Carrot juice at home: solid vitamins! Recipes of natural carrot juice and cocktails with its participation

Carrot juice at home: solid vitamins! Recipes of natural carrot juice and cocktails with its participation

Wonderful orange juice from carrots is a real healing balm. It is very useful in reasonable quantities, has amazing health properties and a pleasant fresh taste.

Of course, we are talking about a natural product, and not a surrogate from the store package. There is nothing useful in industrial juices.

Therefore, those who care about their health and want to please the family should think about cooking carrot juice at home.

It's not difficult to make a beautiful orange drink at home, although you will have to tinker. Bonus for work - fantastically useful, environmentally safe, very tasty drink. It can be given to children with peace of mind, not only in its pure form, but also as a delicious cocktail with honey, ice cream or milk.

Cooking carrot juice at home is also a great way to preserve carrots. This vegetable cannot be stored for a long time, it fades, it loses its useful qualities.

There are a lot of recipes for carrot juice. Every experienced mistress has his own. And you can prepare a drink for the winter, and just drink it freshly prepared.

Carrot juice at home - general principles of cooking

It will take a lot of fresh, dense young carrots. Its size does not matter, but it is more convenient and faster to work with large root vegetables. Carrots must be thoroughly washed to completely get rid of the ground. If the vegetables are too dirty, they can first be filled with water in a large basin, cleaned with a brush, and then rinsed under running cold water.

With carrots need to remove the skin, cut off the tip with the tops, and then chop. There are many ways. The easiest one is a juicer. If it is not there, a powerful blender, food processor, meat grinder will do. If there was nothing on hand at all but a grater, then it will do. Then you need to squeeze a lot of good. If there is no juicer, you can use the press. Filtration of carrot juice at home is possible through a gauze filter - folded three to four times the gauze fabric. For canning carrot juice for the winter using two main methods: hot fill and pasteurization. In the first case, the squeezed juice must be boiled, poured into prepared banks, immediately corked.

Pasteurization (sterilization) - the process of heating the juice, poured in cans, in boiling water for fifteen to twenty-five minutes. Pasteurization temperature is 85 or 90 degrees. At the bottom of the pan or bucket put a flat wooden board or cloth, folded in several layers. On it you need to carefully install a jar covered with a lid and filled with juice. Water for proper pasteurization should fill the jar to the neck. After the pasteurization is completed, the can is capped.

Banks for winter preparations should be thoroughly washed with soda or soap before boiling, boiled over steam for ten to fifteen minutes, or sterilized in a hot oven. Covers scald with boiling water.

Hot jars cool down the neck, covered with a thick blanket, blanket, old fur coat. Long thermal rest will complete the conservation process.

Carrot juice at home “Concentrated”

Classic carrot juice at home is prepared very simply. All you need is a carrot and some sugar. Juice is concentrated, so when you use it, you can dilute it a little with water or cream.


• kilogram of fresh carrots;

• sugar to taste (fifty - one hundred grams).


Grind carrots in any way.

To squeeze the juice with a juicer or press for vegetables.

Allow time for the juice to settle for precipitate separation.

Gently strain the juice through a gauze filter or a frequent sieve.

Pour the filtered juice into a jar, pasteurize, cool.

Carrot juice at home with citrus zest

A delicious carrot drink with a joyful hint of orange and lemon improves your mood. Very tasty, festive, useful!


• kilogram of bright carrots;

• half a cup of sugar (be guided by your taste);

• half a liter of water;

• a pinch of citric acid;

• orange;

• lemon.

Preparation: Fry juicy carrots.

Peel the orange and lemon with a grater.

Mix carrot puree and zest, set aside for two hours.

When mashed infusion, squeeze the juice.

Throw in a pinch of citric acid juice, put sugar, stir and put on a slow gas.

Warm up the juice to 80 degrees, not boiling.

Pour on banks, sterilize, roll up.

Carrot juice at home in the juicer

A very fast and convenient way to make carrot juice at home is the juice maker. Juice is obtained completely natural, without adding sugar. Therefore, before use, it should be sweetened to taste or used as a basis for cocktails.


• carrot.


Cut the prepared carrot into slices with a knife and put it in the container of the juice cooker.

Fill the bottom of the machine with water.

Cover the vegetables with a lid and act on the instructions for the device.

Drain hot juice into processed jars, cork.

Apple-carrot juice at home

Apple-carrot juice is very tasty. Often, children like it much more than pure carrot. The traditional proportion of dispensing juices is one to two. It turns out a soft, fresh, pleasant drink.


• kilo of carrots;

• two kilograms of apples;

• one hundred grams of sugar (to taste).


Apples cut and chop, squeeze the juice.

Separately, squeeze carrot juice.

Measure the proportions of juices for blending, drain into a common heat treatment tank.

Pour the sugar into the juice, mix.

Bring the juice to a boil, boil for five minutes.

Immediately pour into banks, cork, cool.

Carrot juice at home can be stored for two years. It is best to keep the jars in a cool dark place.

Carrot juice at home with pumpkin

Thick, pleasant, healthy drink is obtained by mixing carrot and pumpkin juice.


• a pound of carrots;

• a pound of pumpkin pulp;

• a glass of sugar;

• two lemons.


Purified peeled pumpkin on a fine grater or in a blender, squeeze the juice. Chop carrots, squeeze juice.

Pour boiling water over the lemons, squeeze the juice.

Gently mix three types of juices.

Pour sugar to taste (you can reduce or increase its amount), mix and boil for five minutes.

Filter the juice.

Pour the drink on the banks, cork.

Carrot juice at home with pulp

The classic version of carrot juice at home is convenient to cook with pulp. This will relieve the hostess from having to filter the product, and the drink itself will be informed of its great nutritional value and soft taste.


• three kilograms of carrots;

• half a liter of water;

• two spoons of sugar syrup (10%).


Carry carrots.

Dilute carrot mass with water and cook over low heat. When the carrots are soft, remove from heat.

Pass the mass through the juicer and beat with a blender.

Add sugar syrup to puree, mix.

Heat the juice for five minutes at a slow boil.

Razit in banks, cork.

Carrot Juice at Home “Carrot Orange Cocktail”

It is not necessary to roll up carrot juice for the winter. Freshly squeezed juice is very tasty to drink immediately. It is impossible to keep a drink, since as a result of oxidation most of the useful substances disappear. At home, fresh carrot juice can be mixed with orange, apple, lemon, pear and served as a cocktail.


• kilo of carrots;

• two oranges.


Carry carrots.

Boil half a liter of water.

Pour carrot puree with boiling water, mix.

Put under the lid for half an hour.

Strain the drink, remove the pulp.

Squeeze juice from oranges.

Mix carrot and orange juice.

If desired, sweeten, put an ice cube, decorate with a mint leaf and serve.

Carrot juice at home with ice cream in the form of a milkshake

A gorgeous cocktail based on carrot juice at home can be easily and simply made from milk, ice cream, syrup from any jam, vanilla and cinnamon.


• a faceted glass of fresh carrot juice;

• two glasses of milk; • one hundred grams of vanilla cream brule, ice cream or dairy ice cream;

• two tablespoons of jam syrup;

• pinch of vanilla and cinnamon (optional).


Squeeze a glass of fresh juice from carrots.

Put in a blender ice cream, syrup, vanilla, pour in carrot juice, add cinnamon if desired.

Beat until foam appears.

Pour in the milk and beat for another two or three minutes.

Pour into glasses, decorate with mint, serve.

Carrot Juice at Home “Slimming Cocktail”

Lose weight with carrot juice at home is quite real. You just need to know how to make the right slimming cocktail.


• two carrots;

• a glass of skimmed milk.


Squeeze juice from carrots. Not necessarily too much to clean it from the pulp: one filtering is enough.

Combine fresh juice and skimmed milk.

Beverage well beat with a mixer, blender or by hand, culinary whisk. Foam should appear.

If you wish, during the whipping put a pinch of salt.

Drink a delicious cocktail on an empty stomach for exactly seven days.

Weigh yourself and enjoy!

Carrot Juice at Home - Tips and Tips

  • In order to better absorb nutrients from carrot juice, it is necessary to add a little butter, rich sour cream or heavy cream to it. Suitable not only sunflower, but also grape, olive, linseed or blended oil.
  • Carrot juice is rich in vitamins A, K, B, E, D, calcium, potassium, fluorine. The drink significantly improves the work of the stomach and intestines, the condition of the nails, skin, hair, normalizes the liver, helps to lose weight.
  • However, it is often strictly forbidden to take carrot juice: it is possible to earn “carotene jaundice”, to provoke vomiting, headaches.
  • Drinking carrot juice should not be taken with meals, but between the main meals.
  • Freshly squeezed juice is stored without loss of useful properties for more than a day in the refrigerator.
  • After prolonged storage, the beverage must be stirred up, as the juice from the carrots very quickly makes a precipitate.
  • Whenever possible, sweetening carrot juice is not necessary: ​​it is already rather sweet. If there is a need to limit the sugar, then you need to know: in a glass of carrot juice contains the daily rate of sugar. This circumstance must be taken into account when serving juice with ice cream, syrup, jam, etc.
  • A carrot juice well cleared of pulp should look like ordinary milk. To beat this, you need to filter the drink several times.
  • An original idea is to serve carrot juice with berries or fruits.
  • It is very useful for slimming carrot-pumpkin juice, and not freshly squeezed: preservation is permissible. It is necessary to strictly adhere to the correct proportion: one part of carrot juice to take three parts of pumpkin. Naturally, no sugar is added to the drink. Drink juice on between meals or on an empty stomach in the morning. Reception duration - no longer than ten days.
  • In order to squeeze carrot juice at home without a gauze filter, you can put a small amount of pureed carrot in a sieve, set it over a saucepan and press hard on the bottom of the glass, spoon, etc.
  • Carrot juice can be blended with fresh beet juice. It turns out interesting in color and taste most useful drink. If the taste seems too harsh, unpleasant, you can dilute beetroot-carrot juice with water.
  • Carrot juice can be treated for gastric diseases. The drink should be drunk ten-day courses in the spring or autumn. Every day an hour and a half before meals you should drink one tablespoon of freshly squeezed juice.
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