Cherry liqueur at home - the ruby ​​queen on the table! Cooking delicious cherry liqueur at home

Cherry liqueur at home - the ruby ​​queen on the table! Cooking delicious cherry liqueur at home

Pouring is a low-alcohol beverage with a bright taste and aroma of summer berries, which is also very easy to prepare.

Unlike wine, technology is not so capricious, does not require much attention, and the drink always turns out to be successful. Spoil the liquor is very difficult!

If the season is pleased with the harvest of cherries, then it is imperative to use it and make aromatic alcohol. In the people, the drink is affectionately called “Vishnevka”, for which he never ceases to delight in summer taste and reminds of sunny days.

Cherry liqueur at home - general principles of cooking

Pouring is not a wine, so the drink requires the obligatory washing of berries, drying, and only then you can proceed to the cooking process. Cherries must be ripe, fragrant, otherwise the drink will resemble just alcohol syrup.

For the preparation of classic liqueur required only three ingredients:

• cherry;

• sugar;

• alcohol (vodka, moonshine).

In the modified recipes may also be present: spices, cherry leaves, other berries, fruits. Sometimes liqueurs are made from frozen berries, juices and even jam.

General cooking technology:

1. Berries are filled with sugar, infused for 1-3 days. Remove bones or not, usually indicated in the recipe.

2. A drink is added, everything is mixed and sent to insist for a period of 1-3 months.

3. The drink is filtered and sealed in airtight containers.

Prepare cherry liqueur in glass bottles or jars. Often, recipes require you to tie a neck with a cloth, but in fact you can simply close the capron lid. Unlike wine, there is no fermentation process.

Recipe 1: Cherry liqueur at home “Ruby”

The recipe for making rich cherry liqueur at home on fresh berries. Prepared for vodka with sugar, the drink turns out quite bright and sweet.


• cherry;

• 500 gr. Sahara;

• vodka.

Cooking 1. Cherries sort out, wash and dry well. Fold in a three-liter jar to the shoulders. Berries can be put and a little less, but then the tincture will be less saturated and stronger.

2. Fall asleep sugar. Jar shake, so he woke up between the berries.

3. Fill the blank with vodka so that it completely covers the cherries and is 1-2 cm higher than their level.

4. Close the neck of the jar with a cloth and remove to insist in a dark place for about 2.5 months. From time to time, the tincture needs to be shaken to dissolve all the sugar.

5. In due time, the drink must be drained, the berries must be squeezed out of the juice and bottled.

Recipe 2: Cherry liqueur at home from chokeberry

And here cherry liqueur and chokeberry? It turns out that you can make an amazing cherry drink without berries and even in the fall. Bright, saturated, fragrant. The recipe is simple and quite popular, sometimes such a drink is called liquor, tincture. Chokeberry must necessarily be ripe, you can even use the berry after the first frost.


• 0.8 liters of water;

• a bottle of vodka, you can take more;

• 0.1 kg (half cup) of mountain ash;

• 0.1 kg of fresh cherry leaves;

• 700 grams of sugar;

• 1 tsp. citric acid.


1. Fold in the pan washed rowan berries, cherry leaves, add water, then boil for 10 minutes after boiling.

2. Pour out citric acid with sugar and cook another 15 minutes.

3. Cool the syrup, then filter through a fine sieve.

4. Add a bottle of vodka, mix, pour in glass containers.

5. Withstand at least two weeks in a dark place, then mix well again and you can take a sample!

Recipe 3: Simple cherry liqueur at home in Polish

The Poles love cherry liqueur, and it is considered almost a national drink. It is prepared in different ways, try the easiest. The peculiarity of this liqueur is that it is prepared from cherries, freed from pits. This saves infusion time and allows the berry to give away the taste faster. The drink is very rich and sweet, like liquor. Ingredients

• kilogram of berries;

• 700 grams of sugar;

• 350 ml of vodka.


1. In prepared cherries remove bones.

2. Fold the berries into a glass or enamel container, pour each layer of sugar.

3. Cover with a cloth and remove to infuse for 3 days.

4. Add vodka, mix well and forget about our drink for a month.

5. We take liqueur, mix well again, withstand another month. Sugar should be completely dissolved.

6. Filter, bottle and sample can be taken.

Recipe 4: Cherry liqueur at home from frozen berries

Are frozen cherries left? They can be safely used in the pouring, only by first removing the bones. The peculiarity of the preparation is that the berry in the freeze gives more juice, therefore the amount of sugar and vodka also needs to be increased. And for a spicy flavor, add some cinnamon and cloves to the drink.


• 1.5 kg cherries;

• 1.2 liters of vodka;

• 2 star studs;

• cinnamon 0.5 spoons;

• 1.2 kg of sugar.


1. Cherries are thawed, the juice from them is not poured anywhere.

2. Take out the stones and mix the berries with sugar, add the juice. We give a day to stay warm, sometimes stir.

3. Pour in vodka, add cloves with cinnamon, mix and remove for 2 months, preferably in a dark place. Periodically pouring need to stir, so that the sugar is completely dissolved.

4. Filter the drink, pour it into containers and cork.

Recipe 5: Cherry liqueur at home “Zhuzhytsa” according to an old recipe

Preparing a drink in two stages. On the first, crushed cherry berries are drawn, then whole. Previously, such a liqueur was made on moonshine, the specific aroma of which was pulled out by cherry stones.


• cherries 2 kg;

• liter of moonshine;

• 300-600 grams of sugar, can be replaced with honey.


1. We shake the cherries with stones, pour them with moonshine and insist 3-5 days.

2. We filter. Fill with filtered moonshine fresh berries, which remained according to the recipe, add sugar, mix and remove infuse for 2-3 months. 3. Filter, evaluate the result. In the old days it was believed that the brandy should be infused for as long as the drink does not stick to the glass and leave a bright trace.

Recipe 6: Low alcohol cherry liqueur at home with raspberries

Depending on the ripening time of the cherry, you can use raspberries or strawberries. Tasty with any kind of berries, but it is desirable that they are soft and juicy.


• 3 kg of ripe cherries;

• kilogram of raspberry or strawberry;

• sugar 2.4 kg;

• 0.8 liters of vodka.


1. Remove the bones from the cherries, mix them with raspberries, add sugar and let stand for 5-6 hours to separate the juice.

2. Fill vodka, mix everything. Then we close with a tight lid and retract to the basement for 3 months. It is better to keep pouring in a cool room, because it contains little alcohol.

3. Strain, squeeze the berries. If you want to get the most transparent drink, then we filter through 4-6 layers of gauze. Then pour and you can take a sample.

Recipe 7: Cherry liqueur at home “Skorospelka”

A recipe for those who lack the patience to wait several months until the ruby ​​drink is ripe. The filling will be ready the next day! Will delight with its taste and aroma, but only if everything is done strictly according to the recipe. Products are taken by eye, how to determine the quantity - it is written in the description.


• cherry;

• sugar;

• vodka or moonshine 40 °.

You will also need refractory utensils, for example, a cauldron or duck meat.


1. We pierce the washed cherries in several places with a needle, fold them into a refractory dish and sprinkle each layer with sugar. 300 grams of cherries will take about 4-5 spoons.

2. Fill the top of the whole thing with vodka so that it covers the berries.

3. We cover the top with a sheet of parchment to fix it, you can wrap it around the edges with a rope. We make several holes in the parchment so that excess steam will come out.

4. Heat the oven to 120 degrees and put our future tincture in it. After 3 minutes, turn off and hold to cool completely, without opening the door.

5. We take out the cooled liqueur, squeeze the juice from the berries and filter. This can be done through gauze folded in 4 layers. Taste, sweets lovers can add more sugar. 6. Bottled, cooled and the next day the brandy is ready!

Recipe 8: Cherry liqueur at home “Polish” with honey and sage

Another recipe for the Polish liqueur, which turns out quite strong. Ideally prepared on the basis of natural buckwheat honey, but you can take any other. Poles prepare it with the addition of alcohol, but if desired, it can be replaced completely with vodka, in proportion to the degree. In this case, you will have to remove a small amount of liquid from the basic recipe.


• 2 kg of cherries;

• 2 liters of vodka;

• alcohol 250 grams;

• 1.4 liters of water;

• 250 grams of honey;

• 1.5 kilograms of granulated sugar;

• 5 grams of dried sage.


1. Remove the bones from the berries. Pulp mnemi hands or tolkushkoy, so she highlighted the juice. Fold in the bottle and pour vodka.

2. Put sugar in another bottle, add honey, sage, water and alcohol. Close the lid and shake for 5-10 minutes.

3. We send both containers to the basement for a month. During this time, honey and sugar should be completely dissolved. You can sometimes shake them.

4. In a month we combine both products, mix and let stand for another week.

5. We strain, bottle and give the drink to "ripen" another 5 months, although not everyone has enough patience for it, many begin to take samples immediately, which is not forbidden.

Recipe 9: Spiced cherry liqueur at home for a healthy stomach

This drink helps to improve digestion, normalizes the work of the stomach and intestines. It is not recommended to abuse such tincture, but one portion before meals does not hurt. Aromatic spices are used, the composition and amount of which can be slightly changed according to personal taste preferences.


• 2.3 kg of cherry berries;

• 600 grams of sugar;

• vodka for pouring;

• 5 grams of vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom and 5 carnation stuff.

Vanilla and cinnamon are best used in chopsticks, but if not, then take ground spices.


1. In washed cherries, remove the bones, put the berries in the bottle, pour the layers of sugar. 2. Add all spices. You can mix them with sugar, so they are distributed evenly.

3. Fill the berries with vodka so that it completely covers them. Poles make such a liqueur on pure alcohol, but it turns out too strong.

4. Close the blank with a nylon cover and remove for half a year. Usually it is taken out for Christmas, filtered and tasted on holidays.

Cherry liqueur at home - tips and tricks

• In order for the cherry berries to give up the juice well, but the depressed pulp did not float in the drink, you can chop cherries with a toothpick before putting it into the container.

• In the recipes of liqueurs, different amounts of sugar are always used, but in fact, their amount does not matter much, since alcohol is a preservative in such drinks. Therefore, you can focus on your taste and add more or less sugar.

• Not enough cherries to make a liqueur? You can safely add strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, bird cherry and even sliced ​​fruit. The taste will be no worse!

• Is it a pity to throw berries out of the liqueur? And do not need! Of these, you can cook a delicious cake "Drunk Cherry" and to please the household. You can also free the berries from the seed, mix with sugar and use as a filling for strudel. Before baking, berries can be put in a container and stored in a refrigerator.

• Sometimes it is possible to meet the advice, pour the cherry from the liquor repeatedly, then mix both drinks. In fact, this is not the best way to save, the taste of such a product noticeably loses the original. The drink turns out not so saturated, empty.

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