Chicken cutlets with mayonnaise - give juiciness! Recipes ordinary and chopped chicken cutlets with mayonnaise

Chicken cutlets with mayonnaise - give juiciness! Recipes ordinary and chopped chicken cutlets with mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is a great addition for minced meat, especially if it is made from chicken.

Fat sauce makes the cutlet mass more juicy and tender.

And in minced mince also helps to tie all the ingredients together.

Indulge in chicken meatballs with mayonnaise?

Chicken cutlets with mayonnaise - general principles of cooking

For the preparation of minced meat, you can use any parts of the chicken carcass with or without skin. If chopped meatballs are cooked, then most often use clean fillets from the breast or from the thigh. Mayonnaise for meatballs can be taken any, including homemade. It lay in the mass or used for sauces.

What else is added:

• onions, garlic and other vegetables;

• semolina or bread;

• flour, starch;

• salt, pepper and other spices;

• mushrooms;

• greenery;

• cheese or cheese.

Ordinary meatballs before cooking paned in flour or crushed breadcrumbs. Sometimes roll in semolina. Chopped meatballs are usually made from more liquid minced meat. It is spread with a spoon in the hot oil and fry. In breaded such products do not need.

Chicken cutlets with mayonnaise and semolina

To cook such chicken cutlets with mayonnaise, you will need semolina. She will add a plush dish, increase the yield and make it very tasty. You can use any part of the chicken carcass without stones.


• 0.5 kg chicken;

• 5 spoons of semolina;

• 70 ml of mayonnaise;

• 2 onions;

• 0.5 buns of dill;

• 1 egg;

• spices;

• butter and flour.


1. Twist the onion and chicken, add mayonnaise and semolina to the mass.

2. Chop the dill and also add to the stuffing, put salt and any other spices at its discretion.

3. Mix well and leave to stand for at least half an hour. If you give semolina more time for swelling, then you need to cover the top of the bowl and put on the cold. 4. Now we wet our hands and form patties 70-100 grams.

5. Dump them in flour and just fry in a frying pan heated with oil.

6. Then cover, pour in a few spoons of water and steam a little under the lid.

7. But you can add any sauce (sour cream, tomato, vegetables) or broth and then cutlets in gravy.

Chopped chicken cutlets with mayonnaise and onions

Recipe for minced chicken cutlets with mayonnaise, which is particularly economical and has a great yield of food. Cutlet actually turns out a lot. Used fillet without skin.


• 0.4 kg chicken;

• 0.25 kg of onions;

• 0.1 kg of mayonnaise;

• 3 eggs;

• salt and pepper;

• 3-5 tablespoons of flour or starch;

• greens at will.


1. We wash the fillet well and cut it into cubes no more than 0.5 cm.

2. Add chopped onions, it should be a lot.

3. Spread mayonnaise in minced meat and break eggs.

4. Add spices and chopped greens. Stir and leave to marinate for at least 2 hours, preferably in the refrigerator.

5. We get mince and add flour. You can use starch or take a mixture of both. We don’t put all the prescription flour at once, adding a little bit, controlling the mass density. It should spread slightly.

6. Pour a thin layer of vegetable oil into the pan and set it on fire.

7. With a spoon we take the cooked minced meat and fry the burgers out of it, which in appearance will look like fritters.

8. After toasting from both sides, remove and serve with side dishes, vegetables, or put on sandwiches.

Chicken cutlets with mayonnaise and mushrooms

Recipe of the most delicate and very fragrant chicken cutlets with mayonnaise and wild mushrooms. We will use dried mushrooms, they need quite a bit. Stuffing can take any home or purchase.


• 0.6 kg minced chicken;

• 1 onion;

• 3 spoons of mayonnaise;

• 50 grams of dried mushrooms;

• 1 egg;

• 4 slices of bread; • spices;

• crackers;

• oil any.


1. Soak mushrooms, you can do it the day before. Then rinse, pour in clean water and boil for 20 minutes. Drain broth, but do not throw away.

2. Cut the soaked and boiled mushrooms into cubes, also onion and lightly fry butter in a frying pan with a spoon. Just a little bit, just for the flavor.

3. We soak bread in mushroom broth, then squeeze and combine with minced meat.

4. Add onions with mushrooms, put the egg, mayonnaise and spices. Mix thoroughly, you can beat off.

5. Leave the minced meat for an hour in the fridge so that it matures, and the mushrooms give their flavor to the cutlet as much as possible.

6. We get the stuffing, divide it into pieces of 80 grams. We make small burgers and roll in breadcrumbs.

7. Heat the oil and fry until golden brown. After turning over to the opposite side, cover the pan with a lid and fry until done.

Minced chicken patties with mayonnaise, cheese and greens

Festive version of chopped chicken cutlets with mayonnaise, which will not leave anyone indifferent. For stuffing, use a clean fillet without skin and fat. Take hard cheese, you can take the Russian.


• 0.4 kg fillet;

• 0.1 kg of mayonnaise;

• 1 egg;

• 0.12 kg of cheese;

• spices;

• 40 grams of flour;

• 1 bunch of green onions;


1. Break an egg into a bowl and shake together with mayonnaise.

2. Add chicken. Cut the fillet into small cubes or thin straws. Sent to eggs with mayonnaise.

3. Add the green onion, put the spices and stir, leave to marinate for half an hour.

4. Put in minced grated cheese and flour. Stir and can start frying.

5. Spread the patties with a tablespoon in a well-heated butter and fry them to a beautiful crust on both sides.

6. Spread out of the pan on paper towels to remove excess oil.

Chicken cutlets with mayonnaise and potatoes

The option of cooking chicken cutlets with mayonnaise in the oven, which are very juicy and rosy. Dilute stuffing will be potatoes. It will positively affect the taste of the dish and increase its quantity. Ingredients

• 0.5 kg minced meat;

• 2 potatoes;

• 100 ml of mayonnaise;

• 2 spoons of semolina;

• 1 onion;

• spices;

• 1 egg;

• some oil.


1. We clean the potato tubers and rub on a fine grater, send to the chicken mince.

2. Add the chopped onion and egg. Next, put half the mayonnaise, add spices with semolina. Mass well knead.

3. We form round patties and shift them into a greased form.

4. On each product put a little bit of mayonnaise on top. We distribute the entire sauce, which did not go into the stuffing.

5. Put the burgers in the preheated oven.

6. Bake about 35 minutes at 180 degrees. The exact time depends on the size and can be up to 50 minutes.

Chopped chicken cutlets with mayonnaise and vegetables

Recipe cutlets with the addition of vegetables. Products are not only juicy and tasty, but also very bright. The carrot is wiped in the recipe, but you can always cut the root crop into neat cubes or straws, if you have time.


• 2 carrots;

• 1 onion;

• 300 grams of chicken fillet;

• 3 spoons of mayonnaise;

• 80 ml of oil;

• 2 tablespoons of flour;

• salt and pepper;

• 1 tsp. mustard;

• 2 eggs.


1. Coarsely rub carrots and fry in butter until half cooked. Cooling down.

2. Chop the chicken fillet and onion, add mayonnaise with eggs, season with mustard, salt and pepper.

3. Put the previously prepared carrots in the mince, put the flour in and mix the mass well.

4. Leave minced meat for an hour in the refrigerator. But you can cook and cutlet mass on the eve. Products are better soaked, the final dish will have a more uniform taste.

5. Then pour a small layer of butter into the pan and fry the patties on both sides, spreading it with a spoon.

Chicken cutlets with mayonnaise sauce

Another recipe for chicken cutlets for the oven. On the basis of mayonnaise sauce is prepared, which permeates the dish and makes it incredibly juicy. Ingredients

• 0.7 kg chicken;

• 0.2 kg of bread;

• 0.1 liters of milk;

• 2 bulbs;

• seasonings;

• flour;

• butter;

• egg.

For the sauce:

• 0.2 kg of mayonnaise;

• 0.2 liters of water or broth;

• 0.1 kg of cheese;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• spices.


1. Soak slices of bread in prescription milk.

2. Cut the chicken and twist it with the onions in a meat grinder.

3. Add bread and egg to them, fill the cutlet mass with spices.

4. Stir everything thoroughly, then sculpt the patties of any size and roll them down in wheat flour. Breadcrumbs for this recipe is better not to use.

5. Fry the patties for 2 minutes on each side in a hot oil. Or immediately put in a greased form and put in the oven at 220 degrees, bake for 10 minutes.

6. For the sauce, mix the mayonnaise with grated cheese, add the chopped garlic cloves and season to taste with spices.

7. Fill the sauce with patties and bake at 190 degrees for about 15 minutes.

8. If the cutlets before it were roasted in the oven and hot, then the sauce should be heated before pouring the dish.

Chopped Chicken Cutlets with Mayonnaise and Corn

Another option is interesting, unusual, but incredibly delicious minced chicken cutlets with mayonnaise. Canned corn is added to them. For cutlet mass, fillet is used.


• 0.7 kg fillet;

• 0.15 kg of corn;

• 3 eggs;

• 0.07 kg of hard cheese;

• 4-5 tablespoons of flour;

• 0.1 kg of mayonnaise;

• 0.5 buns of dill;

• spices;

• 1 onion;

• butter.


1. Chop the chicken fillet into pieces and place in a bowl.

2. Add chopped onion.

3. Immediately lay out the corn and grated finely grated cheese.

4. Break eggs into mince, put spices, dill and add mayonnaise.

5. Mix the mass well, do not put the flour yet. Cover and leave in the refrigerator for an hour.

6. We get, we put flour, we stir and it is possible to start frying. 7. Put a spoon in the heated butter and make flat cutlets in the form of chops. Fry until brown crust, serve yourself with sauces or with any side dishes.

Chicken cutlets with mayonnaise - tips and tricks

• You can add not only flour or starch to the mass for chopped cutlets. Tasty is obtained with ground oatmeal, buckwheat, with corn or rice flour.

• Minced chicken is often liquid. If it happened, do not try to thicken it with flour. Suffer taste and juiciness. It is better to add a little breading crumbs or semolina to the cutlet mass.

• No mayonnaise? In the mince, you can add sour cream or cream. But the product must have a high fat content and not be too liquid.

• If carrots are added to the cutlet mass, the root vegetable should be pre-fry in a skillet with a little oil added.

• To make minced meat chicken cutlets juicy and soft, you can put a piece of butter in each piece.

• If you need to make a lot of cutlets, and minced meat a little, then you can resort to one trick. Form small patties and dip them in an egg, then dip them in breadcrumbs, then egg and breadcrumbs again. Such breading will not only increase the size of the product, but will also make it juicier and not allow it to severely fry.

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