Chicken Kiev cutlets made from minced meat - chicken, pork, mixed. Simple recipes for Kiev-style meatballs - bake, fry

Chicken Kiev cutlets made from minced meat - chicken, pork, mixed. Simple recipes for Kiev-style meatballs - bake, fry

Chicken Kiev cutlets are the collective name for a group of recipes, a common feature of which is the addition of a piece of butter inside.

This is done in order to give the dish extra juiciness.

The recipe before gourmet liking that the creamy additive is already present in schnitzel and meat rolls.

By preparing a minced meat dish, you get significant food savings.

No trim, meat can be selected from different parts of the carcass.

Chicken Kiev minced meatballs - general principles of cooking

• From minced meat Kiev-style cutlets can be cooked in the oven, fry in a pan in a large amount of vegetable fat or in the microwave.

• Cooked in the oven or microwave cutlets are low-fat and may well be suitable even for dietary food.

• Stuffing for chicken Kiev is made from any suitable meat. It can be from beef, pork, chicken or mixed pork and beef. Minced meat should not be fat and therefore it is undesirable to buy it, but rather to cook it yourself.

• A piece of butter is placed inside the classic Kiev-style meatballs. In addition to butter, hard cheese or mushrooms with melted cheese are added to the prepared from mince.

• Oil can be put not just a piece. It is mixed with chopped greens, spices or high-quality processed cheese.

• “Kiev” cutlets must be paned before cooking. Breading prevents leakage of oil from the inside. If ordinary Kiev cutlets are breaded in one layer, then these are better breaded twice.

• For final breading, it is recommended to take white coarse crackers. To enhance the taste, they can be mixed with grated cheese, ground nuts. Also, breading crackers are used for breading.

Chicken Kiev Chicken Meatballs


• a pound of chicken fillet;

• two fresh eggs;

• homemade heavy cream - 80 gr .;

• flour;

• wheat crackers for breading;

• 400 ml of vegetable oil.

Cooking Method:

1. For fillet mince cut into pieces and twist in a meat grinder. Sprinkle with pepper, add a little salt and knead well. You should get a homogeneous elastic mass of cutlet, from which it will be good to mold the patties. 2. Divide the meat into four equal parts. Form a ball out of each one and discourage it a little, sharply transferring it from one hand to the other. Then press down with your hand and form a cake.

3. Center a piece of butter in the center and wrap it inside. Give the patty an oblong shape.

4. Take three small bowls. In one, beat and salt the eggs, and the other two fill with flour and breadcrumbs.

5. First, cover the semi-finished products with flour. Dip them in the eggs and re-air it, this time in breadcrumbs. After this, the cutlets are dipped again in the egg and repeat the breadcrumbs. This kind of culinary preparation is called double breading. It allows not only to keep the shape of the product well, but also to prevent oil leakage.

6. In a deep thick-walled dishes pour all the oil and put on a strong fire to warm up. When the butter no longer crackles, put the patties into it and fry quickly.

7. Place the fried patties on a dry baking tray. They will bring to readiness in the oven. When heated to 180 degrees, it will take a quarter of an hour. Put the roaster in the oven and note the time, do not overdo it.

Chicken Kiev cutlets made from minced pork with greens


• pork (lean meat) - 450-500 grams;

• three fresh eggs;

• small white onion;

• milk;

• 50 grams of sandwich butter;

• two slices of loaf (90-100 gr.);

• to taste salt, greens, pepper;

• wheat bread crumbs.

Cooking Method:

1. Clean the pork flesh well from lived and films. Wash the meat under water, wipe dry and cut into small pieces.

2. Slices loaf for 10 minutes, fill with milk. Then squeeze well and twist in a meat grinder along with pieces of meat and onion. Meat scroll first. Then onions and only after it bread.

3. Salt the cutlet mass, break the egg, put the ground pepper to taste and mix thoroughly. Minced meat should be homogeneous and not contain bread that has gone astray.

4. Pre-chop the greens with a knife and mix with lightly melted butter.

5. From minced pork, mold a pancake up to 1 cm thick and place a teaspoon of prepared oil on its middle. Wrap the loose edges and mold the patty. 6. Dip the semifinished products in flour and dip them in the beaten with salt egg. Then dip it in the egg and roll again, this time in breadcrumbs.

7. Pour vegetable oil into a thick-walled frying pan and heat it over high heat. In hot oil, lower the patties and close the pan with a lid.

8. When the bottom is reddened, turn the cutlets over and bring the lid to readiness under the lid.

Chicken Kiev Chicken Meatballs in the microwave


• chicken (fillet) - 800 grams;

• two teaspoons of dried onions;

• 150-200 gr. thickened cream or butter;

• 200 gr. “Russian” cheese;

• two eggs;

• 70 gr. canned hot chili peppers;

• to taste - salt, dried basil, black pepper, dried garlic and paprika;

• for breading a glass of small crackers.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut canned pepper into small slices, cheese - into cubes, 0.5 cm in size.

2. To a lightly melted (softened) butter, put dry onions, chopped peppers and cheese. Add a pinch of fine salt, paprika, basil and mix well.

3. Crackle the crackers into crumb and pour into a wide bowl. In another free bowl, whisk the egg with a fork.

4. Grind chicken fillet with meat grinder. Add salt, season with pepper and knead well, beat off lightly on the table.

5. From the cutlet mass with wet hands, mold small balls and slightly flatten them to make cakes. In the middle of each, put a little sharp oil mixture. Make cutlets.

6. Dip the blanks in the egg and roll in the cracker crumb.

7. Take the dishes for the microwave and place the breaded semi-finished products in it.

8. Place the chop pan in the microwave and cook on the highest power for 15 minutes.

Chicken Kiev cutlets from minced meat in the oven of mixed ground meat with butter and cheese curds


• beef pulp - 300 grams;

• 400 gr. pork neck;

• fresh egg;

• small onion;

• 50 gr. white bread (stale);

• a small clove of garlic;

• a bunch of fresh dill;

• 100 gr. fatty, processed cheese;

• cream "Peasant" butter - 100 grams;

• a quarter of a teaspoon of nutmeg powder; • white breadcrumbs - 150-200 grams.

Cooking Method:

1. Place the bread in a deep container and cover it with water. After 10 minutes, remove, remove the crusts and squeeze moisture well.

2. From the pulp, cut off the thickened films and tendons. Rinse thoroughly with running water, dry and grind twice with a meat grinder. When re-grinding together with minced meat, roll the onion and the soaked bread. Stir well. Add pepper, salt and knead until the cutlet mass is smooth.

3. Mix the melted cheese with butter and finely chopped dill. Rub garlic on this grater. Sprinkle with nutmeg and mix. Form a thin “sausage” from the mixture. Wrap with cling film and place for 15 minutes. in the freezer.

4. From the mixed mince sculpt oval oblong pancakes. For each cut a small piece of buttered “sausage”. Wrap the edges and give the cutlets the desired shape.

5. Dip the blanks in egg yolk whipped with salt and roll in white breadcrumbs well. Put on a chopping board and freeze for 30 minutes.

6. While the semi-finished products are frozen, warm the oven to 180 degrees. Once cooled, dip the yolk and roll in the breadcrumbs. Put on a dry baking sheet and place in a hot oven for half an hour.

Chicken Kiev cutlets made from minced meat in breadcrumbs from crackers - “Fir cones”


• beef (brisket) - 600 grams;

• eggs - 2 pcs .;

• 150 gr. natural butter;

• one onion;

• green dill;

• high-grade long loaf.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash the brisket thoroughly and cut into small pieces. Grind the meat with chopped onion. Season with minced pepper, add salt to taste, mix thoroughly and beat on a bowl.

2. Mix finely chopped dill with slightly softened butter. Cut pieces of long loaf into small, half-centimeter cubes. Drain them on a roasting pan in the oven or on an open fire in a dry frying pan until you get the crackers.

3. From the stuffing sculpt any size balls. In the center of each place a piece of butter mixed with dill and make cutlets. 4. Dip the products in beaten eggs, sprinkle with breadcrumbs roll in them. Palms gently squeeze the patty on all sides, so that the croutons are pressed into the meat to half.

5. Dip the blanks in boiling oil and fry, turning over two minutes later. Then put in a roasting pan and heat for 20 minutes in the oven at 180 degrees.

Chicken Kiev cutlets made from minced pork with mushroom filling


• half a kilo of pork (loin);

• two cloves of garlic;

• 200 grams of champignons;

• 100 ml of soy sauce;

• onion;

• 100 gr. processed fatty cheese;

• premium flour;

• breadcrumbs (coarse white);

• two eggs.

Cooking Method:

1. Mix the soy sauce with a pinch of ground pepper, add the chopped garlic cloves and mix well.

2. Wash the pork, cut into small pieces and put in the sauce for half an hour.

3. Dice the mushrooms and fry until cooked in a frying pan in butter. Add the melted cheese, squeeze the garlic into the garlic press and mix well.

4. Remove the meat from the marinade, wipe the pieces well and twist in a meat grinder twice. Chop together with meat and onions. Add a little pepper, salt. Stir and beat off the minced meat well, hitting the work surface sharply.

5. Form cakes from the cutlet mass and place the mushroom filling on them. Sculpt oval cutlets.

6. Dip the semifinished products in flour, quickly dip into the fork-beaten eggs. After that, well roll in breadcrumbs and fry in a frying pan in hot oil.

Chicken Kiev cutlets made of minced meat in cheese breading


• a pound of homemade minced chicken;

• two chicken eggs;

• butter 72% butter - 100 gr .;

• slice of stale long loaf;

• milk;

• breadcrumbs;

• flour;

• 250 gr. “Dutch” cheese (can be another solid).

Cooking Method:

1. Soak the long loaf in milk, squeeze and combine with minced meat. Sprinkle everything with pepper, salt to taste and knead the cutlet mass well.

2. Cut butter into thin oblong sticks, cheese - into plates of the same size.

3. From minced chicken, sculpt oval cakes, a little thinner than a centimeter and place in the middle of each slice of butter. Put a plate of cheese on top, flatten the edges and close them up. Use your hands to give the blank an oval shape, slightly pressing the mince palms to the filling. 4. In one bowl, beat the eggs, and in the other, mix the grated cheese with breadcrumbs.

5. Dip the blanks in flour and dip in the egg. Then transfer to the mixture of cheese with breadcrumbs and roll as well. You can make a double breading - again dipped in the egg and roll in the mixture.

6. Pour vegetable oil in a frying pan and heat it over medium heat. Dip semi-finished products in oil and fry until done.

Chicken Kiev cutlets made from minced meat - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• To make Kiev-style chops not fall apart, and the cutlet mass to be well molded, take lean meat for minced meat.

• If the stuffing after kneading, let stand for a quarter of an hour, and then beat well, it will become more elastic.

• To better prepare the semi-finished products, after the initial coating, place them in the freezer for half an hour. Then remove, and dipped in the egg again, roll in breading.

• So that when frying in a pan, the cutlets are steamed well from the inside, roast them under the lid.

• Breadcrumbs are best prepared by yourself. To do this, dry the chunks of white bread in the oven well. After they are well cooled, grind them with a meat grinder.

• Do not cook a lot of chicken Kiev at once. In a heated dish, the oil does not leak and the taste is lost. It is better to freeze the extra semi-finished products.

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