Pumpkin and apple puree is a healthy yummy! Recipes for different mashed apples and pumpkins: diet, dessert, children, for the winter

Pumpkin and apple puree is a healthy yummy! Recipes for different mashed apples and pumpkins: diet, dessert, children, for the winter

Pumpkin and apple are two inseparable products that appear in many dishes.

They blend beautifully.

Pumpkin gives dishes and fillings a bright color, and the apple pleases with taste and summer aroma. Boil them delicious mashed potatoes?

Pumpkin and Apple Puree - General Cooking Principles

Pumpkin for mashed potatoes need to be cleaned, cut into slices. It is better to use table varieties. They are distinguished by bright pulp, sweetness, juiciness. Apples can be peeled or used together with the skin, depending on the selected recipe. They are preparing faster pumpkin. Summer varieties are just a few minutes to boil soft.

How and what can be mashed puree:

• blender, combine;

• meat grinder;

• rubbing through a sieve;

• pestle, potato potato.

You can grind raw foods, then put them to boil, But the bowl of pumpkin with apples, first brought to the soft, then mash, bring to the desired taste. Winter preparations require reboiling.

What is put to taste:

• lemon or dry acid;

• sugar, honey, syrups;

• spices (vanilla, cinnamon, ginger).

Other fruits and vegetables may be added to the dish. Most often it is carrots, zucchini, pears. Peel or citruses themselves are added to winter preparations, mainly lemons and oranges. Mashed potatoes do not require long cooking, like jam or jam.

Pumpkin and apple puree for dessert

The recipe is just pumpkin puree with apples, which can be prepared for dessert or snack. The same dish can be used as a sauce for pancakes, pancakes, casseroles.


• 200 g of apples;

• 300 g pumpkin;

• sugar, vanilla;

• pinch peel.


1. Peeled, washed pumpkin pulp should be cut into cubes, put into a saucepan, add 0.5 cups of water and boil for ten minutes under a lid.

2. Apples clean, slice, add to the pumpkin. Sprinkle with a bit of crushed zest.

3. Cover the saucepan with a lid, cook on low heat until the apples and pumpkin are soft. 4. Add sugar at the end. If the dish will be used as a sauce, make it sweeter. Season with vanilla.

5. Remove from heat, blend with a blender or knead the rest of the pieces with a pestle, you can cool the mass and rub it through a sieve.

Pumpkin and apple puree for the winter

A variant of a useful and sunny harvesting, which is remarkably worth the whole winter until the very spring. Such a puree of apples and pumpkins can be given even to small children from 1 year old, if there is no allergic reaction to sugar.


• 1 kg of pumpkin;

• 3 apples;

• 500 g of sugar.


1. Cut the pumpkin and apples into slices, mince. You can grind a blender or combine.

2. Spice up the resulting mass with sugar, put on the stove.

3. Bring to a boil, remove the froth.

4. Boil the mashed potatoes until you need thickness, but not less than ten minutes. The mass should not actively boil, stir regularly, so that the workpiece is not burnt.

5. While the mash is boiled, process the jars over the steam or in any other way.

6. Spread hot mashed potatoes in cooked containers, seal the cork, turn it over to cool.

7. Dispose of storage in the cellar, flip to the normal position.

Pumpkin and apple puree for baby foods

Recipe tender mash for baby foods. Enter the dish of two ingredients in the diet of the child is possible only after he gets acquainted with each product separately.


• 100 g pumpkin;

• 100 g apple;

• 10 g of oil;

• sugar.


1. Crumble the pumpkin into slices, also cut the peeled apple, add 40 ml of water, oil to it, cook until soft.

2. Put the food in the bowl of a blender or just in a bowl, add some sugar.

3. Pure products until smooth.

4. Cool. If suddenly the mass turns out to be thick, it can be diluted with a small amount of milk or a mixture customary for the child.

Pumpkin and apple puree for the winter with oranges

Option appetizing and fragrant mashed potatoes with apples and pumpkin, which also need oranges. You can use one large citrus or two small. Ingredients

• 1500 grams of pumpkin;

• 1500 grams of apples;

• 1100 grams of sugar;

• 1-2 oranges;

• 200 ml of water;

• 0.5 tsp. cinnamon;


1. Cut the pumpkin into cubes, fold into a saucepan, add water to the slices, put in a stew. Bring the pieces to softness.

2. Remove the zest from the orange, you do not need to chop it, add it to the pan, let it stew together with the pumpkin.

3. Cut the apples into arbitrary pieces, do not need to remove the skin, discard the stumps to the side.

4. Send the fruit into the total mass, bring to the soft. They prepare quickly, usually no more than ten minutes.

5. Cool the boiled ingredients, wipe through a sieve.

6. From the oranges squeeze the juice, strain it from the seed.

7. Mix the pureed mashed potatoes with orange juice, add sugar and cinnamon to them, put again on the stove.

8. Boil the mass for about ten minutes on low heat. Try the taste. If you need to add acid, you can pour a little lemon.

9. Arrange the mashed potatoes in jars, cork immediately.

Pumpkin and apple puree in a slow cooker

The option of a simple mashed potatoes, which is prepared in a slow cooker, does not burn and always turns out. Peel is used with an orange, but you can also take it from a lemon, even a dry product will do, it needs less.


• 500 g pumpkin;

• 500 g apples;

• 1 tsp. peel;

• 120 g of sugar;

• 1 pinch of cinnamon;

• 1 pinch of citric acid or 1 tsp. citrus juice;

• 150 ml of pure water.


1. Rinse the apples, cut into slices, remove the peel.

2. Pumpkin, too, crumble, so that the product passes into the meat grinder.

3. Twist everything together, put it in a multi-cooker. Pour the zest.

4. Immediately add water. Instead, you can use any vegetable or fruit juice.

5. Close, put on the cooking mode for 30 minutes.

6. Add sugar, citric acid or juice, cook for another ten minutes. Look for consistency. Puree should be uniform and thick.

Dietary mashed pumpkin and apples

Option low-fat mashed potatoes, which is prepared with a natural sugar substitute stevia. Instead, you can use any other substitute, in this case, put it to taste. Ingredients

• 400 g pumpkin;

• 300 g apples;

• 100 ml of water;

• 0.3 tsp. stevia;

• 0.5 tsp. cinnamon;

• 0.5 lemon.


1. Cut the pumpkin into any pieces, put it in a saucepan with water, put it on the stove.

2. Peel the apples, crumble and add to the boiled pumpkin in about ten minutes. Immediately put the stevia.

3. Squeeze the juice from the half of the citrus, put the crust in the pan, but do not deepen, let it stew along with the apples, do not add the juice yet.

4. Cool the pumpkin with apples, remove the lemon rind and discard.

5. Grind the pieces of food in any way. You can whip the combine or just knead it with mashed potatoes for mashed potatoes.

6. Add lemon juice, cinnamon to taste. You can not warm up again.

Pumpkin, Apple and Carrot Puree

For this puree, you can use the products in any proportions, not necessarily to do strictly according to the recipe. The amount of sugar, too, adjust to your taste.


• 300 g carrots;

• 300 g apples;

• 400 g pumpkin;

• 400 ml of water;

• 100 g sugar.


1. Clean the carrot, cut off the tips, be sure to remove the green part so that the puree does not taste bitter. Root crop crumble any pieces, cover with water and boil until half cooked. Crumble pumpkin, add to carrot. Cook together for about ten minutes.

2. At the very end you need to add apples. It is better to remove the skin, without it the mass will turn out more gently. Prepare mashed potatoes to the softness of all foods, remove from heat.

3. Drain the liquid, it can be used as juice, or added to the puree, if the consistency seems thick.

4. Grind the pieces in any way, season with sugar. If desired, vanilla, cinnamon, and ginger can be added to the puree.

Pumpkin, apple and pear puree for the winter

A variant of another winter harvest, in which, in addition to pumpkins and apples, pears are also added. Choose fragrant and ripe fruits that smell in the summer.


• 1 kg of pears;

• 1 kg of pumpkin;

• 1 kg of apples;

• 1 tsp. citric acid;

• 400 ml of water;

• 900 g of sugar.


1. Crushed peeled pumpkin pieces, cover with water and put to boil. 2. During this time, crumble the washed pears, remove the stubs and bones, only the pulp is used, the skin can be left, since it is thin in the pears.

3. Apples are better to clean, crumble the pieces, remove the seeds, shift to pears.

4. As soon as the pieces are easily pierced, add the rest of the fruit. Steam under the lid until soft.

5. Remove the pan from the heat, cool, purée with a blender.

6. Return to the stove, add sugar and citric acid, mix well, bring to a boil.

7. Reduce heat, boil for another quarter of an hour, constantly stir from the bottom.

8. Spread the pear puree with pumpkin and apples in clean, dry jars.

9. Immediately cover the blanks with covers, twist, turn upside down. Cool it down.

Pumpkin and Applesauce - Useful Tips and Tricks

• If the mash is meant for adults, you can add a bit of flavored liqueur or syrup to the dish.

• In order to cook mashed potatoes do not burn, you need to use a saucepan with a thick bottom. After boiling fire should be removed to a minimum.

• Pumpkin puree becomes thicker after it cools completely and during storage, this must be taken into account when cooking the preform.

• Any puree can be turned into a fragrant jelly. To do this, add a little loose gelatin to the dish and warm it. In a similar way, jam is prepared, but it also needs to increase the amount of sugar.

• In order not to spoil the blender or knives of the combine, boiled products are always cooled to a warm state.

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