Minced meat cutlets are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook meatballs from minced meat.

Minced meat cutlets are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook meatballs from minced meat.

Minced meat patties - general principles and methods of cooking

Ready stuffing is a frequent “guest” in our fridge. Beef, pork, lamb, chicken, etc. - it is not only possible to add it to soup, rice, potatoes, macaroni, but also to make delicious, juicy burgers out of it. The main thing is to know a few secrets, which we will tell you in this article.

Often, ready minced meat in stores is sold in a “fresh” form, that is, absolutely no auxiliary ingredients are added to it during manufacture that can give it a specific, spicy taste and aroma. That is why when cooking meatballs in the purchase of minced meat it is advisable to add various spices and fragrant greens.

Many hostesses add juicy squash, cabbage, potatoes and lard to the mince for mincemeat, and a slice of bread for pomp. Only, as practice shows, it is necessary to use not fresh bread, but slightly stale, since fresh loaf has a high “tackiness”, which makes the products not too appetizing.

Minced Meat Cutlets - Preparing Foods

In order to prepare the minced meat patties, it needs to be thawed at room temperature, mixed with the ingredients dictated by the recipe. Then form medium-thick patties, roll in breadcrumbs or flour and fry on both sides in a frying pan until cooked. Those who do not trust the store products, may well prepare minced meat from fresh meat at home using a meat grinder.

Minced meat cutlets - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Homemade minced meatballs

Minced meat cutlets "Home" - a dish that many housewives cook from time to time, making their own adjustments to the classic recipe. The main thing that the cutlets turned out lush, tasty and tender. As a garnish, such mashed potatoes can be served mashed potatoes, rice, pasta or boiled vegetables.


- 500 gr. minced pork

- one egg

- 150 gr. pulp long loaf

- a glass of milk

- 100 gr. onions

- three or four cloves of garlic

- breadcrumbs

- vegetable oil

- to taste pepper, salt

Method of preparation: 1. Soak the pulp in warm milk for ten minutes. Finely chop the onion.

2. Put the minced meat in a bowl and mix it with chopped onion and long loaf softened in milk. Add the egg and chopped garlic with a crusher.

3. Add to taste ground pepper and salt. Thoroughly knead. We form cutlets in the traditional way and roll them down in breadcrumbs.

4. Fry the patties in the pan with vegetable oil until cooked on low heat. At the end of the heat, add a little bit to brown the burgers. Alternatively, homemade burgers can be cooked in the oven with the addition of a minimum amount of fat.

Recipe 2: Minced meat cutlets with white cabbage

White cabbage gives burgers juiciness and unusual taste. To cutlets turned out not too fat, mix two types of minced meat - pork and beef.


- 200 gr. minced pork

- 200 gr. minced beef

- 400 gr. cabbage

- one onion

- one egg

- salt to taste

- to taste pepper

- to taste garlic

- oil for frying

- the premium flour mixed with semolina

Method of preparation:

1. Cabbage with onions and garlic skip through a meat grinder. Excess juice released merge. Mix the scrolled vegetables with beef and pork mince.

2. Add egg, pepper and salt, spices and chopped greens as desired. All mix well in a monotonous mass.

3. Form patties, roll them down in flour mixed with semolina, and fry them in a pan until done.

Recipe 3: Chicken Minced Meat Patties with Mushrooms

Stuffing for meatballs is better to cook in advance at home. For this, fresh chicken fillet (500 gr.) Is twisted in a meat grinder, adding 50-70 gr to the mince. raw potatoes (fresh zucchini), a crumb of white bread, garlic, pepper and salt to taste.


- 600 gr. minced meat (should get about that amount)

- 200 gr. mushrooms (white or champignons)

- 100 gr. Luke

- flour or bread crumbs

- vegetable oil

- parsley

Method of preparation:

1. Separately, scroll the onions and chop the parsley. In the pan passaged mushrooms washed. Grind them in a blender. Mix with onions, minced chicken, greens. 2. We form cutlets, roll in flour or bread crumbs (as much as they love). Fry in vegetable oil until cooked.

Recipe 4: Minced Meat Patties with Cheese and Tomatoes

Auxiliary ingredients in the form of cheese and tomatoes make minced meat patties more saturated, tasty and juicy. We recommend using minced meat, that is, consisting of pork and beef.


- 300 gr. minced pork

- 200 gr. minced beef

- slice of stale bread

- one onion

- three cloves of garlic

- vegetable oil

- two tomatoes

- one chicken egg

- Polpuchka green dill and parsley

- ground pepper to taste

- salt

- 150 gr. hard cheese "Russian" (or any other)

- bread crumbs - about 100 gr.

Method of preparation:

1. Peel the onions and garlic. Wash greens and tomatoes. Stale bread soaked in water (milk) for ten minutes and squeeze.

2. Cut the onion finely. Chop the greens. We will cut cheese and tomatoes into small cubes. Combine minced pork with beef, mix it with bread, egg, garlic, onions, tomatoes, herbs and cheese. We salt, we pepper. Mix the ingredients well.

3. Form the burgers from the mixture, roll the products in breadcrumbs and fry on both sides in a well-heated vegetable oil. Any side dish will suit these cutlets. Enjoy your meal!

Minced meat cutlets - useful tips from experienced chefs

- For the preparation of minced meat patties, it is advisable to use mixed mince, consisting equally of both beef and pork;

- If you plan to add onions to mince meat cutlets, then it should be cut into smaller pieces, roasted separately in a pan and only then mixed with the total weight;

- If you are cooking meatballs from low-fat varieties of meat or chicken, be sure to add butter to the mince, but do not overdo it, otherwise the meatballs will turn out loose and will not keep their shape well;

- Cutlets will be no less tasty, but more useful if they are not cooked in a pan, but baked in the oven.

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