Sea buckthorn tincture at home is incredibly useful. Sea buckthorn tinctures at home on alcohol, vodka, moonshine

Sea buckthorn tincture at home is incredibly useful. Sea buckthorn tinctures at home on alcohol, vodka, moonshine

Sea-buckthorn tincture at home is an alcoholic beverage that is a healing medicine. It was used by our ancestors to treat many diseases and strengthen the body.

Sea buckthorn tincture at home - the basic principles of cooking

Prepare a tincture of sea buckthorn at home is not difficult. The most difficult thing is to pick the sea buckthorn so that the berries do not turn into an unattractive mess. There are several ways to do this quickly. Sprigs of a plant are cut, and then with the help of nail scissors, the berries are cut from it. Frozen sea buckthorn will easily fall off if you beat a stick with a stick. Then the berries are carefully picked, removing the twigs, leaves and damaged fruit. A rotten sea buckthorn can hopelessly spoil the taste of the drink.

Prepared berries are thoroughly washed, laid out in a three-liter bottle and knead the wooden tolkushkoy. Grind the sea buckthorn to the state of mashed potatoes, you can use a food processor. Berries are poured with sugar, mixed and poured all alcohol. Withstand about a month. During the infusion, the tincture needs to be shaken periodically.

In the pulp and bones of sea buckthorn contains a lot of oils, so the tincture will not work transparent. But this problem can be solved by carefully filtering the drink through a special filter, or by collecting oil from the surface with a syringe.

The finished drink is poured into clean dark glass bottles. Hermetically sealed with stoppers and stored for two years in a cool place.

Sea buckthorn goes well with honey, cinnamon, vanilla, cloves and other spices. The taste of the drink will acquire new interesting notes, if you add spices to it.

Properly cooked tincture will have a rich yellow tint, delicate pleasant aroma and sweetish taste with a slight sourness.

Recipe 1. Classical sea buckthorn tincture at home


four stacks ripe sea buckthorn;

700 ml of high-quality vodka;

100 g cane sugar.

Method of preparation

Sea buckthorn berries should be given special attention, since the quality of the future tincture depends on their quality. Seal the buckthorn carefully, removing rotted fruit. Rinse the berries under running water, putting them in a colander. Pour them into a three-liter glass bottle and mash with a wooden potato masher. Pour the sugar and fill it with vodka. Close the jar tightly with a lid and shake well.

Leave the bank in a warm dark place for about a month. For this perfect pantry. Shake the jar daily.

Fold the gauze several times and filter the drink through it. If you want the tincture to be even more transparent, strain it through the cotton filter. The tincture is bottled, hermetically sealed and stored in the cold for two years.

Recipe 2. Sea buckthorn tincture at home with alcohol


a liter jar of sea buckthorn berries;

filtered water;

175 g of white sugar;

liter of 96% alcohol.

Method of preparation

Berry carefully remove from the twigs, carefully reassemble to remove all the spoiled fruit. Put the sea buckthorn in a colander and rinse under cold water. Transfer to a suitable dish and mash with tolkushkoy to puree.

Put the sea buckthorn pulp in a glass jar with a wide neck. Cover with gauze and put in the heat so that the berries begin to ferment. It will take three or four days.

Fill the contents of the dishes with alcohol to the top. Again put in a darkened warm place for a month.

Tincture several times through a gauze or cotton filter. Drink diluted to the desired strength of filtered water. If necessary, add sugar to it, pour into a clean container and leave for another couple of weeks.

Collect the fat fraction with a syringe. Pour the tincture over clean glass bottles, seal hermetically and store in a cellar or basement.

Recipe 3. Sea buckthorn tincture at home with honey


600 ml of spring water;

250 grams of sea buckthorn berries;

85 g of natural honey;

800 ml of moonshine.

Method of preparation

Berry carefully sort out to prevent rotten fruit and debris from falling into the drink. Then rinse the sea buckthorn and place in a clean glass bottle. Fill with moonshine and spring water. Cork tightly, shake the vessel and place in a dark room for three weeks.

Filter the resulting solution. Squeeze the berry mixture using gauze. Pour approximately 100 ml of the drink into a saucepan and dissolve the honey in it. Put on a small fire and warm slightly, but not to hot. Then pour into the main drink and filter through two layers of gauze. Dilute with water to the desired strength. Pour the finished drink into clean dark glass bottles, seal hermetically with stoppers and store in a cellar or pantry. The shelf life of sea buckthorn tincture is two years.

Recipe 4: Sea buckthorn tincture at home with nut membranes


a liter of frozen sea buckthorn;

honey or sugar to taste;

two liters of 50% moonshine;

two art. l walnut partitions.

Method of preparation

Put the walnut partitions in a 1-liter glass jar and fill it with samogon. Put on a week in a dark warm place.

Cut off the buckthorn berries from the twigs. Carefully sort them, carefully choosing all the garbage and spoiled fruit. Put the sea buckthorn in a sieve and rinse. Leave for a while to let the fruit dry slightly. Put the berries in another jar, pour the alcoholic drink and leave in a dark place for seven days.

A week later, pour off the sea buckthorn infusion. Filter it and use for medicinal purposes.

Alcohol infused on walnut partitions, strain and fill them with sea buckthorn berries. Cork and put in two or three weeks in a dark place. Then pour the infusion, strain through a gauze or cotton filter. Sweeten your drink to your taste and leave to rest for a few days. The tincture prepared according to this recipe does not contain a large amount of oil. It turns out transparent and has no medicinal taste, which is inherent in sea buckthorn tinctures.

Recipe 5: Sea buckthorn tincture at home on cognac


orange peel;

sea ​​buckthorn - half a kilogram;


sugar - 75 g;


half a liter of brandy.

Method of preparation

Carefully separate the sea buckthorn berries from the twigs. Go through them well so that spoiled fruit and garbage do not get into the drink. Rinse the berries thoroughly and dry.

Put in a suitable dish, add sugar and rub well with a pestle, or perebeyte to the state of mashed potatoes in a food processor.

Put the berry puree into a dry, clean glass liter container. Pour it with alcohol. Add orange zest, juniper and cloves. Tightly close the lid and place in a warm dark place for a month.

Shake the jar every three days to dissolve the sugar completely. Gauze fold in eight layers. Filter the drink through it and pour into clean bottles. Close hermetically with stoppers. Tincture can be stored in the refrigerator for three years.

Recipe 6: Sea buckthorn tincture at home with spices


10 g of dill seeds;

sea ​​buckthorn fruits - 400 g;

6 g of cumin;

lemon peel - 200 g;

Vodka - one and a half liters.

Method of preparation

Remove sea buckthorn fruits from a branch with thin scissors or a knife. Take them well, carefully observing that all trash and spoiled berries are removed. Rinse the sea buckthorn under the tap, place on a paper napkin and dry.

Put the berries in a clean liter jar and mash well with a pestle or potato crush.

With lemon, remove the zest using the finest grater or special tools. Add it to sea buckthorn puree and mix. Pour everything over the neck with vodka and leave for another two weeks.

Add the dill seeds and cumin to the tincture, stir and insist for seven more days. Strain the finished drink, pour it into clean bottles and cork hermetically. Keep a dark, cool place for three years.

Sea buckthorn tincture at home - tips and tricks

  • Carefully ensure that the spoiled berries do not get into the drink, as they can give it an unpleasant taste.
  • Tincture will be even tastier healthier if sugar is replaced with honey, and alcohol - brandy.
  • Alcohol 96% must be diluted with distilled water to 40% in order not to get burned.
  • You can take the tincture as a medicine by taking a spoonful in the morning and evening.
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