Currant tincture at home - rich color and taste. How to prepare a currant tincture at home on alcohol, vodka, moonshine

Currant tincture at home - rich color and taste. How to prepare a currant tincture at home on alcohol, vodka, moonshine

Currant is a storehouse of vitamins and useful microelements. It contains more vitamin C than citrus. In cooking, not only berries are used, but also leaves that are suitable for salads, sbitene and kvass.

Currant tincture at home - the basic principles of cooking

Currant has a pleasant, sweet-sour taste, which makes the berries a real godsend for making alcoholic beverages. They will relieve the finished drink from the sharp smell of alcohol and make it useful.

Tincture - one of the best options for the preparation of alcoholic beverage from currants. To make it simple, for this you need the following ingredients: alcohol, vodka, moonshine, sugar and the currant itself. However, there are more complex recipes that use many more components.

The tincture is prepared from both red and black currant. It is important to use only good berries. Crumpled and rotted will not work. Berries are carefully sorted out, removing twigs and debris. The fruit is laid out in a sieve and washed under running water. Tincture is desirable to prepare from fresh berries, but if there are none, you can use frozen and even jam. As the basis of alcohol used: brandy, moonshine, vodka, alcohol or other alcohol-containing beverages.

The drink has a tart pleasant taste. The color of the tincture depends on the alcoholic beverage used.

Recipe 1. Currant tincture at home on alcohol


three leaves of a shrub;

750 ml of filtered water;

alcohol - half a liter;

300 g ripe black currants.

Method of preparation

1. Currant berries are carefully selected, removing leaves, twigs and other debris. Rinse thoroughly under running water. 2. Take a bottle of such volume that the berries fill it in half. Pour currant into bottle.

3. Fill the contents of the dish with alcohol and cork tightly. Leave for a week.

4. Strain the finished drink through folded gauze. Now dilute it with filtered water in a ratio of 3: 2.

5. Pour tincture into prepared glass bottles and send to storage in a basement or other cool room.

Recipe 2. Currant tincture at home “Drunk currant”


two kg of black currant berries;

vanillin - pinch;

ten leaves from a bush of black currant;

liter of vodka;

700 grams of sugar.

Method of preparation

1. We sort out the fresh fruits of black currant, clearing them from leaflets and twigs. Put the berries in a colander or strainer and rinse.

2. The three-liter bottle is carefully washed and dried. We shift the currants in the prepared glass container, pouring each layer of sugar. Grind and knead the berries do not need, they must remain whole.

3. The contents of the glass container is filled with vodka, so that the alcoholic drink completely covers the berries. Cover the dishes with a lid and ship for a month in a dark place.

4. Strain the tincture through gauze or a fine sieve. Bottled, corked tightly and stored in a cool place for a year.

Recipe 3. Currant tincture at home with cumin


Half a kilo of fresh black currants;

5 g of cumin;

1 liter of 500 ml of high quality vodka;

20 leaves of currant bush.

Method of preparation

1. Fruits of black currant we sort out. Carefully ensure that all twigs, leaves, and other debris are removed. We shift the berries in a sieve or colander and gently rinse so as not to mash or damage them. Drain and pour in clean dishes. 2. Knead berries with a pestle or tolkushki. If you have a blender, you can use it. In the berry mass, add cumin seeds and leaves of the shrub.

3. The resulting mixture is transferred to a clean, dry bottle. Pour vodka and close the lid. Leave for six weeks in a dark place.

4. We filter the drink and pour it on a glass container, with a volume of half a liter. Tightly closed with traffic jams and stored in a cool, dark room.

Recipe 4. Currant tincture at home “Honey nectar”


800 g of black currant fruit;

600 ml of filtered drinking water;

liter of honey;

5 g ground cinnamon;

liter of moonshine.

Method of preparation

1. Black currant berries sort out, carefully removing all the garbage. Rinse the fruit thoroughly. Grind them through a sieve, or perebeyte to the state of mashed potatoes in a blender.

2. In the berry mass pour liquid honey. It is best to use acacia honey. If you have a thick natural honey, melt it in a water bath.

3. Add cinnamon to the mixture and pour all the moonshine. Stir the contents well. Transfer the resulting mass to a clean cylinder, close tightly with the lid and place it in a dark place for two weeks. Shake the tincture from time to time.

4. After the allotted time, filter the blackcurrant tincture and dilute it with drinking water so that the strength of the drink is 25 degrees. Pour into glass bottles, cork tightly and store in a dark cool place.

Recipe 5. Currant tincture at home on cognac


900 g of ripe currant berries;

liter of high-quality five-star brandy;

400 g sugar white.

Method of preparation

1. Ripe berries of black currant bust from leaves, twigs and other debris. Put the fruit in a colander or strainer and rinse. Leave all liquid to flow. 2. Put the currants in a deep bowl, add sugar and pour all brandy. Mix.

3. Wash and dry glass container with a volume of two liters. Put the currant mixture in it and cover with a lid. To sustain a couple of weeks in a dark place.

4. Strain the drink through a special filter. Pour into prepared bottles and store in a cool place.

Recipe 6. Red currant tincture at home


300 grams of red currant berries;

150 grams of sugar;

half a liter of vodka, alcohol, brandy or moonshine.

Method of preparation

1. Berries of red currant we sort out, removing twigs, leaves and other debris. Rinse the fruit thoroughly.

2. A liter jar of mine with soda, rinsed and dried. We shift in her red currants. Add sugar and pour in vodka or other alcoholic beverage.

3. Close the jar tightly with a lid and shake well. Leave in a dark warm place for a couple of weeks. Shake every three days.

4. We filter the finished tincture through a cotton-cotton filter and distribute it in bottles. Tightly corked and stored in the cellar or refrigerator.

Recipe 7. Classical currant tincture at home


600 g of black currant fruit;

half a liter of vodka or 60% alcohol.

Method of preparation

1. We sort out the fresh fruits of black currant, removing rotted berries, twigs and leaves. Flush.

2. We shift currants into a clean, dry three-liter bottle. Fill the berries with a drink so that it completely covers the fruit. Cork tightly and remove for three weeks in a dark place.

3. Strain the finished tincture through a special filter, pour it into clean bottles. Tightly closed with traffic jams and sent to storage in a cold place. If you want to reduce the degree of the drink, dilute it with filtered water to the desired strength.

Recipe 8. Quick currant tincture at home


a pinch of cinnamon;

a glass of black currant;

a pinch of vanillin;

a glass of sugar;

half stack vodka;

50 g of honey;

one and a half stack drinking water.

Method of preparation

1. Rinse peeled berries, debris, leaves and twigs. Put in a bowl blender, add sugar and perebeyte to a puree state. If there is no blender, grind the berries through a sieve. Put the mass in a saucepan and cover with water.

2. Add cinnamon and vanilla to the berry mixture. Put on a slow fire and keep to evaporate one third of the entire contents. It will take about an hour and a half.

3. Strain the contents of the skillet. Cool to a warm state and add honey, stir and cool completely.

4. Pour the contents into the prepared glass container and fill with vodka. Stir and clean for a day in a dark place.

Currant tincture at home - tips and tricks

Do not throw away the alcohol. They can be used for making desserts, baking, or added to tea.

Insist drink only in glass containers, plastic and iron for this is not suitable.

If you do not have enough sweets, you can add more sugar or honey and leave for another couple of days.

Filtration can be avoided if the grated berries are placed in a gauze bag that you just need to remove from the finished drink.

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