Peking salad - the best recipes. How to properly and cook Peking salad.

Peking salad - the best recipes. How to properly and cook Peking salad.

Peking salad - general principles and methods of cooking

Peking salad - one of the traditional Chinese dishes. And, as many believe, it is prepared not at all from Peking cabbage - white cabbage is traditionally used. Although it is quite possible to replace it with Beijing, the taste of the dish will not get worse.

For the preparation of this Peking salad is important another - Chinese salt, sesame oil and seasoning "Malasyan." However, salt can be taken ordinary. Seasoning though has a rather specific taste, but you can add hot pepper. But without sesame oil can not do - sunflower will not replace it.

Peking salad - food preparation

Heads of Chinese cabbage should be selected with green, elastic and fresh leaves. Peking cabbage is very useful. Therefore, it should be added to many salads. Moreover, the highest concentration of beneficial substances is found in the most juicy part of Beijing cabbage - in the white fleshy part of the leaves. That they should be cut into salads.

Peking salad - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Traditional Peking Salad

This Chinese dish is traditionally prepared with pork and noodles of funcheza. It turns out very satisfying and tasty.


300 grams of white cabbage,

150 grams of pork neck,

50 grams of funcheza noodles,

2 cloves of garlic,

5 tablespoons sesame oil,

1 big carrot,

3 tablespoons soy sauce,

2 cucumbers,

3 tablespoons white wine vinegar,


ground red pepper.

Cooking Method:

1. Pork meat must be cut into long thin strips. Heat 2 tablespoons of butter in a pan, in which you need to fry the meat for 10 minutes. Then season with red pepper and salt.

2. Cabbage should be chopped. Peel and grate carrots and cucumbers. Boiling water should be poured over the noodles and leave it for 5 minutes, then fold it in a colander. 3. Soy sauce must be whipped with vinegar, remaining oil and red pepper. Then you need to lay out half of the cabbage, carrots, cucumbers and noodles on the dish. Each layer should be watered with dressing. Then you need to repeat all the layers again and pour them with the remaining dressing. Top slides laid out on the salad meat - the dish can be served.

Recipe 2: Peking salad for breakfast

Breakfast should be healthy and nutritious. This salad fully meets these requirements.


300 grams of Chinese cabbage,

2 eggs,

2 medium sized tomatoes

1 avocado

vegetable oil,

a teaspoon of lemon juice,

salt, pepper, greens.

Cooking Method:

1. Eggs must be whipped with a fork, pepper and salt.

2. Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan and fry eggs there.

3. Peking cabbage should be cut into as thin strips as possible. Then put on a plate, a little salt, and then - sprinkle with lemon juice.

4. Tomatoes should be cut into thin slices, and then spread them on the cabbage.

5. Teaspoon or coffee spoon need to take the pulp of avocado, which should also be spread on vegetables.

6. Dice eggs or thin strips need to cut the eggs and also put on vegetables. Sprinkle the salad with lemon juice, pepper, salt and sprinkle with oil. Then sprinkle with chopped greens on top. If desired, you can add croutons or serve to the table without them.

Recipe 3: Peking lettuce with ham

A simple recipe for a delicious salad that perfectly satisfy hunger.


a small head of cabbage,

300 grams of ham,

2 cucumbers,

1 can of corn



Cooking Method:

1. Ham and cucumbers should be cut into strips. Peking cabbage cut into small strips.

2. Add corn to the bowl, season with mayonnaise salad, and sprinkle it with croutons before serving.

Recipe 4: Peking salad with chicken

A hearty recipe for cooking salad with Chinese cabbage, which will be perfectly in harmony with the main dishes - even potatoes, porridge.


300 grams of Chinese cabbage,

300 grams of chicken fillet,

200 grams of hard cheese

Bell pepper,

5 cloves of garlic,


150 grams of crackers.

Cooking Method:

1. Chicken fillet must be boiled, and then - cut into cubes.

2. Hard cheese should also be cut into cubes, and sweet peppers - in small squares.

3. Garlic skip through the garlic.

4. Crackers can be purchased ready-made, or you can bake bread cut into small cubes in the oven.

5. All ingredients (with the exception of crackers) should be mixed and dressed with mayonnaise. Then for a couple of hours put the salad with boiled chicken in the refrigerator.

6. Then you should get the salad, sprinkle with croutons, decorate with greens and serve.

Peking salad - useful tips from experienced chefs

Traditional Peking salad requires specific ingredients. But if you want, you can replace them with similar products. Only if the salad uses crackers instead of Chinese noodles, then they should be added just before serving to the table. Otherwise, the croutons will absorb the juice of other products and become soft.

Another tip. If you need to chop the garlic, and there is no special tool at hand, then you can rub the garlic on the grater. Moreover, it will be more convenient to do it if you hold the garlic clove tight with cellophane - then your hands will not smell like garlic, and the clove itself will rub without residue.

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