Plum wine at home: do not know how - we will teach! Features of the preparation of this wine from plum at home

Plum wine at home: do not know how - we will teach! Features of the preparation of this wine from plum at home

Undoubtedly, winemaking is an art, and its secrets need to be known for years. But no one claims to create a masterpiece. However, strictly observing the recipe and using small tricks, even after a little tweaking, you can achieve a good taste of the beverage prepared by yourself.

And not least, homemade plum wine is a completely natural product. Its components will help our body cope with anemia and vascular problems. But to enjoy the wine from the plum at home, you need only in reasonable quantities.

Plum wine at home - general principles of preparation

The first step is to prepare clean dishes and collect the best plums. Nature has awarded us various varieties of yellow, white, blue plums. Each of them is suitable for making wine, but dark varieties are especially good, so you should choose them.

Plums need to be harvested when they are so ripe that they are about to fall to the ground.

In order to drain better, the collected fruit is desirable to hold a couple of days in a bowl in the sun. Fruits are slightly dried up, juice thickens. The sun's rays will help to enrich the fruit with bacteria and fungi necessary for the fermentation process.

It is not necessary to wash the plums, but the heavily soiled ones must still be rinsed or rubbed.

Bones, as a rule, are removed, but you can and leave. Then the drink will gain almond flavor.

At the beginning of the work you will need a spacious bowl, then a large glass jar, and better a bottle of ten or twenty liters. Metal utensils are not used at any stage of the preparation of the drink.

Recipe 1. Traditional plum wine at home

Plum wine will decorate a family holiday or an ordinary dinner. You can not only drink it, but also use it in cooking meat dishes or desserts. Ingredients:

8 kg blue plum

8l of water

1800 g of sugar


1. Cooked, dried plums free from stones.

2. Finely chop the fruit until smooth. They should look like fruit puree.

3. Add about 10 liters of clean water at room temperature.

4. Cover the mixture with a clean cloth and move it to a warm, peaceful place. The pulp should stand from 72 to 100 hours to ferment a little.

5. Filtrate after the appearance of foam and bubbles and pour into the jar.

6. We pour in sugar, we achieve its full dissolution.

7. Pour into the bottle, close the water seal, and let it wander.

8. After 45-60 days, carefully pour the young wine, without disturbing the sediment.

9. Next you need to filter the wine with gauze.

10. We pour young wine in the prepared bottles. We leave for maturation in the basement or cellar.

Recipe 2. Classic plum wine at home

A pleasant gathering with a glass of plum wine at home on a dark winter evening will remind you of the sun and summer.


8 kg of blue plum;

8 liter water;

2 liters of hot water;

sugar 1800 g;



1. Let's start with making sourdough:

- In hot water, load two glasses of sugar and bring to a boil.

- In the cooled sugar syrup dissolve the wine yeast.

“The leaven needs to wander around for two or three hours and it will be ready for use.”

2. Plums need to be separated from the seed. To simplify this process as much as possible, pour them with hot water and hold for a couple of minutes.

3. When the peel is cracked on the fruit, drain the water and remove the bones.

4. We press to obtain a homogeneous mass. We place in a large container.

5. Mix water with sugar and sourdough. Pour into plum pulp.

6. Mix, pour into the bottle, leave to ferment for 10-12 weeks.

7. Drain the young wine, trying not to disturb the sediment.

8. We place in bottles and leave to ripen in the basement.

Recipe 3. Plum wine at home with cinnamon


Blue plums - 5 kg.

Cinnamon - 10 g.

Sugar - 2 kg.

Purified water - 5 liters.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse ripe fruit with water and free from seeds.

2. Thoroughly knead the plums with your hands or use a press for this.

3. Place the fruit in a large bowl and fill with sugar (half the norm).

4. Find a quiet place and leave plums for a few days to wander.

5. After waiting for the required number of days, carefully separate the wort formed from the mash and transfer it to the bottle.

6. Mix water with the remaining sugar and prepare the syrup.

7. Add cinnamon to the syrup, cool it and pour it into the wort.

8. Hydraulic lock close the bottle and forget about it for a couple of months. The mixture should ferment.

9. When the fermentation process is over, the young plum wine is carefully poured, trying not to disturb the sediment.

10. Filter and pour into glass containers, close with suitable caps. We send the wine to ripen in a place cool and dark.

Recipe 4. Plum fortified wine at home


2 kg of plums.

Four liter bottles of non-carbonated water.

Half a liter of your favorite vodka.

0.8 kg of sugar.

Cooking method:

1. Plums choose only intact and re-living.

2. Fill a glass bottle with fruit.

3. Cooking sweet syrup by mixing water and sugar.

4. Fill the plums with boiling hot syrup and leave in this form for 8 hours. Then it needs to be drained, which we will do.

5. Boil the syrup again and pour it back into the bottle with the plums.

6. Finally, vodka waited for its time. Add it to the glass container.

7. We put a rubber glove on the bottle, making a small puncture on one of our fingers and wrap it tightly.

8. Put the next strong drink for two weeks in a dark room.

9. After 14 days, filter the wine using cheesecloth and pour it into prepared bottles. The wine has become a beautiful dark purple color. 10. Wine bottles stored in a cool and dark basement. The drink will reveal its real taste no sooner than in a year.

Recipe 5. Plum wine at home with a twist

The combination of plums and raisins will give the drink an unusual taste. This wine is endowed with healing properties and beneficial to the heart and blood vessels.


10 kg plums.

101/2 liters of boiled water.

Three kg of sugar.

Two hundred grams of raisins.

Cooking Method:

1. Remove the stones from the collected plums, place them in a bowl, turn them into mashed potatoes by hand or using a press.

2. Add sugar and water, cover with a towel so that insects do not fall. Transferring to a dark room for three to four days.

3. Raisins are placed in a bowl and filled with warm water, covered with sugar (40 g) and mixed.

4. Cover with a lid and forget about it for four days. After 4 days, filter, and leave the resulting liquid for further use.

5. From the fermented plums, drain the juice and mix it in a 3: 1 ratio with granulated sugar. Add the liquid obtained from filtering raisins. We close the container with a glove, we wind it well. We make a needle puncture on the thumb of the glove.

6. We send the container away from the light for two months.

7. After two months, the filtered wine is poured into bottles and sealed with sealed corks.

8. Trying wine preferably in a few months. Only then it will be ready to please the pleasant taste and aroma.

Recipe 6. Plum wine at home “Double pleasure”

Ruby wine with a delicate and delicate aroma of ripe plum is pleasant to eat on a snowy winter evening.


Black ripe plums - 8-10 kilograms.

Water - for every kilogram of pulp one liter;

Sugar - per liter of juice approximately 350-400 grams.


1. On ripe plums, incise the skin or pierce them.

2. Put the fruit in a three-liter jar in layers. Sugar pour all layer. 3. In a jar full of plums, pour clean raw water. Cover the throat of the jar with a thick cloth and tie.

4. The bank can be put on the window and forget about it for a week. Let the juice slowly wanders.

5. When the pulp in the bank is divided into wort and solid waste, it is time to do the first discharge.

6. Pour the liquid part into a clean container. We use for this rubber hose.

7. Add sugar: for every liter of two tablespoons. Stir with a wooden spatula. We repeat the procedure three times every three days.

8. We do not throw out the hard part, but pour it into a clean jar.

9. Fall asleep a kilogram of sugar and pour water. Add some ripe plums. On each of them you need to make a cut or puncture.

10. Then we carry out the same procedure as with the first can.

11. So, we have wine in two cans: in one - from the wort of the first spill, in the other - squeeze from the hard part of the pulp.

12. The fermentation process can take several weeks. As soon as the muddy sediment sinks to the bottom of the cans, carefully, so as not to disturb it, pour out the young wine.

13. Pour into glass containers and place in the basement. We wait 2-3 months.

14. The result of the work done will be a dessert wine with a strength of 12-14 °. The sugar content will be approximately 15-16%.

15. Wine obtained from two cans can be combined, or it can be poured separately.

Recipe 7. Plum wine at home with peaches and a drop of vanilla

Very good wine with an original taste that combines the aroma of peach and plum. The barely perceptible flavor of vanilla will complement this unusual bouquet.


Plums - 7500 g.

Peaches and sugar - by 3500

3 g of vanilla.

4 liters of water.

Cooking Method:

1. Remove the stones from the plums. Wash fruit is not necessary.

2. We will wash ripe peaches in running water, divide them in half and remove the stone very easily.

3. We shift the fruit into one large bowl and knead. For this procedure, you can use a wooden pestle. Fruits gradually turn into mashed plums and peaches. 4. Add vanilla and sugar syrup, previously prepared. Mix everything thoroughly.

5. The finished mass is transferred to a glass container, where the sacrament of fermentation will occur. Close the bottle lid with a water seal.

6. We transfer the container to the room dark and warm (to find such a room in the summer is not difficult). We leave for a week to wander.

7. Fermentation stopped, and the wine is carefully poured, without disturbing the sediment settled at the bottom of the tank.

8. You must try the drink to determine how much sugar you need to add.

9. Filter the wine and pour. Each bottle is hermetically closed.

10. As usual, it is advisable not to touch the drink for several months.

Recipe 8. Plum wine at home from plum jam

If plum jam has accumulated more than you can eat, why not turn it into wine? The only condition: the jam should not be sour and not fermented.


Plum jam and water - one liter each.

100 grams of light raisins.

Sugar syrup - depending on taste.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour the jam into a bowl and dilute with warm water.

2. Add raisins (no need to wash it). Mix well.

3. If jam is sour, you need to pour half a liter of syrup into it.

4. Pour homogeneous mass into a glass jar. Close the lid or rubber glove with a small hole.

5. Leave for ten days to wander in a dark but warm room.

6. Strain the future wine and pour it into clean dishes.

7. Place the tightly closed jar with the strained wort in the same place for another 45 days. Check periodically how the fermentation process.

8. After a month and a half, carefully pour the young wine, without disturbing the sediment, and pour. Tightly close and move to the refrigerator.

Wine from plums at home - tips and tricks from winemakers

  • For the storage of plum wines, half-liter bottles or 0.75 liters capacity are best suited.
  • The wine is about 3 centimeters under-corked.
  • The cellar located on the north side is ideal for storing a drink. It can maintain a constant temperature of 11 ° C. The maximum temperature is 14 ° C. If it is not possible to keep the wine in a cool place, it must be pasteurized for 5 minutes.
  • Corks covering beverage bottles may eventually collapse under the influence of various microorganisms. Tightness will disappear and the wine will spoil. Therefore, damaged plugs need to be replaced. Periodic monitoring of the state of wine will not hurt - we taste it.
  • The beverage container must be kept in a static state. No jarring or vibrations!
  • The more sweets, the stronger the wine. Every 20 grams of sugar (per liter), can increase the alcohol content by 1 degree.
  • A press or a more ancient method is used to push fermented fruit. In a strong bag of cloth loaded with small portions of the pulp and wrung out his hands over a large vessel.
  • The most delicious wine made in an oak barrel.
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