Homemade cranberry tincture - the most useful berry. 2in1: unsurpassed taste and benefits of homemade cranberry tinctures

Homemade cranberry tincture - the most useful berry. 2in1: unsurpassed taste and benefits of homemade cranberry tinctures

Homemade cranberry liqueur, or as it is called in common people, cranberry is valued not only for its mild taste. This is, first of all, a healthy drink with healing properties. This is due to the fact that cranberry is one of the most valuable berries for health.

In Russia, this berry has received another name - “northern lemon”. And this is not surprising, because it is appreciated due to the high content of vitamin C. Another of its unique properties is the increased effect of antibiotics.

But winemakers love it not at all for ascorbic acid, but for its ability to neutralize the smell and soften the taste of alcohol (they insist it mainly on alcohol, moonshine, vodka).

Technological features or which berries are better to choose?

When preparing homemade cranberry tincture, first of all you should pay attention to which berries are used: fresh or frozen. For these purposes, and those and those are suitable. In addition, as is well known, even frozen cranberries retain all their beneficial properties. However, the structure of such berries is friable. Because of this, they give up juice better.

It is also worth considering a few recommendations:

• If you pick berries yourself, make sure that they are juicy and ripe.

• In the event that the harvest is not mature enough, the situation can be remedied by spreading the berries on thick paper and leaving them for several days in a cool, well-ventilated room. After 3-5 days they will fill and become slightly transparent.

Due to the fact that the berry has strong anti-bactericidal properties, it can be stored for a long time without prior treatment. But in order for the product not to lose its value, it is necessary to observe a cool temperature regime, protection from the sun's rays, and ventilation. If we ignore the last point, then an excess of carbon dioxide will contribute to the process of decay. The best options for storage are wooden trays, plastic bags.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that a berry ground with sugar does not lose its taste and properties for a long time. You can store it for up to a year in the refrigerator.

Recipe 1: Traditional Homemade Cranberry Tincture

This option is best suited for those who are first trying to make a homemade cranberry tincture.

As the main ingredients is to prepare the berries themselves and vodka. The proportion is 1: 2. The best option is 350 g of cranberries and 700 ml of vodka.

The algorithm is simple:

• Take a liter jar (or other similar capacity), put berries there and knead. In the process, they are very splashing juice, so it is recommended that the neck is partially covered with a towel or other matter.

• Next, vodka is added to the berry mass. Ingredients are mixed.

• The container is closed and retracted in a darkened place for 14-21 days.

• After the allotted time, filtering is carried out. The resulting pulp is re-pressed.

The result is a homemade cranberry tincture, the strength of which reaches 20-22%.

Recipe 2: Homemade cranberry tincture with the addition of calgan

If you want to try something new or unusual, homemade cranberry tincture with kalgan is what you need. The resulting drink will surprise you with a spicy aroma.

Kulgan is an aromatic additive that by its smell is very similar to ginger. In cooking, its dried root is used. You can find it in the pharmacy.

It is necessary to prepare for it:

• Kalgan - 1/2 tsp;

• berries - 0.35 kg;

• sugar - 100 g;

• vodka.

The grinded berries are transferred to a 0.7 liter container and Kalgan is added. Next, the contents are poured with vodka, but with such an account that another 100 g of sugar can be placed in the jar, which must be added at the end of the infusion.

The container is closed, placed in a dark place for two or three weeks. After the allotted time, you need to add sugar. Previously it is recommended to dissolve it in a small amount of heated tincture. After that, the drink should be infused for another week.

Recipe 3: Homemade cranberry tincture - ladies version

This homemade cranberry tincture is sure to please the fair sex because of the subtle aroma of vanilla.

Ingredients Used:

• vodka - 1 liter;

• cranberries - 0.5 kg;

• sugar - from 40 to 60 g (depending on preferences);

• vanilla - 2 g (at the tip of the knife).

Vanilla is added to ground gruel. Mix, then pour all the vodka. The resulting liquid will be approximately correspond to the volume of 1.5-1.7 liters. Pour into a suitable container, close and insist from half to a month. In this case, the maximum infusion time can reach up to 90 days.

After the allotted time, the drink is filtered. Sugar is added to the tincture, depending on the desired level of sweetness.

Recipe 4: Homemade Cranberry Tincture - Male Version

In this embodiment, vodka is replaced by moonshine. In this case, the resulting drink will have a strength of about 45-50%. The main components are moonshine (1 l), cranberries (0.5 kg).

The peculiarity of this recipe is that the berries do not fray. They must be ignited with a needle. In this case, the drink will not very sour (sugar in this recipe is not used).

Pierced berries are poured into a suitable container in volume, poured with moonshine. Infusion time can range from 2 weeks to two months. The longer it is, the tastier the result will be.

After that, the liquid is drained. Berries are pressed. The resulting juice is added to the tincture. For crystal clarity, it is recommended to additionally filter the drink.

Recipe 5: Homemade cranberry tincture “Nesmeyanovka”

There is an opinion that this recipe was invented by Academician A.Nesmeyanov, and it was prepared exclusively in laboratories using a centrifuge, a homogenizer, and a magnetic stirrer. Like it or not, but the tincture is definitely worth a try. This option is a bit more complicated than those presented above, but the result is worth it.


• cranberries - 0.5-0.7 kg; • 0.5 liters of vodka (can be replaced by moonshine, alcohol);

• sugar - 20-30 g;

• lemon - 1 pc. medium size.

Berries must first be blanched in boiling water for no more than 1-2 minutes. After that, they pour out into a suitable container and warm up. From the lemon must squeeze the juice.

Vodka, lemon juice, and sugar are added to the berries. Stir until sugar is completely dissolved. Infusion occurs within 2-3 days. After that, the drink can be filtered, filtered.

Recipe 6: Homemade cranberry tincture - Christmas version

Cranberry vodka is considered to be a Christmas drink in Western countries. But, tincture prepared according to the recipe presented below will surpass it in all respects. It will not feel the degree at all, only the spicy-berry taste and unsurpassed aroma.

Despite the fact that the homemade cranberry tincture according to this recipe has a large number of ingredients, the algorithm is very simple. When insisting it, no more effort is needed than in the traditional version.


• raisins - 0.25 kg;

• ginger - 0.5 tsp;

• rind of one lemon;

• sugar - 0.25 kg;

• cloves - 7-10;

• cranberries - 0.25 kg;

• water - 250 ml;

• peppercorns - 4-6 pcs .;

• vodka - 0.7 liters;

• orange - 1 pc .;

• cinnamon - 1.5 tsp;

• nutmeg - 1/4 tsp;

• coriander - 1 g;

• Anise - 1/4 tsp.

Cooking algorithm:

Water is poured into the enamel saucepan, sugar is added, lemon peel and spices. A small fire is established, it is necessary to wait until the sugar is completely dissolved, while stirring. After that, the liquid is brought to a boil and removed from the stove.

Raisins, berries are poured into a suitable jar, boiled syrup, juice of one orange, and vodka are added. The contents need to be mixed well, after which the container is closed and retracted to a dark and cold place (temperature should be +5 +7 degrees Celsius) for 2-3 weeks.

After the allotted time, the drink is filtered, filtered. Should make a homemade cranberry tincture, which can be poured into smaller containers.

Tricks in cooking cranberry tinctures

These recipes are only one of the many options that are most popular and spent time. If desired, you can add other spices, fruit juices, berries to achieve your unique taste.

Homemade cranberry tincture can have its own "flavor". For these purposes, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, allspice are perfect. With them you will have the most delicious drink in the world, which, moreover, will have medicinal properties.

In addition, there are several tricks that will help make you a true master of tinctures:

• The sweetness or strength of the drink can always be adjusted. The first parameter can be improved by adding sugar syrup, the second - water or alcohol.

• Sugar can be replaced with honey.

• If you hold the berries in the freezer for a day, they will lose their bitterness. Drink from such a product will delight its pleasant taste.

• If you are confused by a cloudy drink, a crystal frequency will help to achieve a cotton or paper filter.

• Tincture can be “cheer up”. To do this, crushed berries, fall asleep with sugar and then leave for a couple of days, until a foam of white color appears. The result is a drink with a richer taste. This is possible in cases where natural yeast remains on the skin of the berries. If the cranberries have already been thoroughly washed or purchased in a supermarket, this is not recommended.

It is the best of all to store the received drinks in a cold place, for which the refrigerator or cellar is excellent. As a container, only a glass bottle should be used.

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