently and pour into the mold. Bake at 170 degrees, placing in a hot oven for 50 minutes.

6. Break the white chocolate into pieces, add butter to it and, like the dark one, melt with heat in a water bath or put in a microwave oven.

7. Beat the yolks not too vigorously with the sugar and, slowly warming up with continuous stirring, achieve a thickening. Egg mixture, like chocolate, warm only in a water bath.

8. In a slightly cooled yolks enter a couple of tablespoons of whipped cream, mix. Add the cooled chocolate mass, the remaining whipped cream and mix thoroughly. Do not whisk. 9. Put the cooled chocolate cake in a detachable form, place the creamy chocolate mixture on it and put in the refrigerator for two hours.

10. Freeze the cake free from the ring, sprinkle with cocoa. You can transfer the cake from the bottom of the form to the dish using a scoop or serve on it.

Chocolate Cake - “Black and White” with Pear


• powdered cocoa - 2 tbsp. l .;

• 200 gr. crumbly cookies, it is possible chocolate without glaze;

• butter, sweet cream - 150 gr.

In cream:

• a pound of cream cheese;

• 250 gr. white chocolate;

• two spoons of powdered sugar;

• fatty cream - 200 ml;

• 150 gr. yogurt without flavoring and aromatic additives.

For registration:

• fortified red wine - 200 ml;

• 150 gr. dense sowing pears;

• white, non-porous chocolate - 150 gr .;

• two spoons of granulated sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Turn cookies into a crumb by hand or with a blender. Add cocoa, mix.

2. Melt all the butter and, well cooled, enter it to the cookies, mix.

3. Lay the parchment on the bottom of the 24 cm form, transfer the oily mass of biscuit into it. Pressing tightly, distribute it across the bottom of a single layer and shape the rim with a height of no more than 4 cm.

4. Place the prepared cake base in the refrigerator for one hour or 25 minutes in the freezer.

5. For the cream, melt and cool the white chocolate.

6. Still warm chocolate, quickly stirring with a whisk, combine with powdered sugar.

7. To steady soft peaks, whip the cream and gently mix them, adding parts, to the cooled chocolate. Also gently, stirring exclusively from the bottom up, enter the cheese into the creamy chocolate mass.

8. Remove the frozen base from the refrigerator, transfer the prepared creamy chocolate mass to it, smooth the surface and put it back into the refrigerator.

9. Cut the peeled pear lengthwise and remove the core from it.

10. At moderate heat, bring the wine to a boil, pre-mixing it with sugar. Bring the boiled wine syrup to the table, drop the halves of pear into it and leave for an hour. 11. Dry the pear soaked in wine with a towel, cut into thin long slices and spread on the surface in the center in the form of a circle. Lightly overlap the pieces.

12. Grind white chocolate on a coarse grater and sprinkle a cake around the fruit decoration.

Simple recipe for chocolate cake with cottage cheese and popcorn (without baking)


• 100 gr. popcorn;

• a pound of fat, not dry cottage cheese;

• 200 gr. flavored yogurt;

• granulated gelatin - 20 g .;

• 400 gr. dark milk chocolate;

• half a cup of granulated sugar;

• one medium lemon;

• 200 gr. cream, 22%, or higher fat.

Cooking Method:

1. Soak granules of gelatin for an hour in 150 ml of cool water.

2. Heating with the help of a water bath, slowly melt the pieces of chocolates.

3. Put off some popcorn for making cake. Add remaining mixture to slightly cooled mass and mix.

4. Place the resulting mass in a 26-cm detachable form, level and send to cool in the refrigerator.

5. Curd wiped with a sieve, mix with yogurt. Add lemon juice and mix well again.

6. Whip cream with sugar. Dissolve, slowly warming up in the bath, gelatin.

7. First, combine the curd mass with the gelatin, then gently mix in the whipped cream and place the prepared mixture on a frozen layer of popcorn.

8. The cake should harden well, so let it stand in the refrigerator for at least six hours.

9. Free the prepared dessert from the mold, and decorate with previously deferred popcorn.

Chocolate Cake: A Recipe for the Famous Sacher Cake


• six eggs;

• bitter, 76% chocolate - 120 g;

• 120 gr. homemade butter;

• small sugar - 120 gr .;

• 120 gr. white baking flour;

• apricot jam - 150 gr.

In the icing:

• 100 gr. bitter, 72% chocolate;

• butter or high-quality margarine - 60 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Break the chocolate into small pieces, chop them with a knife and put them in a bowl.

2. Add chopped butter and melt on the steam bath or in the microwave. 3. Set the resulting homemade icing temporarily aside to cool.

4. Smashing the eggs, separate the yolks from the proteins.

5. Add sugar to the yolks, half of the specified amount, and whisk until a dense white mass is obtained. Then put the cooled chocolate icing to the yolks and once again go through the mass with a mixer, achieving uniform coloring.

6. Pour the flour and, stirring with a spatula, prepare a smooth, uniform dough.

7. Whip squirrels independently until fluffy foam, then, gradually adding sugar, beat them until dense peaks.

8. Adding small portions, add the whipped proteins into the dough, gently stirring it from bottom to top. Protein mass should not lose volume.

9. Put parchment on the bottom of the round shape, rub the sides with butter and sprinkle with cocoa powder. Carefully transfer the dough into the container and bake the chocolate cake, observing the temperature of 180 degrees. Cooking can take up to 40 minutes, and check the degree of readiness with a wooden skewer; for the first half hour, do not open the oven, otherwise the cake will settle.

10. Cut the cooled cake in two.

11. Apply a little more than half of apricot jam on the lower half of the cake and place the upper part of the sponge cake on it. Smear it with the remaining cream and put the cake in the cold.

12. When the layer of apricot jam hardens well, move the cake to the wire rack.

13. Melt the chocolate with the addition of butter, and pour the surface of the dessert with hot glaze, correcting it with a spatula.

14. Pour the remaining chocolate mass into the pastry bag and decorate the chocolate cake with an inscription or apply a random pattern with it.

Cake from chocolate without flour - “Esmeralda”


• ground white crackers - 100 g;

• five eggs;

• granulated sugar - 300 gr .;

• spoon of fresh starch;

• 50 gr. dark cocoa powder;

• spoon of sweet cream butter.

In cream:

• dark milk chocolate - 100 gr .;

• 250 ml of medium-fat milk;

• a tablespoon of powdered cocoa powder;

• one egg;

• bag of vanilla sugar;

• a large spoonful of wheat flour;

• 150 gr. fine sugar Cooking Method:

1. Separately whip proteins into the foam.

2. Spread egg yolks with sugar, add croutons mixed with cocoa, then starch. Stir, add proteins and mix thoroughly again.

3. Fill with the cooked chocolate dough greased, and powdered cocoa form, and immediately put the bake for 50 minutes at 180 degrees.

4. Cut the cooled biscuit in height into three cake layers.

5. Prepare the cream. Dobela whip with sugar eggs. Dissolve the egg mass with milk, add flour, whisk and, stirring, boil over low heat until thick.

6. Lightly cool the cream base. Pour the cocoa with vanilla, put the softened butter, enter the melted chocolate and whisk with a mixer.

7. Coat the skin with the cooled cream, fold them into the cake. The sides and the top is also good promekte chocolate cream.

8. For decoration, you can use finely chopped nuts or white chocolate, grated on a large grater.

Chocolate Cake - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• Chocolate will melt faster and better if you add a little milk or cream to it.

• It is preferable to add natural dark chocolate to the cake cakes. Cocoa content should not exceed 76% percent. Along with dark milk chocolate, it is advisable to add cocoa, which will give the cakes even more dark color.

• For cream, it is better to use a bar of milk chocolate. Natural bitter product, can give the creamy mass a characteristic bitterness.

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