Salad with Chinese cabbage and shrimps are the best recipes. Cooking properly salad of shrimp and Chinese cabbage.

Salad with Chinese cabbage and shrimps are the best recipes. Cooking properly salad of shrimp and Chinese cabbage.

When preparing shrimp salad, the first thing you should pay close attention to is choosing the right seafood. The taste of the whole salad depends on the quality of this ingredient. It is better to buy raw unpeeled shrimps, after cooking, they will give the salad an unimaginable taste. But here it is worth considering that most of the mass of shrimp will go to the shell. If it was decided to purchase peeled shrimps, then it is worth knowing that the pink color indicates that seafood has already been cooked and you should not re-serve their boiled water.

Salad with Peking cabbage and shrimps. Preparing Products

Boil shrimp is not only in just salted water, but when cooking in a saucepan, better add certain spices, like bay leaf, black peppercorns, and so on. You can season the salad with shrimps and Chinese cabbage with olive and corn oil. Shrimps are also in good contact with various sauces with mustard, vinegar and soy sauce. Shrimps and Chinese cabbage are two unique products that contain an endless supply of vitamins and microelements. Making salad compositions based on these two ingredients will allow a person to experience a whole gastronomic bouquet of unexpected flavors.

Recipes for salad with Chinese cabbage and shrimps

Recipe 1. Salad with shrimps, Chinese cabbage and cucumbers

Salad can be prepared in a couple of minutes, and the availability of ingredients will allow this dish to sit tightly on your daily family table.

Ingredients Required:

• 50 ml - mayonnaise;

• 200 g - shrimp;

• 300 g - Peking cabbage;

• 100 g - cheese;

• 200 g - cucumbers.


First of all, let's shrimp. Boil a couple of minutes in the water, do not forget to add a little greenery and seasoning to the pan, clean it from the shell. Peking cabbage is cut into cubes, fresh cucumber strips. Grated cheese is grated, it is better to use a larger side. In a bowl, mix cabbage, shrimp, cucumbers and cheese. Salad dressed with mayonnaise, preferably low-fat. Try to taste the dish, it is quite possible that it is not worth salting it, but this is already the taste of the chef.

Recipe 2. Salad with shrimps, Chinese cabbage and olives

Seafood is perfectly combined with any vegetables, be it fresh or pickled products. This recipe uses a large number of vegetables, and shrimp marinated in garlic sauce, can dilute the taste of vegetable salad.

Ingredients Required:

• 300 g - shrimp;

• 300 g - green beans;

• 3 pcs. - tomatoes;

• 5 pieces. - potatoes;

• 1 PC. - bow;

• 2 pcs. - Bulgarian pepper;

• 2 pcs. - eggs;

• small head of Peking cabbage.

The second group of ingredients for the sauce:

• 3 tooth. - garlic;

• 100 g - olives;

• 5 Art. l - vinegar;

• green onions, basil, dill - dried spices;

• black pepper and salt on a pinch;

• 100 ml - olive oil.


The sauce, which is emphasized in this recipe, will take some time to be able to infuse. Therefore, we start the salad with the preparation of this particular sauce. Chop the garlic with a garlic press, send the mush in a deep bowl. Next comes wine vinegar, olive oil, black pepper with salt and dry spices.

Pay attention to the main components. Boil potatoes, after cooling, cut into cubes. Next, work with green beans, which also need about 10 minutes to cook in boiling water. After cooling, also cut into medium pieces. Bulgarian pepper (it is better to take two different colors) and cut onions into slices. From Beijing cabbage we separate several leaves. 3 - 5 leaves are crushed with our hands, and the rest we need to decorate the salad. Hard boiled eggs are divided into quarters, tomatoes - thin strips. The queue for shrimps has come, if they are fresh, then boil and peel, if ready-boiled, then let them defrost.

Actually, you can proceed to registration. The first layer is cabbage leaves, which are already laid out potatoes, beans, peppers, tomatoes, onions and chopped cabbage leaves. It remains to lay the shrimps on top of the salad, olives around them, and spread the eggs at the edges of the salad. Salad is poured over with sauce and served on a festive table!

Recipe 3. Salad with Chinese cabbage, shrimps and citrus

Nutritious, exotic, easy, balanced - and all these adjectives describe this recipe. Salad is perfect for all lovers of healthy food and strong spirit.

Ingredients Required:

• 250 g - shrimp;

• 3 pcs. - oranges;

• 1 PC. - bow;

• 300 g - Peking cabbage;

• parsley;

• 50 ml - olive oil.


You can make this salad in 15 minutes. We need one orange for the salad itself, and the second for making the dressing. So, peel the orange, and cut the flesh into small pieces. From the second orange, carefully decant the juice. It is time for Peking cabbage, cut into pieces. Then you can cut the onion into thin half rings.

Ready boiled shrimps are sent to cabbage, orange and onions. It remains to cook refueling. To do this, the expressed orange juice is mixed with vegetable oil, add a little salt in the sauce. Pour all the chopped ingredients with the dressing, mix it slightly and sprinkle the whole thing with chopped greens.

Salad with Chinese cabbage and shrimps - secrets and useful tips from the best chefs

Habitual salads, like Olivier, "Caesar", "Summer", every day more and more bored. Diversify your holiday table, prepare a salad with shrimps and Chinese cabbage - a multivitamin dish for all members of the friendly family!

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