How to cook condensed milk in a can

How to cook condensed milk in a can

Boiled condensed milk, or simply boiled milk, is not only an excellent delicacy, but also an indispensable ingredient for a layer of cakes and pastries.

It would be nice if such condensed milk was sold in any store. However, not all so simple. Of course, there is a boiled condensed milk in stores, but does it correspond to the quality that a real boletus has, which resembles toffee in taste and consistency? Not always.

So we have to remember the forgotten recipes for cooking condensed milk, which the hostesses of the Soviet era were proud of for not having it on store shelves.

And, it turns out, not everything is as difficult as it seems at first glance. The main thing when cooking condensed milk you need to know a few simple rules.

Rule 1. Not every condensed milk in a jar can be cooked.

It is known that the milk composition is indicated on all the jars. But it is no secret to anyone that condensed milk is now often made from everything that is possible by adding dry milk, vegetable fats in the form of palm oil, preservatives, thickeners, starch and other non-dairy ingredients.

And if you try to make a boiled milk out of such condensed milk, it still won't work. It will either become liquid, or simply curl up and not thicken.

Therefore, only a product made from real milk and sugar is suitable for cooking. Such a jar will be provided with the appropriate inscription: whole milk with sugar.

Rule 2. Fat plays an important role in the quality of boiled condensed milk.

Condensed milk should be at least 8, 5% fat. Only from such a product will you get a high-quality boiling dish, which you need to cook for 2-2, 5 hours.

Rule 3. A jar of condensed milk, intended for cooking, must be without mechanical damage.

After all, even a small dent can, sadly enough, cause the can to explode during cooking, because a small defect with long boiling can easily destroy the integrity of the container, and the enormous pressure inside the can will help break it.

Preparation for cooking condensed milk

So, condensed milk is selected. The next stage is the choice of capacity in which condensed milk will be cooked. For boiling condensed milk, a large capacious pan is suitable, into which you can pour so much water so that it covers a vertically-placed can of at least 10 cm. After all, there is a long cooking time, and, as you know, there is an active boiling of water.

Main moment: while cooking condensed milk, the jar should not be shown on the surface of the water for a second. This is especially true when the jar is not put into the pot, but put.

There is a very simple explanation for this: the seams on the can are located circumferentially on the bottom and on the lid; when the top of the can is peeking out of the water, there is a sharp temperature drop, which can provoke an explosion of the can.

Therefore, it is best to place the jar with condensed milk when cooked in a pan horizontally. And even if it so happens that a barrel looks out of the water for a minute, you can always have time to quickly fix the situation.

Therefore, a kettle with boiling water or at least boiling water should always be nearby, so that the process of refilling can be carried out as quickly as possible.

When boiling water, even a little, the bank will be sure to roll along the bottom. Therefore, it is advisable to cover the bottom of the pan with a soft cloth as the hostesses do when sterilized cans with canned vegetables and fruits. Only a little remains - to cook condensed milk.

How to cook condensed milk in a can

  • A jar of condensed milk is placed in a cooked saucepan, and the label is removed from it, as it is still lagging behind the jar during cooking and will float in the saucepan, making it difficult to observe the process. The paper should be removed, soaked in water, and not ripped off with an iron brush, which can not only scratch the jar, but also cause micro-scratches, which during cooking can break the integrity of the jar.
  • A jar of condensed milk is poured with cold water so that there is a large reserve in case it boils away, since it is better not to add water once again, artificially creating a temperature drop.
  • The pot is put on the stove, covered with a lid and brought to a boil. The fire is reduced so that there is a flat gentle boil. Only with this method of cooking condensed milk eventually acquires a homogeneous consistency without lumps.
  • Cooking is continued for at least one and a half hours. It all depends on how much thick they want to get in the end. After an hour, the milk gets a creamy tint, but there is still no density. After 2 hours, the color darkens a little, and the milk becomes a bit thicker. After 3 hours, the milk becomes light brown in color, thick consistency and taste of the toffee. And after 4 hours you can talk about this toffee and dark brown milk.
  • If, despite all precautions, the water is still boiled away, it must be replenished. To do this, take a kettle and slowly pour the boiling water into the pan, but without aiming at the jar, but pouring between it and the wall of the dish.
  • Varenka is ready. In no case can it be removed from the pan, and even more so rinsed with cold water! It is very dangerous! And not only because of the jars spattered with a sweet dainty during the explosion, but also because of the very real threat of being burned with a hot boil. Therefore, the jar is left in the pan until cool. And only after that they take it out of the water, open it and savor a tasty boiled condensed milk - boiled milk.

How to cook condensed milk in a pressure cooker

In a pressure cooker condensed milk cooks much faster. But you need to follow the instructions exactly.

  • The condensed milk properly selected for cooking is placed in a pressure cooker.
  • Fill it with water and close the lid.
  • Turn on to full capacity and quickly bring to a boil.
  • Continue cooking for no more than 15 minutes.
  • Turn off the pressure cooker, but leave the lid closed.
  • Do not open for 3 hours.
  • Then the pan is opened, but the jar is allowed to cool completely in water.
  • Get a jar of varena, open it and hold a tasting.

After reading these simple rules, tips and advice, everyone will know how to cook condensed milk in a jar.

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