Puree "Sissy" of apples with condensed milk - two tastes in one. Secrets of apple puree with condensed milk "Sissy"


In Soviet times, on the counters of grocery stores one could see jars of apple sauce “Nezhenka”.

Many adults still remember its fantastic taste.

You can prepare such a product yourself. It will turn out not less tasty. You just need to know, the whole secret of this variant of apple puree is condensed milk.

If a lot of apples were born in the garden, one of the options for processing is the homely “sissy.”

Mashed potatoes can be stored in the refrigerator for quite some time and even used as a complementary food for toddlers from the age of one. Compared to the store product, the homely “sissy” turns out to be incomparably cheaper and safer, because there is nothing harmful in it. Preparing mashed potatoes rather quickly.

Distinctive features of apple puree squeezed with condensed milk - in an amazing taste with a distinct creamy note and a deliciously silky texture. No adult can resist such delicacy, what can we say about children! Kids demonstrate an excellent appetite, eating a delicious apple sauce, and be sure to ask for supplements. Due to fiber and carbohydrates, the product is very useful for a growing baby.

Puree “Sissy” of apples with condensed milk - the general principles of cooking

There is nothing difficult in the preparation of applesauce for this recipe. Products need only apples, condensed milk and sugar (in some recipes, granulated sugar is not used).

Condensed milk must buy high quality, without adding vegetable fat.

It is the taste and consistency of low-quality condensed milk that can spoil the dish: it will turn out to be tasteless, besides, the milk may curdle. Instead of the usual condensed milk, you can take boiled condensed milk, condensed milk with coffee or condensed cream.

As for apples, even the ugliest and crumpled ones will do. Fruits should be thoroughly washed, dried and prepared for stewing. Be sure to remove the peel with a sharp thin knife, cut the seed boxes and remove the seeds. You can cut arbitrarily. To mash the apple base, you need a blender or a frequent sieve.

It is very important to rub apples as gently as possible so that the consistency is really delicate, silky. Tolkushka for potatoes is not suitable, as in the mashed potatoes will be clearly felt grains.

Banks for winter harvesting should always be sterilized over steam from boiling water or in a heated oven. Lids must be boiled. It is necessary to cool the jars in the same way as all winter preparations: turning them upside down with covers and covering them with a thick blanket, rug, towel.

Puree “Sissy” of apples with condensed milk

Excellent apple puree, cooked on your own, will give you real pleasure. Having tried a product once, it is simply impossible to forget about it. It is eaten instantly, so the next time you have to prepare a double portion.


• five kilograms of fresh sour-sweet or sour apples;

• glass of water;

• a jar of any Gostovskaya condensed milk;

• half a cup of sugar.


Prepare apples as described above.

Pour the apple slices into a thick-walled pan.

Pour the water in the norm and send to a slow fire, covering the pan with a tight lid.

Apples should be well steamed. Depending on the variety, this can take from minutes to one hour.

Periodically check the mass and mix so that nothing burns.

Once the apple base has become soft and loose, remove the pan from the heat.

A little cooled fruit pieces rub through a sieve, and it is better to puree in a blender. You should get a completely smooth mash of uniform consistency.

Puree return to the pot.

Add sugar to puree, pour condensed milk, mix everything well.

Again, send the pan to the fire and boil the mass for 15 minutes. Constantly stir the puree “Sissy” of apples with condensed milk, otherwise it will burn.

Immediately decompose on sterilized jars, cork and cool.

Puree “Sissy” of apples with condensed milk in a slow cooker

Delicious mashed potatoes can be prepared using a kitchen multicooker. Get a product that successfully replaces the jam or jam on the morning sweet sandwiches. Ingredients:

• two kilograms of sour apples;

• one hundred grams of condensed milk;

• one hundred milliliters of water;

• one hundred grams of granulated sugar.


Cleaned apples cleaned and cut into small cubes.

In the bowl multicooker pour water.

Put the fruit pieces.

Turn on the device to solve the quenching and cook for an hour.

After 20 minutes from the start of the program, open the lid or mix the apple slices. Otherwise, they can burn.

As soon as the slow cooker turns off, ready-made apples are put into the pan.

Add sugar, add condensed milk.

Mix everything with a spoon, and then beat with a blender.

Spread “Sissy” puree of apples with condensed milk on clean cans and roll up.

If the product is used immediately, then you can close the cans with nylon covers and put them in the fridge.

Puree “Sissy” of apples with condensed milk “Winter's Tale”

Really fabulous delicate taste of apple puree, prepared according to this recipe, will brighten up even the most severe winter cold. Puree is not cloying, as it is prepared without sugar.


• two kilograms of peeled apples;

• jar of condensed milk;

• a glass of clean drinking water.


Prepared apple slices cut into small cubes.

Pour the apples into a suitable saucepan.

Pour in water.

Turn on medium fire.

After boiling the water, reduce the heat to minimum, cover tightly and cook the apple mass for 20 minutes. Periodically remove the lid and stir.

To make ready fruit in any way.

Return the mass to the pan, pour the condensed milk and mix.

Boil the “Sissy” puree of apples with condensed milk for another 6-7 minutes. Stir constantly.

Pour the product into jars, immediately cork and send to cool under a blanket.

Puree “Sissy” of apples with condensed milk with vanilla

Strengthen the delicate taste of applesauce can be vanilla and butter. Puree “Sissy” of apples with condensed milk, cooked according to this recipe, has a higher calorie content, but a stunning pale creamy taste. Instead Antonovka can take other suitable apples. Ingredients:

• five kilograms Antonovka;

• bank of ordinary condensed milk;

• two hundred grams of butter;

• half a liter of boiling water;

• pound of sugar;

• a teaspoon of vanilla.


To boil water.

Put apple pieces in boiling water.

Cover for twenty minutes until soft.

The dried fruit mass is mashed and returned to the pan.

Pour sugar, put chopped soft butter into pieces.

Boil the apples for another 20-25 minutes.

Add vanilla and condensed milk, mix and wait for the mass to boil.

Fill the prepared jars with delicious “Sissy” puree of apples with condensed milk and roll up.

Store cooled jars in the refrigerator and store there.

Puree “Sissy” of apples with “condensed milk” of milk and sugar

It is not necessary to use the store condensed milk to make a tasty “Sissy” puree of apples with condensed milk. Try replacing it with regular milk and sugar. The taste will be identical. Soda, used as one of the ingredients, is not felt. It is needed for the rapid softening of apple cubes in milk.


• four kilograms of apples;

• three liters of milk;

• a glass of soda;

• three glasses of sugar.


Prepared apple cubes pour soda and leave for two hours.

Rinse the apples thoroughly and put them in a saucepan.

Pour the sugar, pour in the rate of milk.

Bring to a boil over medium heat, then simmer everything over low heat for two hours.

Mass in parts mash with a blender.

Boil the nezhenka mashed apples and condensed milk homemade again for ten minutes.

Distribute the finished product in sterilized jars and cork.

Puree “Sissy” of apples with condensed milk

Instead of the usual condensed milk, you can take boiled condensed milk. The taste of the product will turn out more piquant.


• three kilograms of peeled apples;

• glass of water;

• can of boiled condensed milk;

• a glass of sugar.


Prepare the apples in the usual way and put in a pot with a thick bottom and walls. Pour a glass of drinking clean water and turn on the medium heat.

Stew under a tightly covered lid until the apples are ready. Two or three times they will need to mix.

After about 25 minutes, the apples will become quite loose. At this point, you need to add sugar and mix the mass.

Stoke another 10-15 minutes.

Pure all blender.

In hot mashed potatoes lay boiled condensed milk, mix.

Once again, mash the mass on low heat for about five minutes.

Distribute the “Sissy” puree of apples with condensed milk in prepared jars, cork and allow to cool in heat.

Puree “Sissy” of apples with condensed milk - tricks and useful tips

  • To make a delicious, tender product, you need to take apples of sour varieties, at least sour-sweet. So mashed potatoes will not turn out too sweet, luscious. However, it must be remembered that the acid can cause the condensed milk to roll. Therefore, you need to buy only high-quality condensed milk and put its warm apple mass.
  • If the apples gave little juice, you can add more water during the quenching. Otherwise everything will burn.
  • Prepared applesauce with condensed milk can be whipped with soft butter. Get a delicious cream for the cake or eclairs.
  • Puree of apples, cooked according to recipes with condensed milk, can be served with pancakes, pancakes, spread on sandwiches or eat just like that.
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