Do you know how to fry cutlets correctly?

Do you know how to fry cutlets correctly?

Dear blog readers Mistress of the manor, today I will share with you useful tips on how to fry burgers in a frying pan. We often fry cutlets, but, unfortunately, not all of them are obtained. Sometimes they are tough. but it happens that they fall apart or stick to a frying pan tightly.

Therefore, the secrets in this article, I think not a single hostess will interfere.

How to fry patties properly

  • Secret 1: Use hard white bread for meatballs. When used fresh, your patties will become sticky inside. Keep in mind that the addition of bread gives the cutlets pomp and increases their volume, because it absorbs the juice extracted from the meat. It is not necessary to add too much bread to the mince, in addition to the juice, it also absorbs the fat on which the dish is fried.
  • Secret 2: It is better to soak the bread not in milk, as many do, but in water. Milk protein deprives meat products of rigidity.
  • Secret 3: If you make some minced meat dishes with the addition of soaked bread, before putting it into mince, you shouldn’t squeeze water strongly.
  • Secret 4: When making cutlets, put a piece of butter or ice in the middle, this will give juiciness.
  • Secret 5: Do not twist the minced onion in the meat grinder, but chop finely.
  • Secret 6: Eggs are introduced only into minced fish or when you make cutlets from vegetables and cereals. They are driven in for a bunch. In minced meat, eggs are added only in the canteen catering, because they put more bread than meat. In the minced meat, add a little starch for a bunch (per kilogram of minced 1/3 tablespoon).
  • Secret 7: To keep the stuffing from sticking to your hands, put a bowl of water next to it and moisten your hands.
  • Secret 8: Fully cooked minced meat must be “spanked” properly. Meat compacted and will not fall apart. Then you need to put it in the fridge for a few hours so that the stuffing is done.
  • Secret 9: It is possible either in egg or in flour.
  • Secret 10: Recipe for Viennese breading - flour, egg, crackers.
  • Secret 11: Breading for crisp - flour, egg, crackers, egg, crackers.

How to fry minced meat patties

Do you know how to fry cutlets correctly?

The most popular way is a frying pan. But many housewives prefer to roast in the oven. So they turn out juicier and less smell when frying.

Usually, any minced meat patties are first fried over a high heat to form a crust, that is, to “seal” all the juice inside the patty.

When they are roasted this way, they will always keep their shape. But much depends on the stuffing, or rather on the meat from which it is cooked. so poultry, chicken or turkey meatballs are always dryish, so it is advisable to add some bacon or duck or goose meat to them.

Fish cutlets are always the most juicy and soft, they cook faster, but they are the worst keep their shape.

The fatter the mince, the more you need to add ingredients that absorb excess fat and will not let the meatballs fall apart.

How much fry patties

Again, it all depends on the stuffing. The main thing is to comply with the measure and not to overdo the meatballs on the fire, otherwise they will turn out to be tough even if you have cooked the stuffing according to all the rules.

Cooking time on average from 15 to 25 minutes, no more. Usually, the first side is fried 2 times faster than the second, which is both roasted and steamed under the lid.

How to fry frozen patties (store)

Often we just don’t have enough time to cook the burgers ourselves, then we have to buy them in the form of convenience foods in the store. Fry frozen meatballs need to adhere to a few principles:

  1. Do not thaw
  2. Strictly observe the temperature required for good roasting.
  3. Fry longer than homemade minced meat patties.

Thawed, even slightly melted cutlets immediately begin to crawl around the pan and turn them over is problematic. In the pan they are best placed in a completely frozen form. Moreover, why should we waste time on defrosting?

You need to fry semi-finished products so that they are simultaneously covered with a crisp and melted, then they will keep the shape.

Frying pan with vegetable oil or fat should be heated to medium temperature and over medium heat, fry one side of cutlets without a lid, it will be enough for 7 minutes.

Then we turn the cutlets, reduce the fire in half and fry the other side under the lid until golden brown crust, an average of 15 minutes. chicken and fish patties fry less, pork need to roast longer.

Home-made meatballs - a recipe

Do you know how to fry cutlets correctly?

Required Products:

Stuffing - 700 grams

Onion - 1 piece

Starch - 0, 5 tablespoons

Water or milk - 150 grams

Wheat stale bread - 100 grams

Salt, pepper to taste

Flour or bread crumbs

How to cook:

Soak the bread in water or milk, mince and mix with minced meat. Chop onion finely and send it there. Salt, pepper, add starch, mix everything well. The stuffing should not be too thick, in which case, add a little water in which the bread was soaked.

Allow the mince to stand for an hour in the fridge before making the cutlets. Then we divide it into equal parts, cutlets with a good hand palms and roll in flour or breadcrumbs. Finished cutlets immediately fry in a pan on both sides for 15-20 minutes.

Homemade Chicken Minced Meat Patties, video recipe

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