Beet kvass - our favorite! Recipes for different homemade kvass from beets for health and good mood

Beet kvass - our favorite! Recipes for different homemade kvass from beets for health and good mood

Kvass from beetroot is an old, time-tested drink.

It is often prepared in the villages in the summer to quench thirst and fill the body with useful substances.

The technology of making beet kvass at home is quite simple, but still you need to know something about it.

Beetroot Kvass - General Cooking Principles

Kvass is undesirable to cook from old beets. Best for the drink fit young, juicy roots of bright color. They are washed, cleaned, cut. Often, for grinding use a regular grater or food processor.

What else do they throw in kvass:

• yeast;

• sugar;

• bread;

• lemon.

As in bread kvass, you can add raisins to the beetroot drink. Dried grapes sharpen and make the taste more pleasant. Kvass ferments from 2 days to a week, depending on the recipe and incoming ingredients. There is also a quick recipe for beet kvass on citric acid, which allows you to get a nice drink the very next day. It can be viewed below.

Simple Homemade Beet Brew without Yeast

Option ordinary homemade kvass from beets. The drink is prepared from the minimum set of products with a small time cost.


• 3 beets;

• 2 spoons of sugar;

• 1.8-2 liters of water.


  1. Wash, immediately clean the roots. Shred straw on a grater or cut with a knife into thin slices.
  2. We put in a three-liter jar.
  3. Dissolve some sugar in warm water. You can make a drink without the addition of sand, as the beets themselves are sweet, but the fermentation process will be slow and sluggish.
  4. Fill the contents of the jar with sweetened water.
  5. Cover with gauze and leave to ferment in heat.
  6. On average, the drink will be ready in four days. It will be necessary to filter it, pour it into convenient bottles and cool it before use.

Homemade kvass made from beets with yeast

Recipe for sparkling and hearty kvass at home from beets. To achieve active fermentation, yeast is added, but this is not the whole secret of preparing a drink.


• 0.5 kg of beets;

• 0.1 kg of sugar;

• 5 grams of yeast;

• 3.5-4 liters of water.


1. Heat half a liter of water to 40 degrees, add prescription sugar and yeast. All well stirred, leave to ferment.

2. While the yeast is activated, we are engaged in beets. Peeled root vegetables are rubbed and thrown into a suitable vessel of about five liters.

3. Pour the froth started to foam with sugar.

4. Add the rest of the water. The liquid must be warm.

5. Take a long spoon or stick, stir.

6. Cover and set to warm for two days. Stir and taste.

7. Ready kvass filter from the pieces of beets, poured into the right container and cool.

Bolotov beetroot kvass on whey

The recipe for the famous Bolotov beet kvass, which is prepared using a special technology. For the drink does not need yeast and it is fermented by the added enzymes. Usually used whey with sour cream.


• 1.8-2 kg of beets;

• 0.5 tsp. sour cream;

• 600 ml of serum;

• 100 grams of sugar.


1. Root vegetables thoroughly rinsed and remove thin skin. If the beets are very dirty, then it is better to soak for half an hour in water.

2. Peeled root vegetables need to be finely chopped, or use a large grater, combine.

3. Fold the workpiece in a large bottle or bucket, the volume of which is not less than five liters.

4. Add whey with sugar and sour cream, cover with gauze and leave for a day. Bubbles should appear on the surface to indicate the beginning of the process.

5. In two days, mold will appear. It is important not to miss it and carefully remove. Periodically mold can appear again, be sure to remove. 6. We keep the kvass warm for 7 days, then we send it to the cellar for another 4 days.

7. Filtrate, bottle and refrigerate. Healthy, natural drink is ready! If the beet was juicy, you get 2.5-3 liters.

Homemade kvass from beets with honey

Variant of homemade kvass and beet, in which honey is used instead of sugar. Yeast is used fresh, if you need to replace the dry product, then reduce the amount four times.


• 1 kg of beets;

• 2 spoons of honey;

• 20 grams of yeast;

• warm water, boiled.


1. We cut the beetroot cut into small cubes into a three-liter bottle.

2. Take a liter of water and dilute honey with yeast in it.

3. Fill the beets. Add more warm water so that the jar is almost full.

4. Cover with gauze napkin, set in the sun.

5. Periodically watch the drink. If mold will appear, then remove the spoon.

6. After five days, kvass can be drained and stored in a refrigerator. If the drink was kept in a warm room, then it can be released a little earlier and will be ready already on the fourth day.

Kvass at home from beets with bread

Option beet kvass with the addition of rye bread, or rather burnt crackers. The drink has a familiar flavor for many, but it turns out very useful and rich in vitamins.


• 1 large beet;

• 2 pieces of bread;

• 4 spoons of sugar;

• 2 liters of water.


1. Immediately fry the bread. Better to do it in the oven. If there is no time or opportunity, then fry in a dry frying pan until tan.

2. Grind the beets in any way, you can grate or kill in the combine. Sent in a three-liter jar.

3. We throw the burnt croutons.

4. Dissolve sugar in water, pour it into a jar of beets and bread crumbs.

5. That's it! It remains to tie the neck of the pot with gauze. Then the bank must be sent to a warm place for 3-4 days. 6. Before use, the drink is filtered, cooled.

Bolotov beetroot kvass with sour cream

Another version of the useful Bolotov kvass that has a powerful cleansing effect, contains a lot of vitamins and substances important for the body. Sour cream is better to use homemade. Sugar for this recipe is not added.


• beets;

• purified or spring water;

• 1 scoop of sour cream;

• 3 leaves of mint or lemon balm.


1. Clean the beets, cut into small cubes and put in a three-liter jar. At the bottom we throw the washed mint leaves for flavor. Root crop should fill the container for 2/3 volume.

2. In warm water, dilute sour cream, pour the prepared beets. Fluid pour in so much that it is two centimeters did not reach the edge of the banks.

3. Fold a piece of gauze in 4 layers and fasten the neck of the jar. We put in a warm place.

4. After a couple of days, carefully remove the mold and continue to do it as it appears.

5. On the fifth day we filter kvass. Pieces of beet carefully pressed. Return the drink to the jar and keep a couple of days warm.

6. Bottled, refrigerated.

7. For health purposes, kvass is used several times a day before meals. The initial portion of a few teaspoons. Gradually, the volume is adjusted to half the glass.

Homemade beetroot kvass with citric acid

Variant of homemade kvass from beets, which will be ready for ilk after 12 hours. A quick drink is made using boiled root vegetables. You can cook it in advance.


• 2.5 liters of water;

• 1 beet;

• 1 tsp. citric acid;

• 80 grams of sugar;

• 0.5 tsp. yeast.


1. Boil beets, cool well and rub on a coarse grater. Throw in the bank.

2. Dilute yeast with sugar and citric acid in a liter of water, send it to a jar of grated beets.

3. Fill almost to the top the remaining water. The liquid should be slightly warmer than body temperature. 4. Cover the neck with a napkin, send for fermentation.

5. After 5 hours you can try the drink. If necessary, filter.

6. If the sharpness and taste is not enough, then we withstand a few more hours. Then we filter, cool and can be consumed.

Kvass at home from beets with raisins and lemon

Another recipe for making refreshing kvass at home from beets. Instead of lemon, you can use diluted acid in water.


• 0.5 kg of beets;

• 3 liters of water;

• 40 grams of raisins;

• 0.5 lemon;

• 1 rye bread crust;

• 4 spoons of sugar.


1. Take peeled beets and cut into chunks into slices. You can rub or kill in the combine. The shape of the pieces does not matter. We put in a convenient bottle or in another container.

2. We wash the raisins, you can hold a little in the water, if the grapes are too dry. Shifts in beets.

3. Stir water with sugar, add lemon juice or a little diluted acid. Enough third of a teaspoon. Sent to kvass.

4. We throw a crust of black bread.

5. Cover with gauze, put in a warm place and forget about the drink for three days.

6. We get, filter and necessarily cool before use.

Beet kvass with horseradish

A variant of spicy kvass from beets, which can be used as a tonic drink or used as a base of cold soups. Horseradish is used fresh.


• 0.5 kg of beets;

• 0.3 tsp. yeast;

• 70 grams of sugar;

• 30 grams of horseradish;

• 4 liters of water.


1. Rub the peeled beets and fill with boiling water. Leave to cool. Infusion should get warm.

2. Add sugar and yeast, leave for two days. Cover the vessel with gauze so that the midges do not start. If films or molds form on the surface, we carefully remove them with a clean spoon.

3. We rub horseradish and we throw in kvass. Stir and leave for another two days. Sometimes peppercorns are added to such kvass, a clove is sprocketed, and coriander seeds are thrown. It all depends on the desired taste. 4. We taste and taste the acid, filter from the pieces of beet and horseradish, pour into convenient bottles.

Beetroot Kvass - Tips and Tricks

• It happens that kvass does not ferment or the process is very sluggish. Is it possible to throw pledged products? Not at all, the fermentation process can be enhanced. Just add some yeast and sugar. They are diluted in warm water and poured into the bottle.

• The warmer the room, the faster the drink will ripen. And, on the contrary, in a cool place, the preparation of kvass can take a long time, sometimes it is not possible.

• Beet kvass does not need tinting, since it is bright and cheerful by itself. But adding chicory, burnt sugar or toasted crackers will give the drink a pleasant aroma and make the taste much richer.

• The more yeast and sugar is added to a drink, the more alcohol there will be. And it is important not to overdo it, otherwise, instead of kvass, you get a village barge. Although, why not?

• Kvass does not belong to alcoholic beverages and its alcohol content rarely exceeds 1.5%, but it’s still impossible to get behind the wheel after drinking it, it should take at least half an hour after drinking a glass of drink.

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