Viburnum homemade tincture is tasty and healthy. How to make a tincture of viburnum at home on alcohol, cognac, moonshine or vodka

Viburnum homemade tincture is tasty and healthy. How to make a tincture of viburnum at home on alcohol, cognac, moonshine or vodka

Kalina is a plant widely used in medicine and in the manufacture of many cosmetics. Jam, luxurious compotes are made from its berries, juices are prepared. For long-term storage, the fruit is dried or frozen.

There are many recipes of alcoholic beverages, differing strength, taste and technology. A special place among the strong alcoholic drinks is given to the liqueurs of viburnum, which are valued not only for a pleasant taste, but also attribute healing properties. Make a tincture of viburnum at home is not at all difficult. From berries, infused with alcohol, moonshine, brandy or ordinary vodka, you get a pleasant tasting drink.

Viburnum tincture at home - general principles of the technological process

The fruits of viburnum have a characteristic tart and slightly bitter taste. Collected already hit the first autumn frosts berries. Frozen fruits lose their astringency, acquire sweetness and not so noticeably bitter. So you can collect viburnum for our purposes throughout the late autumn and winter.

For the manufacture of tinctures are recommended to use only glassware. The most suitable containers will be three-liter banks. It is convenient to fill them and the volume of capacity that is necessary.

For the preparation of alcoholic beverage should choose ripe berries. Freshly harvested fruits should be picked from the branches, removing tainted or dried ones. Before use, the berries are washed with water and scattered on a towel to dry well. The containers are also well washed and dried.

Tincture of viburnum at home is prepared on vodka, moonshine or alcohol. Special taste has a drink infused with brandy.

Insist berries from one to two months. The containers are placed in a darkened room, saving from direct sunlight. There are recipes that allow you to prepare a healthy drug, and for a shorter period. If Kalina bake in the oven, the drink can be made in just a week. The finished tincture is filtered with several folded layers of gauze, then poured into clean and exclusively glass bottles, allowed to stand for a few more days to secure the result. Store the tincture tightly sealed in a cool, dark place.

Homemade liqueur from viburnum on vodka - “Kalinka”

A simple recipe for viburnum tincture on vodka. The drink is obtained by the fortress slightly below 40 degrees, and, due to the addition of sugar, it turns out to be soft and easy to drink. Cinnamon and citric acid are used for flavor and unusual flavor. If desired, these components can be excluded.


a pound of viburnum berries;

200 ml of vodka;

sugar - 150 g;

a glass of drinking water;

a quarter of a teaspoon of “lemon” and the same amount of ground cinnamon.

Cooking Method:

We pick berries from a sprig into a colander. Rinse with cool water and dry, not laying out of the colander.

Preparing capacity. To prepare the tincture is better to take a glass jar. Rinse the bottle with warm water, wipe dry from the inside with a towel.

Fill a jar of viburnum, pour vodka. Make sure that alcohol covers the berries for at least two centimeters, if the specified amount of vodka is not enough, add a little more.

Add sugar to the pan, add water, cinnamon, citric acid and stir well.

Place the saucepan on a low heat, stirring occasionally, prepare a clear syrup, cool.

Pour the cooled sugar syrup into the jar of berries. Shaking the contents thoroughly, sealing the container with a nylon cap.

We place the jar with the future tincture in a dark, not cold place for three to four weeks. The longer you last, the better the taste.

Aged infusion is filtered through gauze and poured into containers. Give the tincture to stand for another four days.

Homemade “Classical” viburnum tincture (on alcohol)

Alcoholic tincture of viburnum, cooked at home - a drug. A strong, slightly bitter drink is desirable to use in small doses, for prophylactic purposes. The recipe is simple and everyone can make it. Pay attention to the alcohol, it is better to sacrifice a fortress a little and take a “pervak” of home distillation, rather than prepare the tincture for therapeutic purposes from a low-grade purchased surrogate. Ingredients:

250 grams of viburnum;

half a liter of pure drinking alcohol;

500 ml of spring water.

Cooking Method:

Wash viburnum, dried, poured into the jar.

Fill the tank with water and alcohol. Mix well, close tightly.

Insist viburnum on alcohol for a month. Then we filter through 5-7 layers of gauze and pour into a glass container.

Homemade liqueur made from viburnum on brandy with honey - “Cognac”

Honey not only allows you to soften the taste of an alcoholic beverage, but also enhances its therapeutic benefits. Cognac gives the tincture a richer taste and mutes the specific smell of berries with its aroma.


two kilos of viburnum;

a bottle of 3-year-old brandy;

a pound of honey;

spring water, filtered or melted.

Cooking Method:

After removing the berries from the twigs, sort out, removing spoiled and wrinkled. We wash Kalina with water, dry it, spreading it on a towel.

We wash the jar, carefully wipe from the inside with a towel. The container must be clean and dry.

Pour dried berries into the jar and pour them with brandy.

Measure half a liter of water in a saucepan and heat it up a little.

Combine honey with warm water, stir until dissolved. Cool the honey mixture.

Cool cooled solution pour into a jar of viburnum, stir.

Tightly closing, place the container in a darkened place. Sustain viburnum on cognac with honey preferably at least one and a half months, but 60 days are recommended.

We filter drink, we pour in the glass container. Keep, tightly closed, in a cool place.

Homemade liqueur from viburnum on moonshine with pine nuts - “Siberian”

Viburnum berries have a tart taste and a specific aroma. To soften them, we will insist on pine nut kernels with anise. Cooking on moonshine, whose fortress we select according to our own taste. If desired, moonshine can be replaced with 40-degree wheat vodka.


viburnum, berries - liter jar;

liter of moonshine can vodka;

cedar nut kernels - 50 pcs .;

3 gr. anise (seeds); three tablespoons of sugar;

drinking water - half a cup.

Cooking Method:

Wash and dried berries of Viburnum poured into the jar.

Rinse the pine nut kernels in a colander. Scald with boiling water, dry.

Pour pine nuts to viburnum, pour moonshine into a jar, add anise.

Insist in a dark place for three weeks. The important point is that the tincture needs to be shaken and stirred well every day.

Ready infusion filter through a sieve or multi-layer gauze filter.

On a low heat of sugar and water prepare a clear syrup. Cool it to air temperature and mix with Kalin extract.

Pour the viburnum from the viburnum into clean bottles and, tightly sealed, remove for storage in a cool place.

Homemade Viburnum Tincture: Quick Recipe

At home, tinctures of viburnum are prepared not only by prolonged infusion, there are also faster formulations. If the berries are preheated in the oven, the drink can be made in just a few hours. This infusion is recommended to prepare only on vodka, moonshine can spoil its taste.


kilogram of selected viburnum;

liter of wheat vodka;

unrefined sugar.

Cooking Method:

Enumerate, removing freshly picked viburnum from the twigs. After measuring the kilogram, wash and dry well.

Sprinkle Kalina on baking sheet and put in a hot oven. Baked berries at 180 degrees. Fruits should not dry out as soon as they become soft, reach and cool.

We fill the glass containers with two-thirds of the volume with baked viburnum and, not filling one and a half centimeters to the neck, pour in vodka.

Insist until the drink gets a bright color, then filter out.

Add a little, considering the desired result, to the sugar and stir until completely dissolved.

The tincture can be consumed immediately, but it is more optimal to withstand three more days to fix.

Homemade liqueur made from viburnum on vodka with oak bark and honey - “A la cognac”

Making a tincture of viburnum at home, you can achieve a special taste of the drink. For example, if you add a little oak bast to the berries poured with alcohol, the tincture as a result of prolonged aging will resemble a good, seasoned cognac. Oak bark purchased at the pharmacy. Ingredients:

a full glass of ripe viburnum;

half a liter of wheat vodka or high-quality, repeatedly distilled moonshine;

spoon of liquid honey;

oak bark - 1 tbsp. l

Cooking Method:

Dried berries poured into a large glass jar.

We pour quality moonshine or vodka into the container.

Sprinkle oak bark, add honey and mix thoroughly. Honey must be completely dissolved in alcohol.

We cork the jar with a nylon cap and remove for three months in a dark place.

The aged tincture is filtered first with several layers of gauze, and then passed through the wadding inserted into the funnel.

The tincture is ready, can be bottled and cleaned for storage.

Viburnum tincture at home - cooking tricks and useful recommendations

If the viburnum was harvested before the frost, the fruits picked from the branches should be placed in the freezer for a day. Before making the tincture, thaw the fruit at room temperature.

You should not take soft berries, their skin can burst and the pulp will cloud the tincture.

It is desirable to filter the finished, settled tincture again to completely remove the sediment. For this purpose, cotton wool is usually used, which is placed in a funnel.

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