Kvass from chicory at home: with lemon, mint, sourdough bread. How to cook a delicious chicory kvass at home

Kvass from chicory at home: with lemon, mint, sourdough bread. How to cook a delicious chicory kvass at home

Kvass made of chicory takes pride of place in the list of the most delicious and refreshing summer drinks. And all thanks to the unusual taste, original flavor and great benefits to the body. This drink is good not only in the summer heat: thanks to the wonderful taste properties it can be drunk at any time of the year.

Home-made chicory kvass can be cooked in just a few hours. Its undoubted advantage is that you do not have to mess with capricious sourdough bread. The drink perfectly quenches thirst, invigorates and can be an excellent substitute for shop-sparkling water, packaged juices and other unhealthy products.

Kvass from chicory - general principles of cooking

For making kvass from chicory, you do not need any special tools at home. Ingredients are mixed and aged at room temperature. Someone makes a drink in glass jars, someone in a half-liter or five-liter plastic bottles. Tara must be clean.

Water for kvass can be taken any: artesian, spring, clean drinking, tap water boiled. Special connoisseurs argue that the shades of the drink depend on the quality of water. However, the amount of one or another component has a more significant effect on taste. Proportions can be changed: someone wants to get a less sour taste, someone with a more intense touch of chicory.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is the holding temperature of the product. The fact is that the essential component of the drink is yeast. If you overexpose it in heat or under hot sunshine, yeast will ferment, and you will get not kvass, but mash.

Lemon chicory kvass

The most delicious and popular version of chicory kvass includes lemon juice. It turns out vitamin drink with invigorating sourness, which you can drink just like that or add to the usual summer okroshka.


• five liters of drinking water;

• one and a half tablespoons of soluble chicory powder;

• fifty grams of pressed fresh yeast;

• three hundred grams of white sugar; • half an average lemon.

Cooking Method:

  1. Thoroughly wash the pan to mix the components of kvass.
  2. Pour all the water in there.
  3. Measure yeast, sugar, chicory.
  4. Put the kvass ingredients in a container with water and mix well.
  5. Scald lemon with boiling water and grind. Do not remove the rind: it will give a special shade to the drink.
  6. Put the lemon mass in a gauze bag, tie it tightly and put it in a bottle of chicory, yeast and sugar.
  7. Hand-mix the mass by squeezing a gauze bag with lemon gruel.
  8. Take out a lemon, taste the resulting kvass base. If you want more acid, you can add the remaining lemon or half a spoonful of crystallized citric acid.
  9. In thoroughly washed bottles prepared as kvass, pour the resulting mixture.
  10. Put the bottles in the sun or in a warm place for two or three hours.
  11. After some time, put pressure on the bottle. If it is tight and not served - kvass is ready.
  12. Bottles must be refrigerated or otherwise cooled.
  13. After cooling, you can drink kvass.

Kvass from chicory with citric acid

Without lemon, you can also cook a delicious sweet and sour kvass. Its distinctive feature - boiled sugar syrup. The amount of citric acid and sugar can be changed to your liking.


• five liters of water;

• a pound of white sugar;

• fifty grams of fresh yeast;

• fifty grams of chicory;

• ten grams of citric acid.

Cooking Method:

  1. Prepare a medium saucepan for boiling the syrup.
  2. Fill it with a liter of water.
  3. Pour in chicory powder and sugar, mix.
  4. Put the saucepan on medium heat, bring to a boil and cook the sweet syrup with stirring.
  5. When the syrup has cooled, add the remaining water, mix.
  6. Pour citric acid into sweet water, mix again.
  7. Dissolve the raw yeast in water, pour into the saucepan with the syrup.
  8. Cover the pan tightly and leave the chicory and yeast to infuse for two hours at room temperature.
  9. Pour the infused kvass into prepared bottles, cool. You can leave in the cold at night.

Mint chicory kvass

Another popular recipe for chicory kvass. At home it is best to cook on the basis of fresh mint. If there is no homemade herbs, you can buy peppermint tincture at the pharmacy.


• five liters of clean water to drink;

• a small bunch of mint to taste or a little pharmacy mint tincture;

• four hundred grams of white sugar;

• five tablespoons of chicory powder;

• one and a half teaspoons of dry yeast;

• a teaspoon of citric acid.

Cooking Method:

  1. Pour the water into a clean pan and bring to a boil.
  2. Pour sugar, crystals of citric acid, soluble chicory, mint tincture into boiling water, or put a bunch of fresh mint.
  3. Cover with a lid, turning off the heat, and cool to a warm state (degrees 30-35). Mint must infuse.
  4. While the leaven base cools, pour a little water into the yeast and leave it to form a froth.
  5. In a warm base for kvass pour the yeast and mix.
  6. Leave the kvass to wander for three hours in a warm room.
  7. After two hours, try for acid: if it is not enough, add a little more citric acid (about a third of a teaspoon), mix.
  8. Pour into container for kvass and leave to infuse again for 5-6 hours (you can overnight).
  9. Ready kvass clean for cooling in the cellar or refrigerator.
  10. Serve two hours later when the drink has cooled well.

Kvass from chicory on dry yeast

A simple and fairly quick way to make homemade kvass from chicory, using a minimum of ingredients.


• five liters of cooled boiling water;

• three tablespoons of soluble chicory powder;

• half a spoon of citric acid (the amount can be increased if desired);

• seven grams of dry yeast;

• three hundred grams of sugar.

Cooking Method:

  1. Measure out yeast, sugar, chicory and citric acid.
  2. Pour dry ingredients into plastic five-liter.
  3. Pour a liter and a half of cold boiled water (it should be warm).
  4. Vigorously stirring the liquid, dissolve the components of kvass.
  5. Pour in the rest of the water, mix again.
  6. Without closing the bottle, leave it alone in a warm place for three hours.
  7. Pour the finished kvass into a more convenient container (smaller volume plastic bottles will do) and send to the refrigerator for another two to three hours for complete cooling.

Chicory “Quick” Kvass

Simple and very fast kvass from chicory, which can be enjoyed already in 3-4 hours. It is convenient to do it in the morning, in the afternoon to have dinner with summer okroshka.


• five liters of water;

• three hundred grams of sugar;

• half a bag of dry yeast (small standard pack);

• teaspoon of citric acid;

• Four tablespoons of powdered chicory.

Cooking Method:

  1. Pour a measured amount of dry ingredients into a five-liter plastic bottle or pan.
  2. Pour third volume of cold water, mix well.
  3. When sugar dissolves and the yeast disperses, pour in the rest of the water, wrap the lid and let it brew for three hours.
  4. Pour into small bottles, cool and try. Delicious!

Kvass from chicory “Khlebny”

This version of the drink with chicory is made on the basis of the finished sourdough for traditional bread kvass. First you need to prepare the leaven, so you have to wait for the ripening of the finished product longer. But it will turn out very interesting, rich taste and remarkably beautiful color. Especially good (for fans) distinct beer touch.


• seven tablespoons of dry purchased kvass;

• eleven tablespoons of sugar;

• half a spoonful of dry yeast;

• a handful of raisins;

• tablespoon of chicory powder;

• A handful of rye bread crumbs;

• seven liters of water.

Cooking Method:

  1. First you need to make a starter. On a three-liter jar take three tablespoons of finished dry kvass, four spoons of granulated sugar, a quarter of a teaspoon of dried yeast.
  2. Put the same raisins.
  3. Pour all over with two liters of water, mix the contents well.
  4. Put the jar in the heat for fermentation, covering the hole of the jar with a cloth.
  5. After two days, when ferment ferates, drain the water. The remaining thick - this is the right sourdough.
  6. You need to add two more spoons of kvass, two spoons of sugar to it, pour water over again and repeat the process.
  7. After the second drain, the leaven will take effect, become vigorous, strong.
  8. Pour five tablespoons of sugar, two spoons of dried kvass, another quarter of a teaspoon of yeast, chicory into a jar.
  9. Pour three liters of water, mix and put in a warm place for three to ferment.
  10. Kvass is drained, drained, bottled and cooled.

Kvass chicory - tricks and tips

  • There must be at least 6 cm between the neck and the level of the kvass. This space for the kvass to roam, emitting gas. If not to leave a place, the bottles will explode.
  • Opening a bottle of kvass, you can not shake it. It is necessary to act very carefully, as the finished brew can shoot no worse than disturbed champagne.
  • Kvass from chicory contains a lot of the most important vitamins, organic acids, microelements, bacteria useful for the intestines, normalizing the work of the entire digestive system.
  • Drinking such kvass is useful for dysbacteriosis, gastritis (with low acidity of gastric juice). There is evidence that the drink returns male power.
  • Chicory-based kvass contains alcohol, so it cannot be consumed in large quantities in children and pregnant women, as well as people suffering from cirrhosis of the liver.
  • You cannot drink red kvass in case of any inflammations of the stomach walls, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, varicose veins, chronic bronchitis, vascular diseases.
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