Zrazy chopped meat, fish, chicken - delicious meatballs with filling. Options chopped zraz with different fillings

Zrazy chopped meat, fish, chicken - delicious meatballs with filling. Options chopped zraz with different fillings

Zrazy is a dish that came to us from Eastern European cuisine. Classic, traditional zrazy are rolled up rolls, broken off pieces of pulp, in which the filling is wrapped. Chopped zrazy - burgers with filling. Not only meat but fish and even chopped chicken zrazy are popular.

The process of cooking is not much different from ordinary meatballs. And even an inexperienced cook can cope with it. At the same time, minced zrazy are much more satisfying and nutritious, and if you do not just fry them in a frying pan, but take them and bake them in the oven, then perhaps it is also more useful.

The selection contains proven recipes of meat, chicken and fish chopped zraz, with the most popular fillings. Cooking options are also different: roasting in a frying pan, roasting in the oven, stewing in meat broth.

Become ordinary burgers - try to make minced zrazy, and they will certainly enter your menu.

Zrazy chopped - general principles of cooking

• In the preparation of cutlet mass use chicken fillet, pork pulp with a thin fat layer, trimming of beef from the neck or flank, fillet of low-stiff fish. Meat or fish fillets are thoroughly washed, then dried and, cut into large chunks, passed through a meat grinder that is configured for the most thorough grinding.

• Egg is added to any cutlet mass of any kind, seasoned with black pepper, must be lightly salted. In some cases, white bread crumb soaked in water or milk, and also minced through a meat grinder, interfere. After thorough mixing, the mass is fought off, lifting and sharply throwing it on the table or in the bowl. This gives the structure greater uniformity.

• A well-battered meat or fish mass is divided into parts and rolled out into balls. Then knead in cakes, up to a centimeter thick, spread the stuffing in the center. Holding the edges together, they give the semi-finished product an oval, somewhat elongated, shape. Breaded or dipped in batter, respectively, the method of preparation. • The most common minced zazra fillings are fried mushrooms, boiled egg, chopped cheese, onion feathers. Breadcrumbs and melted butter are also added. The savory taste of the dish can be given a filling of fried horseradish with bread.

• Chopped zrazy fried in a pan in refined vegetable oil or baked in the oven, spread on a pan. Fried semi-finished products for individual recipes are brought to readiness by placing in the oven, or stewed under the lid, adding a little broth.

• Serve zrazy with a side dish, usually mashed potatoes or fried potatoes. However, the side dishes made from boiled pasta, cereals, fresh vegetables will do.

Zrazy chopped meat with mushroom stuffing in a pan


• pulp with pork neck - 600 gr .;

• 400 gr. lean beef;

• half a cup of milk;

• homemade bread crumbs;

• refined oil;

• 200 gr. crumb of dried white bread;

In the filling:

• small onion head;

• one boiled egg;

• two spoons of white breadcrumbs;

• 400 grams of fresh or canned champignons, not pickled.


1. Prepare the filling. Hard-boiled egg, mushrooms and onion cut into small slices. Put the pan on the stove, turn on the average heat and pour a tablespoon of oil. Slightly warming, lower the onion and fry, stirring occasionally, until the pieces are transparent. Add mushrooms, continue to fry, stirring, until golden onion.

2. We shift the finished mushrooms in a bowl, cool. Sprinkle breadcrumbs, add chopped egg, we add, slowly and thoroughly mix.

3. Cooking minced meat. With the meat cut the film and the remnants of the tendons. Cut into smaller pieces, grind with a meat grinder, twice. Pour into egg mince, salt and season with pepper, stir.

4. Fill the bread crumb with cold milk, wait 10 minutes, squeeze well and mix in the stuffing. For juiciness, a little milk can be added to the meat mass.

5. Moisten the hands with water and, hooking the stuffing with a large spoon, sculpt large balls from it - preforms for spares. Slightly flatten them to make a flatbread, put a little mushroom filling. Carefully pressing the edges, form an oblong patty. 6. Fry zrazy in a frying pan in oil, well browning each side.

Chopped Zrazy with Egg Filling (in the oven)


• homemade pork and beef mince - one and a half kilograms;

• two eggs;

• one third of dried white loaf;

In the filling:

• ten boiled eggs;

• three spoons of butter, sunflower;

• three large onions;

• garlic;

• 2 scoops of homemade breadcrumbs.


• two spoons of oil, high purity.


1. Soak the crumb of the loaf in the water, squeeze it well and shift it to the minced meat. Put a little salt, pour in a loose egg, lightly pepper it and mix it thoroughly. From the resulting stuffing, moistened with water, hands, form fifteen balls.

2. Prepare the filling: chop up the eggs and mix them with breadcrumbs.

3. In oil, fry onions well, until a uniform golden color, not allowing to burn and dry out. Let the cooled onion shift to the eggs, add a little pepper. Crush three small pieces of garlic here and, lightly salted, gently mix all the ingredients.

4. We take one of the meatballs and from a short distance we throw it on the surface of the table, repeat at least five times. We make a small cake from the minced meat and, putting a little egg filling, form an oblong spice. We spread the prepared semi-finished product, seam down on a greased baking sheet. Next, as the formation, put the rest tightly.

5. Place the filled baking sheet in a preheated oven. Cook zrazy at 180 degrees for half an hour.

Chopped Zrazy in Egg (Fried)


• a pound of dense purchased minced meat;

• feathers of young onions;

• Wheat flour;

• Eggs - three hard boiled and two raw.


1. Put the stuffing in a bowl, add some salt, add a pinch of pepper, mix. We lay on the table and beat him well. This will facilitate the formation of spares and prevent them from disintegrating. Broken minced divide into parts and roll into balls. 2. Prepare the stuffing. Finely chop the eggs and mix with chopped green onions. Just like mince, lightly add the filling. You can flavor with melted butter, for a given amount of a fairly small spoon.

3. We crush the meat balls so that the cakes are no larger than a palm. We spread in the middle of one and a half teaspoons of egg filling and, fastening the edges, sculpt zrazy.

4. Pour the flour into a flat, fairly wide plate, pour the eggs into a small deep bowl and carefully blot them. You can even slightly whisk.

5. On the middle fire, put the pan, pour oil into it approximately on the finger. When the fat warms up, dip the zrazy in the egg, roll it in flour and drop it into the pan. Fry, without changing the heat, until golden brown. Turn over, fry a little and bring to readiness already under the hood.

Zrazy chopped beef with horseradish - “Savory”


• coarse ground white crackers - 4 tbsp. l (purchase breading will not work);

• lean beef - 500 gr .;

• frozen homemade cream - 30 grams;

• small onion;

• vegetable oil;

• two glasses of broth;

• three eggs;

• three spoons of grated horseradish.


1. Clean the onion and, together with the meat, finely grind with a meat grinder. Pour into one minced whole egg, add two yolks. Sprinkle lightly with pepper and mix thoroughly. Then we beat off and form large balls from it.

2. Heat a tablespoon of vegetable oil in a pan. Put onion finely chopped onion and fry to a light blush. Add self-made crackers and horseradish. Fry for 2-3 minutes, stirring, lay out on a plate and cool well.

3. Knead rolled up balls into minced meat in the form of rectangles, a little less than a centimeter thick. Lubricate the surface of fried with onions and horseradish breadcrumbs, roll rolls and give the desired shape.

4. Fry the zrazy in butter, well browning all the flat sides. Then add to the deep pan, add the broth and set on a little heat.

5. When the liquid is almost gone, turn off and serve zrazy with a side dish, watering the remaining sauce in the pan.

Zrazy chopped fish with cheese filling - “Bird's milk”


• cod fillet - 350 gr .;

• 50 grams of cheese;

• one raw and boiled egg;

• half a cup of flour;

• milk - 80 ml for bread;

• tablespoon butter, 72% butter;

• third 250 gr. cups of milk for batter;

• refined oil;

• a small slice, about 50 grams, of a hard loaf;


1. Cut the crust off the loaf and dip the crumb into the milk. After waiting 10 minutes, squeeze and twist together with fish fillets in a meat grinder, add salt to the minced fish and season with a little pepper. Mix well, beat it on the surface of the table.

2. In a small bowl through a medium grater chop the boiled egg. There, we rub cheese, through the same cells. Slightly add the filling, add melted butter and mix.

3. Poddevam minced fish with a tablespoon, scoop a centimeter-thick cake from it, and spread it out in the middle about a teaspoon of cheese filling. We wrap and fasten the edges tightly, giving the semi-finished product an oblong shape. We make blanks until we consume all the stuffing.

4. Cooking batter: in a beaten egg with milk, add flour, a little salt, and again, beat everything thoroughly. Homogeneous mass should resemble the still uncooked sour cream.

5. Having warmed up vegetable oil, we lower in it zrazy, previously having dipped in batter. After frying on both sides until golden brown, we shift on a baking sheet.

6. When all the zrazy are ready, put the roaster in the oven and bring the dish to readiness for a quarter of an hour. After half the time, be sure to turn it over.

Zrazy chopped chicken breaded


• three small slices of white bread (120 gr.);

• kilogram of chicken fillet (breast);

• a glass of milk or boiled water;

• three tablespoons of sweet cream butter;

• small carrot;

• non-aromatic vegetable oil;

• fresh dill;

• breadcrumbs (white, coarse);

• 150 gr. fresh zucchini.


1. Cut chicken fillet into chunks and grind with meat grinder. Add the soaked, well-pressed breadcrumbs of bread and once again skip through a meat grinder, tuned to medium chopping. Salted, seasoned chicken weight with pepper, mix and thoroughly repel. 2. We clean the carrot and zucchini. Cut the vegetables into very small cubes and sprinkle with the addition of butter until soft. Dilute loose eggs with milk prepared for the filling, then add to the vegetables and mix. We cool the vegetable stuffing, put it in a plate, and grind on a large meat grinder. We add salt.

3. We form round billets of minced chicken, palm-sized, up to a centimeter thick. We spread on them the vegetable stuffing, form zrazy.

4. Dip off semi-finished products in breadcrumbs from rusks and fry, dipping in hot oil in a frying pan, until golden brown from all sides.

5. Serve immediately, watering with melted butter, and plenty of sprinkled with chopped dill.

Chopped Zrazy - cooking tricks and useful tips

• In the preparation of chopped zraz, you can use purchased minced meat, but it must be of high quality - it does not contain a lot of fat and only a dense consistency.

• It is not necessary to beat off the whole cutlet mass at once. This can be done and forming semi-finished products, with the force of throwing balls of meat from the palm of your hand in the palm.

• If desired, zrazy can be cooked and steamed. In this case, they do not need to be breaded or dipped in batter, and the steam container should be moistened abundantly with vegetable oil so that semi-finished products will not stick.

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