Grape juice for the winter at home: how to do it correctly? The best recipes of grape juice for the winter from the pan or juicer

Grape juice for the winter at home: how to do it correctly? The best recipes of grape juice for the winter from the pan or juicer

Grape juice is a unique gift of generous nature. Its value is invaluable, especially for children and weak adults. The drink is able to cure and protect against many diseases, strengthen the immune system and just deliver pleasure. Its fresh, tart, sweet-sour taste improves mood.

In grapes mass of nutrients. The most amazing thing is that almost all of their properties are stored in the natural juice of the wine, not only freshly harvested, but also harvested for the future, for the winter. The main thing is to strictly follow all the requirements of the technology of preparation of the drink.

More juicy wine varieties are ideal for spinning: Cabernet, Lydia, Bianca, Siegerb, Isabella, Armalag, Illichivsk Early, Yohaniter, Golubok. The table varieties are drier, the juice from them is less. Most often, the drink is made from black grapes. However, it is worth trying to mix green and black grapes: the result will be amazing.

Grape juice for winter at home - general principles of cooking

Preparing grape juice for the winter is easy. The main task is to squeeze it from the pulp (crushed bones and peel). In the wine-growing regions, the juice of the very first spin, which is obtained after crushing berry raw materials, is appreciated. Pasteurization makes it completely ready to eat.

The taste qualities of the final product also depend on other conditions: color, variety, degree of maturity, quality of the grapes, method of its pressing and preparation. If there are a lot of raw materials, you can get grape juice in a regular city kitchen. You can squeeze out the raw materials in two main ways: manual (the most inefficient) and mechanical (using a juicer, screw press, blender or meat grinder).

In the manual method, pressing the berries is stretched by hand and then filtered. Gauze, sieve, nylon stocking - the filter can be used any. If the raw material is crushed in a blender or meat grinder, the grape juice is pressed in the same way. Juicer with a spin function - almost perfect. It is convenient to use a special nozzle for the meat grinder, although working with it is very long. But the juice is excellent, clean, and the pulp is squeezed out almost dry.

Convenient solution - juice maker. Nothing is needed. You load the berries into a special compartment, cook according to the instructions, periodically kneading the steamed grapes with a wooden crush, and put the finished product into the jars. However, cooking in a juice cooker is very long: if there is a lot of raw materials, cooking will take several days.

Sugar in the finished drink, you can not add. However, the general principle of sweetening requires to take a hundred grams of sugar per two kilograms of sweet wine berries. For sour varieties, the amount of sugar should be increased.

Dark-grape twigs can not be removed: they will give the drink tartness due to tannins. Sprigs of green or white grapes must be removed: they will make the color of the drink ugly.

Pasteurization of grape juice is required! Otherwise, he will ferment in a matter of hours. Banks with ready-made juice should be placed in a saucepan with slowly boiling water, setting on a wooden board or a dense woven backing and heated at 80 degrees for fifteen minutes. You can pasteurize and before pouring into a glass container.

Full result gives double pasteurization. After the first half-hour warm-up, which prevents fermentation, the juice should cool down. The second pasteurization will make the juice transparent. Immediately after the clarified product can be preserved.

Grape juice for the winter at home “Classic”

To separate the juice of their wine berries, you can use a blender, combine or meat grinder. Juice must be separated from the pulp and crushed bones with a colander and gauze.


• grapes;

• water;

• some sugar (optional).

Preparation: Clusters wash.

Berries removed from the twigs.

Grind the berries in any way.

Strain the grape mass using a colander.

Pulp squeezed with a piece of cheesecloth, pour the juice into the main pan.

Pour the pulp itself with water (for ten kilograms of pressed dry seeds, take a liter of clean boiled and cooled water), then mix, again press with gauze.

The resulting juice of the second spin is drained into the main pan.

Send a saucepan of grape juice to medium-high heat and heat, avoiding boiling, for fifteen minutes. At the first sign of boiling, reduce the temperature.

Remove the pan from the stove and allow to stand for at least one hour. During this time, the juice will acquire transparency, purity.

The second time put the juice on the fire, bring to a boil.

If the grapes are sour, you can sweeten the juice with sugar to taste and desire.

Pour grape juice for the winter in sterilized jars, cork.

Grape juice for the winter at home from the “Traditional” juicer

The grape juice in this recipe can be cooked with or without sugar. The result will be great anyway. The main thing - to have a proven reliable juicer.


• five kilograms of grapes;

• sugar, if desired.


Remove whole, uncorrupted berries from the branch, rinse and send to the juicer in parts.

From time to time the process must be stopped to clear the device from bones and pressed skins.

Strain the juice through a gauze filter into the pan.

Crushed bones have a pronounced astringent taste that needs to be neutralized.

For this, two parts of the juice must be diluted with one part of clean drinking water.

One liter of pressed juice must be poured into a saucepan fifty grams of sugar.

On the middle burner, bring the first bubbles to a boil and cook for fifteen minutes.

Carefully pour into prepared jars and immediately, still hot, close. Before opening the jar, you need to shake it to return the drink a homogeneous consistency.

Grape juice for winter at home “Manual spin”

Squeezing the juice of wine berries hands most difficult. A lot of product in this way can not be prepared. However, this recipe for light grape juice for the winter has an important advantage: it does not have a specific tart taste of crushed seeds. To give the desired degree of sweetness sour berries, you can use sugar.


• grapes;

• taste some sugar.


Washed, taken from the branches of the berries crush hands or the press.

Drain clean juice with a gauze filter into a saucepan.

In a separate container to shift the pulp.

Pour each kilogram of bones and skin with a liter of clean water and put on the middle burner.

Boil the pulp for ten minutes, cool.

Strain the cooled decoction of the pulp through a gauze filter, pour into the main juice of the first spin.

For every two liters of the final liquid pour half a glass of sugar (only at will).

Pour the juice into sterilized jars.

Sterilize jars in boiling water: twenty-five-minute litters, forty-five-liter jars — forty minutes.

Immediately roll up and cool, turning down the neck.

Grape juice for winter at home concentrated

Natural, amazingly delicious grape juice without a gram of sugar and a drop of water can be cooked without using pulp.


• grapes.


Strain the juice in any way, strain through a sieve and pour it into the pan.

Boil the juice for five minutes.

Strain boiled juice through a gauze filter or a very fine sieve.

Bottled juice and cork.

Grape juice for winter at home in a juice cooker

A convenient way to roll up a jar or two of grape juice for the winter without any hassle is to use a juicer. Slightly salted, this drink has great taste and is stored for a long time. Ingredients:

• ten kilograms of grapes;

• sugar to taste.


Select ripe healthy berries. Twigs can be left.

Wash grapes, put on the instructions in the receiver unit.

Too many berries should not be placed in the receiver: grapes should not rise above its side.

Sugar pour parts between handfuls of laid grapes for uniform sweetening of the final product.

To collect a juice cooker, having established the container for collecting juice and having poured water in the pallet.

Boil the juice according to the instructions, as a rule, no longer than an hour.

Drain the juice into a prepared container, then pour it into jars.

Cork a jar of juice, cool and clean in the cool.

After clearing the container of the juice extractor from waste raw materials, continue cooking the next batch of grape juice.

Grape juice for the winter at home cooking method

A light and sweet drink is obtained from natural juice mixed with water and sugar. Cooking goes in two steps, but the contents of the cans just do not spoil.


• five kilograms of bright grapes;

• two liters of water;

• one kilogram of sugar.


Remove the berries from the brushes, throw away the twigs.

Fold the grapes in a bulk pan and pour clean cool water.

On the middle burner, bring the liquid to a boil and boil for half an hour.

Turn off the fire, strain the contents of the pan in another container.

Sweeten the resulting juice with the specified amount of granulated sugar and put it on the stove again.

As soon as the juice boils, boil over low heat for about ten minutes.

Pour into banks, cork and cool.

Grape juice for the winter at home “Apple-grape” in a juice cooker

The combination of grape and apple juice has a beneficial effect on the body. The apple component burns calories and puts in order the organs of the digestive system, grape - gives strength and vigor due to vital human glucose. It turns out sweet and sour, fragrant, delicious drink! Ingredients:

• three kilograms of sweet and sour or sweet apples;

• three kilograms of ripe grapes of any variety.


Rinse apples, depending on the size, cut into small pieces or slices.

Rinse the grapes, throw away the tainted berries and twigs.

Assemble the juice cooker according to the instructions, pouring water into the lower part of the unit and installing a container for litter juice.

In a special receiver lay out first grapes, then apple slices.

Tightly close the raw cap.

Boil the juice from the moment of boiling water for one to two hours.

Mix berries and apples periodically.

Pour the drink into sterilized jars, cork, cool and clean in the cold.

Grape juice for the winter at home “Three-day”

An interesting recipe for rich grape juice for the winter allows you to prepare a drink using a special technology. This option can be used if there are a lot of raw materials and there is a large container for bottling juice.


• eight kilograms of sweet grapes.


Wash the grapes, clean from branches and spoiled grapes.

Fix the colander over the bucket, put the raw material and knead the berries with your hands.

Juice and pulp together pour into a ten-liter bottle, cover the opening with a gauze napkin and rearrange it in the heat for three days.

By the end of the third day, the pulp should float, and the juice will remain at the bottom of the bottle.

Juice must be carefully drained with a colander, and then filtered through a gauze filter, folded from three to four layers of gauze.

The remaining pulp is pressed through cheesecloth. Liquid to connect with the main portion of juice.

Boil the resulting juice for fifteen minutes.

Sterilized hot jars filled with boiling juice, cork and cool.

Grape juice for the winter at home - interesting facts and useful tips

  • Grape juice benefits from a high content of organic acids, including folic acid, vitamins PP, C, B, A, iron, sodium, phosphorus, zinc. Children who drink natural juice from grapes, are distinguished by good health, sharp eyesight, tenacious mind, less nervous. However, due to the high sugar content, it is forbidden to drink the grape drink to diabetics, hypertensive patients, people with stomach problems and overweight.
  • Grape juice activates the function of blood formation, improves blood and heart function, relieves neurosis, insomnia, prevents senile myopia, cataracts and kidney stones, and prevents cancer. Especially good for people engaged in heavy physical or serious mental work. Moreover, according to research scientists, grape juices help to return and strengthen memory.
  • A natural drink can minimize the effects of severe poisoning with arsenic, strychnine, morphine, and is indicated for botulism.
  • To get rid of the sediment and make the juice completely transparent, after preparation you can let the drink stand in the cold for about a day. Then carefully pour the juice, preventing the sediment from agitating, and pasteurize for fifteen minutes and only then close.
  • When pressing, you can use not only a gauze filter, but also a clean nylon stocking.
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