Cooking home-brewed grapes at home - quality! How to make moonshine from grapes home without yeast and sugar?

Cooking home-brewed grapes at home - quality! How to make moonshine from grapes home without yeast and sugar?

The owners of gardening and household plots, growing grapes on their plantations, often wondered - how is it most useful to use grape marc after the necessary amount of wine or juice has already been made from the grapes? The answer is very simple - to make moonshine from grapes at home!

Required components to overtake home brew from grapes at home with the use of yeast and sugar

To be able to overtake home brew from grapes at home, you will need the following components:

• 10 liters of squeeze;

• 30 liters of water purified from harmful impurities and sediment;

• granulated sugar - 5 kilograms;

• yeast - 100 grams (if you plan to use dry yeast) or 500 grams (if you intend to make home-brewed wine from grapes at home using pressed yeast).

How to make moonshine from grapes at home using yeast and sugar - preparatory procedures

In order to make home-brewed grapes at home, it is recommended to follow the following step-by-step instructions:

1. Prepare a container with a total volume of 45 to 50 liters. In the absence of such a volume in a household, the proportions of the produced moonshine should be reduced.

2. The above ingredients are placed in a pre-prepared container.

3. If desired, the water can be heated to a temperature of 30 degrees - in this case, the yeast will dissolve faster and better.

4. Thoroughly mix the added components.

5. Install the water seal on the container.

6. We carry out the transfer of the container with the ingredients in a dark room with a constantly maintained temperature from 18 to 28 degrees.

7. If it is not possible to maintain the room temperature within the above limits, insulate the tank. 8. We are waiting for the end of the fermentation process of the components (the standard period is from 7 to 10 days).

At the end of this period, the readiness of the mash should be checked - for this you should make sure that the following factors are present:

• water lock has ceased to emit gas;

• Braga changed its color to lighter;

• the taste of home brew became bitter;

• a noticeable sediment appeared on the bottom of the tank.

The presence of these nuances will determine whether the fermentation procedure is over or not. Next should proceed directly to the preparation of moonshine from grapes at home.

How to make moonshine from grapes at home - the distillation process directly

After the brew is ready, you can start making home-brewed grapes at home:

1. We drain the mash from the tank through a special filtering structure - you can use ordinary medical gauze or a bandage.

2. Prepare the moonshine still and begin the process of distillation. The first 30 ml. output and an additional 20-30 ml. for each kilogram of sugar filled, it is necessary to collect and pour it out - this substance cannot be drunk, as its use may adversely affect health.

3. When the fortress in the stream falls below the 40-45% mark, it is necessary to stop collecting distillate. It is not recommended to clean with coal or other means, otherwise the grape smell may disappear. Improving the quality of the final product is possible only through repeated distillation.

4. The resulting moonshine is allowed to be diluted with water to obtain the desired strength of the finished drink. In most cases, the substance is brought to the fortress in 40-45%. Stabilize the taste will help leaving the moonshine in a dark and cool place for 2-3 days.

The result should be extremely tasty, pleasant and fragrant home-brewed grapes at home with a nominal strength of 50 degrees and a volume of up to 7 liters.

Moonshine from grapes at home without the use of yeast and sugar - the necessary ingredients

To prepare home-made grapes from home-made grapes using a recipe that does not involve the use of sugar and yeast will require:

• grape clusters or grape cake - 25 kilograms;

• purified water - 50 liters.

Step by Step Cooking Instructions

You can make real Caucasian chacha with this recipe. The difference from the previous recipe - mash ferments on its own, natural yeast, and not on alcohol. The drink is made without the use of sugar, which allows you to feel the taste of this chacha.

1. The first stage is the preparation of grapes:

• it is not allowed to wash the grapes - otherwise natural yeast will be removed from the surface;

• we shift the grapes, while trying not to damage or crush the seeds;

• not recommended to remove bones.

2. The second stage is fermentation:

• grapes are placed in a tank of sufficiently large capacity (can be used up to 100 liters);

• add water (note that you should not add water to the very edge of the tank);

• mix the mixture with a wooden spatula;

• place the container in a room protected from direct sunlight with air temperature from 22 to 30 degrees;

• we expect the end of fermentation (the process will be long, since according to this recipe, the use of alcoholic yeast is not expected - approximately two months);

• every 3 days we mix the mash.

3. The third stage is the filtration of the mixture:

• we check if the water seal has stopped passing carbon dioxide bubbles;

• if so, the fermentation process can be considered complete;

• then we filter the beverage through multi-layer gauze.

4. The fourth stage is the implementation of the distillation procedure.

Distillation of chacha is carried out in the same manner as moonshine:

• the mixture is poured into a special cube for distillation; • put on a slow fire;

• we collect the initial drops in a separate container - they cannot be drunk, this is the so-called “Pervak”;

• further we make the selection of the main fraction, within which the strength of the drink will constantly change;

• selection is completed when the strength of the drink reaches 40 degrees;

• the last fraction is collected separately - it can be used to increase the strength of subsequent drinks;

• the mixture obtained is distilled a second time - for this we dilute the distillate with water to 20 degrees;

• the second distillation is also divided into fractions, the main of which is the second - already after collecting “Pervak” and until the distillate strength is reduced to 40 degrees.

Delicious, noble and elegant Caucasian chacha is ready!

Use dry grapes to make moonshine

To make moonshine for this recipe you need the following components:

• directly moonshine, prepared according to one of the above recipes - 10 liters;

• dried grapes (raisins) - 1 kilogram.

Manufacturing technology of this product:

• thoroughly wash the raisins under running water;

• grind dry grapes;

• put crushed raisins in ready-made moonshine;

• the container in which the ingredients were filled should be placed in a dark room for several days;

• after the end of the fermentation process, the resulting mixture should be overtaken using the moonshine using the step-by-step instructions above.

Home-made grape brew made using raisins is ready!

Moonshine from grapes at home - how to make homemade wine

Wine is distilled for several purposes:

• to obtain fruit vodka (hereinafter it is insisted in oak barrels to get an extremely high-quality drink that is not inferior in value and quality to cognac and calvados);

• at an exit of an expiration date at wine that does its further use impossible. In any case, from homemade wine you can get a great brew with a surprisingly rich and unsurpassed taste.

Cooking technology:

• we take grape wine, preferably homemade, the aging period does not matter;

• we fill in wine in a distillation cube;

• we carry out the distillation procedure in a slow mode (in one hour of the procedure there should be a yield in the region of 3 liters);

• the initial fraction (about 20 ml) for each liter is poured into a separate container for its use for technical purposes;

• the second fraction, called the “Body”, is collected in the main container;

• we stop the selection of fractions after lowering the strength of the drink to 40 degrees;

• Finally, the next faction, the so-called “Tail”, is used to create a new barge, thereby increasing its strength.

The resulting home-brew from grapes at home, made from grape wine, some use immediately after the distillation process. However, the quality of unpurified moonshine will leave much to be desired. To improve product quality, perform one of the following procedures:

• purify moonshine with coal or baking soda;

• conduct secondary distillation.

Finally, after the secondary distillation or purification of moonshine from grape wine should be placed in a closed container and let it brew for two days. After that, the finished drink can be consumed.

The process of making moonshine is quite simple. All that is needed is to have a moonshine still and remember our step-by-step instructions. Using our cooking tips, anyone in the shortest possible time will be able to cook the tastiest brew of the highest quality.

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