Plum tincture at home - plum delight. Recipes homemade tincture of plums on vodka, on alcohol, cognac

Plum tincture at home - plum delight. Recipes homemade tincture of plums on vodka, on alcohol, cognac

Plum tincture at home is the culinary heritage of our ancestors, which has not lost its popularity even today. Plum tincture at home is distinguished by its mild taste, pleasant aroma and ease of manufacture.

Initially, these drinks were more of a ritual character, used by sorcerers in magical rituals. They were also used by healers to tone up the body's defenses and cure various ailments. But for the taste, aroma and intoxicating properties, they quickly fell in love with the common people. For example, the Slavs, because of the climatic features, especially liked the infusion of plums. Even the name for it came up affectionate - plum.

Pleasure is good

Tincture of plums at home can not only decorate the holiday table, it is also famous for its medicinal properties. Regular consumption of the drink in moderation will be a worthy alternative to choleretic and diuretic drugs. Tincture can be used to cleanse the body, remove toxins. In addition, the drain is indispensable for gastric ulcers, difficulty defecation, in the treatment of anemia and in the complex fight against excess weight. They use it with caution in case of endocrine dysfunction, thyroid disease and high acidity in the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

Standards and principles of preparation

As in the winery, tincture of plums at home is often prepared on the basis of ethyl alcohol.

The principle of its preparation consists in combining alcohol with substances in the composition of fruit fruits. Plums must be fully ripe, ready to fall from the tree to the ground. Immature fruits spoil the taste of the tincture, giving it a grassy notes and a sour taste. Overripe fruits will not work because of the large amount of pectin in them. This substance will spoil the look of the tincture, giving it a dull shade. To make the plums softer, you can hold them in a plate in the sun for a couple of days. At this time, they podvyalyatsya, their juice will become thicker, and the composition will be enriched with bacteria necessary for fermentation.

It is important that in the process of preparing the plums do not get involved in washing them. If you wash the fruit well, but not carefully, then their fermentation will take place much faster. If the plums are from your own garden and are not heavily polluted, it is permissible to simply clean them of leaves, branches and wipe them with a towel.

The ratio of the main components of the plum tincture depends on individual preferences, however, there are some generally accepted recommendations for the content of plums, alcohol and sugar.

Plums of sweet varieties, for example, Renklod, Hungarian, will be used as proven raw materials. You can replace plums for cherry plum or prunes.

The alcohol content may vary. Factory standard strength of similar drinks - 18-20%, but in the home kitchen, they can be neglected. The strength of the tincture varies depending on the volume of water or juice added. Dessert will be considered tincture with a strength of not more than 16%, low-degree - up to 28%, strong - up to 45%.

Sugar or honey is added as desired. Standard - 200 grams of sugar per 1 kg of plums, but sometimes the amount of sugar reaches 400 grams (40%). It all depends on the degree of maturity of the fruit and personal taste preferences. You can completely eliminate this ingredient, but do not forget that it is the sweetness that makes the taste soft.

Tincture with a weak degree of strength is stored in a refrigerator or a cold cellar. Strong tinctures - at room temperature. Immediately after the readiness with treats, it is better not to rush: the taste of the tincture of plums at home, like a vintage wine, is determined by time.

Recipe richness

Tincture of plums at home is good because it has a variety of cooking recipes, variations of the combination of ingredients.

Classics of the genre

• 1 kg of plums

• 500 ml of alcohol or vodka

• 300 g sugar Fruits clear of contamination. If the plum is large in size, it can be cut into smaller pieces. Next, put the fruit in a jar with a wide neck in several layers, spilling each layer of sugar. Tightly close the lid, remove the container in a dark place for 3 days to give the fruit juice. For a uniform distribution of sugar should be periodically shake the contents. On the 4th day, pour alcohol into the mixture and put it again in a dark corner for a month and a half. After this period, the drink is subjected to filtration and bottled.

“Original” tincture

• 6 kg seedless plums

• 600 ml of water

• 2.8 kg of sugar

• 100 g raisins

Cut the plums in half, mix with sugar and water, put into a glass jar and put in a warm place for 10 days. After to speed up the fermentation add washed raisins. When bubbles begin to form on the surface of the tincture, pull a rubber glove onto the jar, making a small hole in it. After a month, the glove will swell as much as possible, but will gradually lose its shape. When she finally falls off, you can begin to filter the contents of the jar and bottled. Our grandmothers were still playing around with a similar tincture of plums at home. Its originality is in the natural process of fermentation and the absence of alcohol.

Caramel pleasure

• 0.7 liters of any brandy

• 6 kg drain

• 2.4 kg of sugar

Cut plums as finely as possible, but without using a blender, so that later there are no difficulties with filtration. Fruits mix with a portion of sugar, pour in alcohol, mix thoroughly, cover and leave to stand. After 20 days, from 1 kg of granulated sugar and water, boil a dark-colored syrup and, without allowing burning, cool slightly. Filter the plum blank and add the syrup into it, let it cool to the end and place in the refrigerator. The remaining fruits of the plums again to fall asleep sugar and squeeze the juice under pressure. Filter to the desired consistency and combine with a portion of the refrigerator.

Especially for ladies

• 250 g sugar

• 500 g prunes

• 0.7 liters of vodka

• 800 g condensed milk

• 3 vanilla sticks

• 0.5 liters of water

Wash the prunes, dry them and put vanilla together with the sticks into a container, add vodka and leave for 10-14 days. After the resulting content is filtered. Put the remaining flesh into the pan, pour 200 ml of boiling water, sugar and bring to a boil, then cool and filter. The resulting broth and previously prepared tincture combine, add condensed milk. In the finished form, this tincture will be similar in consistency to the milk liqueur. It tastes great! Sweet lovers will certainly appreciate. But this recipe has a drawback - this tincture is stored for no more than six months, and the opened bottle is consumed immediately.

Oriental Tale

• 4 kg plum

• 2.7 kg of sugar

• Water

• 0.5 liters of alcohol

• Orange Peel

• Cinnamon

• Cardamom

• Anise

• Nutmeg

• Carnation

• Vanilla

All spices mix, pour alcohol. Washed plum filled with sugar and leave for natural fermentation. After the process, filter the resulting wine: it should be transparent. Strain with spices. Prepare sugar syrup to the consistency of caramel and cool to 40 degrees. Syrup is introduced into the alcohol tincture, add prepared wine. Bottled, corked and home-pasteurized for three hours at 60 degrees. In the end, wait until the water in the pan cools by itself, take out the bottles, wipe off and put in a dark place for a month to complete the process.

Mint freshness

• 2 kg drain

• 0.2 liters of alcohol

• 400 g sugar

• 5 sprigs of mint (can be replaced with melissa)

Prepare the plums, knead them and grind to a puree state, put in a cool place for two hours. After the slurry, pass through a sieve to get the juice with pulp, but without the plum peel. Add the remaining ingredients to it, pour it into containers and let it brew for 2 months. After the drink, you need to filter and stand for another couple of weeks. Such a tincture of plums in the home distinguishes a special fortress, but the refreshing taste turns it into a light drink.

Tips & Tricks

So that the tincture of plums at home is not inferior in its taste to the store wine products, it is important to know a few secrets about its preparation:

• To flavor and enhance the piquancy of the flavoring properties of the tincture, you can pre-freeze the plums.

• If you do not remove the bones from the fruit, the tincture will be enriched with almond flavor.

• If you do not add sugar to the tincture, it will turn out to be stronger (about 30 degrees), and its taste will be more tart.

• If the hostess and her guests prefer transparent tinctures, to obtain such a plum brandy, the granulated sugar should be replaced with a previously prepared sugar syrup. It is easy to prepare it: heat a liter of water over medium heat and dilute half a glass of granulated sugar in it.

• You can put a small handful of washed raisins in any plum tincture. This additional ingredient will enhance the fermentation process. In addition, the tincture will get more fragrant.

• In any recipe for making homemade plum tinctures, you can optionally add flavoring ingredients such as dried cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, citrus peel.

• It is not necessary to throw out the used fruits of plums after the drink is drunk. They will still be pleased with the original taste as a dessert or an ingredient in meat dishes and will be a delicious decoration for sweet pastries, cakes, ice cream. To save them and use them in the future, they are put in small containers, filled with leftover tinctures, covered with a lid and stored for a year.

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