Cutlets for hamburgers - recipes from Canadian to Hawaiian. Juicy and crispy hamburger cutlets, recipes can not be counted

Cutlets for hamburgers - recipes from Canadian to Hawaiian. Juicy and crispy hamburger cutlets, recipes can not be counted

Hamburgers are not only fast food eaten on the fly.

This is a great snack taken on the road.

And lunch "tormozk" in the bag of a worker.

It is also a unique way to make the baby eat high-calorie meatballs for both cheeks.

There are a lot of hamburger recipes, although they all look like twins.

Nevertheless, the small differences in the ingredients allow you to choose or design your own family recipe.

As with all simple dishes - do not be afraid to experiment. Try the chop from one, the sauce from the other. Well, combine the salad of several.

Recipes for hamburger patties - general principles of cooking

• When preparing hamburger patties, beef, turkey or chicken are most commonly used.

• Meat is crushed by twisting through a meat grinder, or chopped into small pieces with a knife.

• Meat cutlets are fried in a frying pan, and fatter cutlets are fried in an electric grill at home. In nature - over the coals, on a special grid.

• The shape and thickness depends on the type of burger. They can be round, square or oval.

• Given your taste preferences, beef can be replaced with pork, veal or lamb. Turkey meat on chicken.

• The main rule in cooking hamburger patties according to our recipes is to touch your hands with minced meat as little as possible. Even when cutting it into patties, it is recommended to use only kitchen utensils (two forks).

• Cutlets from minced and hand cut mince are dry and less tender.

• It is recommended to grill meat semi-finished products over moderately high heat until a roast crust is obtained. It is this crust that will prevent excessive loss of meat juice. And only after receiving it the fire is reduced to medium and bring the cutlets to readiness.

• In the minced meat for meatballs according to the recipes described below, you can add beans, cheese. In fish - honey and orange zest. Cutlets can be cooked with cheese filling. • On buns, in addition to hamburger patties, according to a classic recipe, they put vegetable stuffing. The recipes briefly describe the recommendations for the preparation of such vegetable side dishes.

Chicken burger cutlet - recipe from chicken fillet with cheese

This cutlet is put together with a vegetable garnish and decorated with salad leaves. For the garnish they mix boiled carrot straws with boiled corn (can be canned). Add a little chili pepper, sprinkle slightly with vinegar and heat slightly. Vegetables on the cutlet spread chilled.


• 450 gr. chicken breast (can be prepared minced);

• half of red sweet pepper;

• 50 gr. - white crackers;

• onion head;

• 50 gr. hard non-sharp cheese;

• yogurt - 2 tbsp. l

Cooking Method:

1. On sunflower oil, save the finely chopped onion to a light golden color. Add chopped sweet peppers. Heat everything slightly and then cool completely.

2. Twist the well-washed and dried chicken meat in a meat grinder. Combine minced meat with vegetables. Add crackers and grated cheese. To your taste, season the mince with pepper, add a little salt and mix well.

3. Divide the meat mass into six equal parts. From each form a round patty and fry. Prefab before frying do not panic.

Juicy beef burger for a hamburger - a recipe with an unusual addition

Ideal for those who follow the figure. Cutlet put on lettuce in buns of flour with bran. You can add a burger with thin ringlets of tomatoes and small strips of bell pepper.


• lean beef - 750 grams;

• Instant Onion Soup Bag.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash a piece of meat well. Cut all the excess films with a knife and cut them into small pieces. Twist the beef in a meat grinder, add the powder for the soup and knead thoroughly.

2. Make six flat round cutlets from ground beef. In a large thick-walled pan, heat the sunflower oil and fry the semi-finished products in it. 3. Fry on each side until the burgers turn red. It will take about 5 minutes.

Beef burger cutlet - recipe for slider burgers

Small squared beef squared. It is convenient to cook small burgers with them. At each cutlet during frying put a thin plate of hard cheese of a slightly larger size. In the process of frying, the cheese melts and becomes a bit tough.


• a pound of ground beef;

• a pinch of black pepper;

• butter - one and a half spoons;

• fine salt;

• a couple of spoons rast. oils;

• any easily melted cheese at a high temperature - 250 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Primarchite and salt beef, add butter and mix. Place the mince between two parchment sheets and roll out with a rolling pin in a rectangular layer, no thicker than 1 cm. At the same time, the length of one side is 15 cm and the second is 20 cm.

2. Using a long knife or spatula, divide the meat layer into 12 identical squares and place in the refrigerator for half an hour.

3. Over medium-high heat, heat a thick-walled frying pan. Melt butter on it. Dip the cutlets and fry for 3 minutes until the bottom is reddened. Turn over, place a slightly larger piece of thin cheese on top. Continue frying for another 2 minutes until cooked.

4. When forming a sandwich under a patty, you can put a thin ringlet of lemon, lightly fried in a dry frying pan.

“Cheese” hamburger patty - recipe from grilled chicken

Chicken cutlets for a hamburger with a sticky cheese filling. They are well suited to a side dish of fried mushrooms with onions.


• 700 gr. minced chicken;

• “Russian” or “Poshekhonsky” cheese - 200 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Divide the minced meat with four identical “balls”. In each, make a wide and deep enough notch. Fill the resulting funnel with two tablespoons of coarsely grated cheese. Grab the stuffing and roll up again with a “ball”. Lightly flatten to make a two-centimeter thick patty. 2. Put the semi-finished products on a cutting board and refrigerate for 40 minutes.

3. Pepper chilled products, a little salt. Preheat the grill until moderately strong and fry the semi-finished products until ready. Each side takes about 5 minutes.

Hamburger Cutlet - Turkey Burger Recipe with Beans

Before you put turkey burgers and beans in a bun, its lower part is greased with spicy mustard mixed with honey, and the upper part - with mayonnaise. As a garnish put sliced ​​tomatoes, onions and lettuce leaves.


• a glass of white beans (canned);

• 500 grams of turkey minced meat;

• a clove of garlic;

• wheat crackers, breading - 2 tbsp. l .;

• half of sweet pepper;

• a tablespoon of tomato sauce;

• a small bunch of green onion feathers (50 g.);

• a teaspoon of table salt;

• three spoons of high-quality vegetable oil;

• a third of a small spoonful of ground pepper.

Cooking Method:

1. Mix the canned beans with the minced garlic and olive oil. Lightly mash the beans with a fork.

2. Add all other ingredients and knead the mince well with a spoon. Shape round flat patties for a hamburger. Blanks should not be thicker than one and a half centimeters. Sprinkle each with fine salt and pepper to your liking.

3. Preheat pan. Sprinkle with a pinch of coarse salt and heat it. Pour the oil for frying and let it cool. Lower and grill burgers on both sides until fully cooked.

Fishcake for a hamburger - recipe from salmon with honey and zest

Fish cutlet made according to this recipe is suitable for any kind of burger. But it's best to serve it on a roasted baguette with goat cheese and lettuce leaves. Can be flavored with low-fat mayonnaise.


• half a kilo of salmon fillet;

• smoked bacon - 100 grams;

• small orange;

• a teaspoon of honey;

• two spoons of chopped parsley. Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the salmon under the tap. Dry the fish well with a towel and chop finely with a knife.

2. Add the shredded bacon in the same way. Soda, grate a small grater with orange peel and put honey.

3. Pour the chopped parsley in the minced fish, add salt and pepper to your taste. Stir well to a uniform consistency.

4. Divide the stuffing in four equal parts and mold the oblong cutlets (no wider than the baguette).

5. Put the semi-finished products in a well-heated olive oil in a pan. Roast for three minutes on each side.

Chicken Hamburger Cutlet - Burger Recipe “Hawaiian”

According to the classic recipe, the cutlet is cooked on the grill. Despite this, it can be fried in a pan in oil. Hamburger with Hawaiian cutlet is made from special buns. A leaf of lettuce is placed on their lower part, and only then a cutlet. It is recommended to put a lightly fried pineapple ring on it and pour all over with a sweet and sour sauce.


• fresh minced chicken - 500 grams;

• 100 grams of bread crumbs or coarse wheat crackers;

• one raw egg;

• three table. spoons of walnut kernels (ground);

• a small piece of ginger.

Cooking Method:

1. Combine the grated ginger with bread crumbs and ground pepper. Add the mixture to the minced chicken. Salt to taste, and enter the egg. Mix everything well with a spoon.

2. From the cooked mince, form four tortillas and fry the products until cooked on the grill.

“Canadian” hamburger patties - a recipe with grilled mushrooms

Turkey hamburger patties for this recipe are juicy and tender. The minced pieces of fresh champignons give them a special mushroom flavor. Vegetable garnish for a burger with such a patty may consist of chopped tomatoes and pickled sweet onions.


• Turkey minced - 500 grams;

• two or three large champignons; • half a liter of milk;

• a small slice of white bun;

• small onion;

• sprigs of lettuce parsley.

Cooking Method:

1. Soak a slice of white muffin in milk. After 15 minutes, squeeze and put to the stuffing.

2. Finely chop the mushrooms and onions, and chop the parsley. Put the chopped vegetables and mushrooms in the stuffing.

3. Add salt to your taste and pepper. Insert an egg and mix thoroughly all ingredients until smooth. Put the stuffing in the fridge for a quarter of an hour.

4. Form a low flat patties and fry on the grill. With nominal heating, it will take 8 minutes per side.

Cutlets for hamburgers - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• Do not press cutlets when frying with a spatula. She is so well roasted. When squeezed, part of the juice will go away and the cutlet will become dry.

• To make cheeseburgers, put a slice of cheese on the patty a minute before the end of cooking. Cover the pan tightly with the lid and let the cheese melt well.

• If you use lean meats and fish for making minced meat, put a little chopped lard into the mince. You can put a small piece of butter in each patty.

• The thickness of hamburger cutlets should not exceed two and a half centimeters. Also, they should not be thinner than one and a half centimeters.

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