Homemade burgers - the smell of happiness! Delicate, juicy and delicious homemade meatballs: recipes and cooking secrets

Homemade burgers - the smell of happiness! Delicate, juicy and delicious homemade meatballs: recipes and cooking secrets

Homemade meatballs are a popular minced meat dish.

Simple and hearty cutlets with crisp will perfectly fit into the menu of your family dinner and decorate any festive feast.

Cutlets eat and hot and cold.

They can be a separate dish, and served along with any side dish, be it a salad, mashed potatoes or steamed vegetables. Remember that no burgers of the best restaurants in the world can compare with home-made burgers - the hostess made their own hands with trembling and love.

General principles of cooking

1. For the preparation of tasty and juicy cutlets it is important to choose the right stuffing. It is best to mix several types of minced meat, where the combination you can choose to your taste. But remember that the store stuffing can not replace the home, scrolled by the mistress in the meat grinder. If there is no possibility of self-cooking, be sure to check the freshness and quality of the meat, because this is a crucial step in the preparation of meatballs.

2. Do not forget to add bread or bread to mincemeat. This is the main rule for getting juicy and tender meat. It is the slices of bread that hold the juice in cutlets like a sponge, completely absorbing it.

3. Cutlets can be wrapped in both flour and breadcrumbs. This is your choice.

4. Do not forget to add spices and herbs in homemade meatballs, it will add a touch of piquancy and refinement.

Classic Homemade Cutlets


minced meat (home or purchased) - 500 g;


2 cloves of garlic;


salt, black and red pepper;

Provencal herbs;

1-2 slices of bread;

flour - 3-4 tbsp. spoons.

How to cook:

1. Clear the onion from the husk and rub or grind in a blender. Finely chop the garlic cloves and greens.

2. Cut the pieces of bread into chunks and dry them. Then soaked in water, they will give the cutlets incredible juiciness. Without this stage, the cutlets will be dry to the taste. Subsequently, knead and squeeze, and only then add to the stuffing. 3. All of the above ingredients combine in a deep bowl, mix thoroughly in a combine or spoon. We beat the stuffing hands, throwing it on a hard surface.

4. Season with salt and pepper.

5. With a spoon we take a small amount of meat, put it on top of the flour and sprinkle it with it. In the palm we form a rounded patty, spread on a hot frying pan. Fry for 3-4 minutes. When we turn to the second side, we remove the fire a little.

Home-made meatballs in breadcrumbs


minced meat - 400 g;



salt pepper;

2 pieces of dry loaf;


How to cook:

1. Cut the onion, break the egg and add the loaf soaked in water (milk) to the mince.

2. Carefully knead the stuffing to obtain a homogeneous mass of consistency.

3. We form a cutlet in breadcrumbs and spread on a frying pan with vegetable oil, set on a small fire. With breading in breadcrumbs cutlets look much more appetizing. When you feel that they have browned - turn over boldly. Usually, the cutlets in breadcrumbs are roasted for 2 minutes on each side.

4. To such cutlets an excellent addition will be a salad of boiled beets with the addition of onions, garlic, salt and pepper, seasoned with unrefined vegetable oil and sprinkled with lemon juice and sugar. Cutlets with potatoes - quite high in calories. A salad of beets is perfect for the dish.

Homemade beef and turkey patties with semolina


minced meat (beef and turkey) - 1200 g;

onions - 300 g;

2 eggs;

fresh or granulated garlic;

3 tbsp. spoons of semolina;

salt and black pepper;

dry coriander;

water - 2/3 cup;

sour cream - 300 g

How to cook:

1. Thoroughly knead the onions, ground in a meat grinder or grated on a fine grater.

2. For minced meat, you can add potatoes or a white loaf in water or milk. But this recipe offers another solution: semolina. She perfectly keeps the cutlet in shape and does not allow them to deform. 3. It is desirable to beat the minced meat and leave for 15-20 minutes so that it is well soaked with spices.

4. Distribute the stuffing on the table in the shape of a rectangle, divide in half, each half into another 3 parts. The form can be made any. Each patty is well sprinkled in flour.

5. For 3 minutes on each side, fry in a preheated pan.

6. Fold the fried patties into the pan, pour about 2/3 cups of water into it, close the lid, simmer for 10 minutes on low heat so that they get inside and become softer. Served to the table with sour cream.

Home-made burgers


minced meat - 500 g;



loaf - 100-150 g;

milk - 200 ml;

flour - 5-7 tbsp. spoons;

butter - 2-3 tbsp. spoons;

vegetable oil - 2-3 tbsp. spoons;

salt pepper.

How to cook:

1. Cut the crust loaf, crumb pour milk and leave to soak for 15-20 minutes.

2. On a preheated pan fry finely chopped onion in vegetable and butter. Interestingly, the butter does not burn when frying and gives the food a pleasant creamy taste.

3. We break the egg, separating the yolk from the protein.

4. Mix the minced meat, squeezed from the bread and fried onion with yolk. The resulting thick mass is desirable to wring hands. Do not spare the strength to beat the mince, the better you do it, the more convenient it will be to make cutlets, and when frying, they will retain their shape. Broken stuffing remove for 20 minutes in the fridge to fix its dense state.

5. Beat the egg white until a thick white foam is obtained. Check whether the protein reached the desired consistency, as follows: when you turn the bowl, it should not pour out of it. We add whipped proteins to the stuffing, mix it very carefully so that the integrity of the protein is not broken, because it will give the meatballs pomp.

6. We make cutlets in the form of dense flat cakes, roll them down in flour. 7. Heat up butter and vegetable oil. We spread the cutlets and fry until ruddy, turn over, add a little water so that they are steamed and cover with the lid until done.

Soft homemade burgers with a secret


Mixed minced meat (beef and pork) - 500 g;

mineral water;

2 eggs;

a pinch of soda;

salt, black pepper;

2 cloves of garlic;

mineral bun soaked in mineral water;

2-3 onions.

How to cook:

1. Crush onions. Add the soaked biscuit, after squeezing carefully. Rub garlic.

2. Knead the mass for its uniform distribution.

3. Pour mineral water with gases into the bowl. A pinch of soda sprinkle minced. This is our secret ingredient. Yes, it is soda, because it makes the stuffing soft and contributes to its loosening. Extinguish soda with mineral water, pouring it on top of drops. Together they give the meat extraordinary pomp. Again, knead to obtain an elastic mass.

4. Add 1 egg. At first, the stuffing becomes liquid, but after a good kneading, it again gets a thick consistency. Salt and pepper are regulated according to your preferences.

5. We beat the stuffing, throwing it on a hard surface from a small height. And leave in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes.

6. In breadcrumbs we dip each formed patty.

7. We do not regret oil, we warm up a frying pan well. Fry for 2-3 minutes on each side, without covering with a lid, then simmer on medium heat, cover with a lid.

Homemade Mustard Cutlets


ground beef - 500 g;


1 tbsp. spoon of olive oil;


1-2 cloves of garlic;


Prepare the sauce from the following components:

cream fat content up to 30%;

2 tbsp. spoon mustard.

How to cook:

1. Grind onion, garlic and parsley.

2. In a deep bowl, mix the ground beef, add the egg, grated onion and garlic. To taste add salt, pepper. Send in the fridge for half an hour. 3. Shape round-shaped patties and spread them on a frying pan with heated olive oil.

4. Prepare the sauce as follows: whip the cream, add the mustard.

5. Pour the sauce to the patties in the pan for 10 minutes before turning off, simmer on medium heat under the lid.

Home-made meatballs with cheese


minced meat - 600 g;

egg - 1 pc .;


potatoes - 2 pieces;

mayonnaise - 3 tbsp. spoons;

garlic - 2 cloves;

hard cheese - 100 g;

loaf - 200 g

How to cook:

1. To soften the bread, leave it in a bowl with water for 15-20 minutes, then squeeze and add to the minced meat.

2. Potatoes, garlic and onions finely chopped.

3. Combine the sliced ​​vegetables, egg and softened bread in one bowl. Stir well to obtain a homogeneous mass, it is best done with a blender.

4. Add 1-2 tablespoons of flour so that the stuffing is not liquid. We salt, we pepper.

5. Cut the cheese into medium slices.

6. We make the cutlet form of your choice, but it is best to form into a cake, putting a slice of sliced ​​cheese in the middle. Then we hide it in a patty, sprinkle flour on top.

7. Fry until golden brown. Simmer for 4-5 minutes on low heat. Serve hot patties so that the cheese inside them does not have time to harden and harden.

Homemade Chicken Egg Patties


minced meat - 700 g;

long loaf - 2 slices;

chicken egg - 6 pieces;


garlic - 3 slices;

salt pepper.

How to cook:

1. In a deep plate, mix the egg, mince, soaked in water slices of loaf, chopped finely onions and garlic.

2. Hard-boiled chicken eggs should be finely chopped.

3. Onions fry in a pan until golden brown.

4. Mix onions and boiled eggs, add squeezed garlic, salt and pepper.

5. We make flat tortillas from mince, put the stuffing in the middle.

6. The baking sheet must be greased with vegetable oil. And finally, the last stage is to send cutlets to the oven at 160-180 degrees.

Home-made meatballs - tips, tricks

• If you take minced pork, cutlets will be fatty, if chicken meat is tender and lean. The best alternative is assorted patties.

• To cutlets were not only juicy, but also lush, come to the aid soda, slaked with mineral water, lemon juice or vinegar.

• Cutlets love butter, but you should not overdo it. Otherwise they will be too fat. It is best to fry them in melted fat.

• The question often arises: how much time to fry patties? The answer is simple: until ready. And readiness can be checked in a simple way. We press with a fork on the cutlet, if it releases clear juice, then after 2-3 minutes steaming can be safely served to the table.

• If the cutlets feel uncooked onions, send them to the microwave for 2-3 minutes, thus bringing to readiness.

• Serve burgers with sour cream, light salad, vegetable side dish or standard mashed potatoes.

Cook with pleasure and love! And remember that the simpler the recipe, the better the result!

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