Tincture on prunes: no secrets! Prune mood in recipes prune tincture on vodka

Tincture on prunes: no secrets! Prune mood in recipes prune tincture on vodka

The healing properties of herbs, roots and fruits of plants have been known for thousands of years, and people have used them, as the only available source, in the fight against various diseases, preparing decoctions on water. With the advent of alcohol, not only has the efficiency of the use of medicinal raw materials for treatment improved, but a new branch has emerged that occupies one of the leading positions in modern industry.

Each tincture has a unique composition. First of all, we must not forget that any recipe tincture contains alcohol and herbal ingredients: alcohol is of different quality, and herbs, roots, leaves and fruits - a source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements; together and separately, the components of any tincture affect the body differently.

Prune tincture on vodka or on moonshine is not an exception, and, depending on the purpose, it can be a tasty, warming and invigorating drink, and it can also serve as a healing balm, taking into account the properties of the fruit.

Infusion of prunes on vodka or moonshine - the main technological moments

Starting the preparation of any homemade tincture, it is necessary, first of all, to define a goal for yourself: what is the prune tincture intended for? Do you want to get just an alcoholic drink with an original taste, or prepare a drug? For a liqueur-type drink, a minimal amount of dried dried fruit is sufficient to impart a light, characteristic flavor of smoked plums. For medicinal prunes tincture it is necessary, at a minimum, to study the mineral and vitamin composition of the fruit, to find out, at least in general terms, how it affects various functions of the body. After all, it is enough to look into any medical directory to understand that the useful properties of prunes, indications and contraindications to its use are recognized by official medicine as an effective tool in the treatment of many diseases. Therefore, the use of prunes for the preparation of therapeutic tincture should be strictly metered and carefully. Here is a short list of some therapeutic and prophylactic properties of the berry:

It has diuretic, choleretic and laxative properties, promotes detoxification;

It has antibacterial and antimicrobial effects on the intestinal microflora;

Prunes normalizes metabolism, berries quickly saturate the body without raising the level of sugar, and therefore is useful for weight loss, diabetes, is a complete dietary product;

The rich vitamin and mineral composition of prunes improves immunity, stimulates performance, strengthens bone tissue. Berries are useful as an antioxidant agent.

Alcohol is not only an ideal solvent for herbal tincture ingredients; it contributes to the rapid absorption into the blood of all substances that have passed into it in the process of infusing raw materials, as well as in the process of obtaining the alcohol-containing ingredient itself. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the quality of vodka, moonshine or other alcoholic components of any tincture. Of course, getting alcohol and cleaning it is a separate topic, but to make tincture of prunes on vodka, at least, you need to pay attention to the label, labeling and so on. The higher the degree of purification of the alcoholic product, the better the prune tincture.

The composition of the tincture on prunes may include various components: other fruits, herbs, spices and spices. It is important to choose the most successful combination of ingredients. Keep in mind that some components may have a more pronounced flavor in comparison with others. Therefore, you need to think in advance what flavor and aroma in the tincture will become the “main violin”, and which additives will only have to emphasize it. In the matter of the selection of the composition, if, of course, no medicine is prepared, there are no strict restrictions. Improvise safely if you want to create your own recipe.

Tinctures - the easiest way to prepare alcoholic beverages, so the technology of their production is available to everyone.

1. Tincture on prunes with raspberry jam, semi-sweet


Ginger (fresh) 30 g

Lemons (grated zest) 40 g

Jam, raspberry 1 kg

Prunes 150 g

Vodka (40%) 2.5 L

Juniper (dried berries) 20 g

Cooking Method:

All the ingredients for tincture are crushed into a slurry, combined and placed in a glass bottle. Add vodka to the container, shake, tightly close the lid and place in a dark place. Store at a temperature not lower than 20 ° C. Tincture is desirable to shake regularly. You can filter it after two weeks.

2. Prunes on moonshine with viburnum - sweet tincture


Sugar 500 g

Viburnum berries 300 g (net)

Birch buds 100 g

Moonshine (70%) 1,2 l

Prunes (pitted berries) 150 g


Kalina is better to collect after frost. Wash berries, sort and grind in an enamel bowl with sugar. Crush the prunes. Prepared raw materials together with birch buds are transferred to the bottle. Fill with purified strong moonshine (one of the cleaning methods, see below, in the tips). After 10-14 days filter the drink.

To bring the tincture to the desired strength, use an alcohol meter and purified water.

3. Prunes on vodka with honey


Clove 5 g

Vanillin 8 g

Prunes 100 g

Ginger 20 g

Honey, flower 250 g

Linden color 200 g (dried linden - 80 g)

Vodka 1.0 l


Pour the vodka into a glass jar (1.5 l), add all the ingredients to it, after grinding them with a blender. Stir to dissolve the honey, cover with a lid. Sustain the tincture for a month. The first two weeks, regularly shake the tincture, and then let it settle for complete transparency, and gently drain, trying not to hurt the thick. It is necessary to squeeze through a tight filter and pour the liquid into a separate container. After settling, remove the tincture from the sediment and add to the bulk.

4. Tincture with prunes with black currant

Raw material:

Prunes 300 g

Fresh currant leaves 100 g Berries 800 g

Invert syrup 1.0 kg

Alcohol, wine 500 ml

Purified water 350 ml

Cooking Method:

Washed and chopped vegetable raw material, fold into a glass dish and pour alcohol. Clean the bank in a dark place, and even forget about it for 2-3 months. After mixing the syrup with water, bring to a boil, removing the foam. Cool to 36-40 ° C. Alcohol tincture strain. If necessary, repeat the filtration to ensure the purity and transparency of the beverage. Combine the prepared syrup with tincture, mix. Leave for 24 hours, and then pour into a bottle or carafe. Cool before serving.

5. Prunes on moonshine - “Russian liqueur” with citrus fruits


Moonshine, cleaned (50%) 3.0 L

Prunes 400 g

Oranges, red 2.5 kg

Bergamot (peel) 50 g

Cornflowers (dried flowers) 70 g

Vanilla 4 pods

Sugar 1.25 kg

Working order:

Wash the oranges, remove the zest, cut them in half and squeeze the juice. Rind, pitted berries prunes, cornflowers, dried peels of bergamot and vanilla fold into a bottle and fill with prepared moonshine, clean the cupboard for a couple of weeks. After strain.

From the juice of oranges and sugar, boil a thick syrup. In the filtered tincture pour the finished orange syrup, soak for 24 hours and pour the liquor into bottles. Close tightly. Cool the beverage before serving.

6. Dried fruits with prunes for vodka - strong tincture


Fig, dried 300 g

Dried apricots 450 g

Prunes 100 g (seedless)

Vodka (40%) 1.4 L

Muscat, ground 15 g


Crush the dried fruits with a blender, put the gruel into a jar and pour in vodka. Filter the finished tincture after three months. If desired, add sugar to it.

7. Rowan tincture on prunes


Rowan frozen 1.5 kg

Prunes 120g

Alcohol (70%) 1.0 l

Sugar syrup:

Sugar 700 g

Water 600 ml


Cook the syrup before the sample “on a thick thread”. Cool it slightly and, combined with alcohol, pour it into a jar of mountain ash and prune berries. Incubate the tincture for 15-20 days, strain and pour into prepared bottles.

8. Sweet strawberry tincture on prunes

Composition of raw materials:

Fresh strawberries 500 g

Prunes 100 g

Sugar 0.5 kg

Vodka 1.4 liters

Cooking Method:

Combine the prepared berries with sugar and mash. Put them in the bottle, add vodka. Stir 1-2 times a day for ten days. After wait for the full sedimentation, remove the finished tincture from the sediment.

Prune tincture with vodka - useful tips

The air temperature at which the tincture is aged affects the extraction process. The higher it is, the faster and more qualitatively the substances from the vegetable components are transferred to the alcohol-containing liquid.

It is possible to speed up the process of preparing tinctures not only with the help of heating, but also with mechanical action: it is for this purpose that it is recommended to shake the tincture container regularly and as often as possible.

The cleaner the moonshine, the higher the quality of the tincture. If you are not sure about the degree of purification of moonshine, then before making a drink, pour moonshine into a plastic jar (use a container larger than the volume of moonshine) designed for making tincture, close the lid tightly and put the flask in the freezer. Water with all harmful impurities will freeze, and it will only remain to separate the pure alcohol, drain it into another container, and then use it for its intended purpose. Bring the drink to the desired volume and strength can be using distilled water or natural fruit juice.

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