How to cook tender minced meat patties? We share recipes for tender chicken cutlets and not only ...

How to cook tender minced meat patties? We share recipes for tender chicken cutlets and not only ...

No matter how much we prepare minced meat patties, they always turn out to be different in taste.

That hard, then not juicy, it seems that something is missing.

What is the secret of cooking tender juicy meatballs from any meat?

Sharing recipes!

Delicate minced meat patties - basic cooking principles

The main ingredients are meat pulp. You can use any kind of meat, mix two or three kinds. However, the most tender cutlets are made from chicken.

Chicken fillet (or other meat) is washed, cut into pieces and served in a meat grinder. By the way, the option of chopping meat with a knife or blender is not excluded. Then you will get tender minced cutlets.

Onions are added to the mince. It is pre-peeled and finely chopped. To cutlets turned out more tender, onion is better to pre-fry in a pan. But you can also chop fresh in a meat grinder or blender.

To add tenderness to the stuffing, they also add grits, oatmeal, and oatmeal. And of course, the loaf or bread soaked in milk will not interfere.

To cutlets do not fall apart and are well formed, an egg is hammered into mincemeat. Flour, starch, breadcrumbs are also added in different recipes.

For a variety of flavors of tender meatballs, you can also add potatoes, zucchini, garlic, mayonnaise, sour cream, butter, cheese or greens. It all depends on the chosen recipe and your taste.

When all the ingredients in the recipe are added to the mince, it is well mixed. Better with your hands, skipping mince between the fingers. Such mixing ensures good mixing of all products and the dissolution of salt and spices.

Gentle minced meatballs


• Minced pork and beef (one kilogram);

• semolina semolina - half a cup;

• Two potatoes;

• Onion;

• Glass of water;

• Pepper, flour, salt.

Cooking Method:

Water is poured into a deep vessel, the semolina is gradually poured and stirred. Then put the minced meat and skipped potatoes, finely chopped onion. Stir, passing mince between the fingers, salt and pepper. salt and pepper to your taste. Mince take a tablespoon, roll in flour (you can add salt and pepper), form the patties. Fry alternately on both sides in a well heated pan with oil.

Gentle cutlets with oatmeal


• Thirty grams of rolled oats;

• Eight hundred grams of pork;

• Egg table;

• Zucchini fresh (half a kilogram);

• Condiments, salt;

• Wheat flour;

• Refined oil.

Cooking Method:

Pork pass in a meat grinder.

With zucchini scrape the skin and grind it on a grater. To the squash add flakes of oatmeal, mix. Then hammered an egg, salt, and pepper.

The prepared mass is stirred and refrigerated for one hour so that the oatmeal swelled.

Then mix the minced meat with zucchini mixture and flakes. They make cutlets. Before frying, they are rolled in flour / bread crumbs. Served with a side dish - potatoes, pasta, rice, buckwheat, peas.

Delicious minced meat patties with garlic


• Meat (pulp 800 grams);

• Four table. l mayonnaise and starch;

• Two eggs (C2);

• Three cloves of garlic;

• Salt pepper;

• Oil (refined) sunflower.

Cooking Method:

The meat is washed and cut into small pieces.

Pour with mayonnaise mixed with starch. Then hammered egg whites and yolks with chopped garlic chips. Salt, pepper. Then leave in a cold place for two hours.

Form the patties, putting the mince with a wooden spoon on the pan (pre-heat it and pour it with oil. Fry for five minutes on each side. Cover the pan, so the cutlets will be fried and there will be no oil splashes.

Gentle chicken cutlets “Classic”


• Chicken breast;

• One egg (C1);

• One table. lie starch;

• Salt, oil (refined) sunflower.

Cooking Method:

Chicken fillet cut with a sharp knife into rectangular pieces. Placed in a pan or kitchen bowl. Pour starch and mix well.

Then break one egg, salt. Stuffing interfere with the hands, passing the mixture between the fingers.

Refined oil is poured into a deep-frying pan.

As soon as the pan warms up, lay the minced meat in the form of a pancake with a wooden spoon. Roast in turn from each side.

Tender chicken cutlets


• Chicken fillet (kilogram);

• Onion;

• Mayonnaise - one and a half glasses;

• Flour or bread crumbs;

• Seasoning for minced chicken.

Cooking Method:

Chicken fillet cut into cubes and season with mayonnaise. Onions cleaned, chopped and fried in butter. Then combine with chicken meat, add seasoning, salt. Put in a cool place to marinate.

Pour wheat flour or breadcrumbs, mix. Spread on a well-heated pan with a spoon (like fritters). Fry on each side. Cutlets are ready at the appearance of golden brown.

Delicate chicken cutlets with grated potatoes


For cutlets

• Chicken fillet (half a kilo);

• Four potatoes;

• One egg;

• Salt, seasonings.

For breading:

• Two table eggs;

• Wheat flour or bread crumbs (rye);

• Cheese.

Cooking Method:

Chicken meat is washed, dates dry. Then cut into small pieces and grind in a meat grinder.

Boil potatoes in their skins, allow to cool, remove the skin. Then knead it into a thick puree mass.

Mix the minced chicken with potatoes, drive an egg, mix.

They make cutlets, giving them the shape of an elongated oval.

Cheese is ground on a grater and mixed with flour or bread crumbs. Beat the eggs with a fork.

Each cutlet is dipped in a beaten egg, roll in flour with cheese and fried in a griddle.

Roast cutlets on each side until golden brown.

Delicious meatballs made from Homemade


• Chicken fillet (half a kilo); • Two pieces. onions;

• Three slices of bread or loaf;

• Salt pepper;

• Sunflower (refined) oil.

Cooking Method:

Fillet cut into cubes. Onions are peeled and cut in half. Slices of bread are soaked in water or warm milk. The prepared ingredients are passed through a meat grinder twice. Then the minced meat is salted, peppered, well mixed and cutlets form. Fry the cutlets in a deep skillet in hot oil. You can also bake in the oven.

Delicious cutlets with cheese


• Minced chicken (six hundred grams);

• Three eggs (C2);

• Mayonnaise - sixty grams;

• Onion;

• Cheese - 100 gr;

• Table. lie flour;

• Refined oil - thirty grams;

• Fresh herbs, seasonings.

Cooking Method:

Boneless meat is separated from the chicken carcass. Cut into small pieces and grind in a meat grinder (can be on a blender, then get chopped tender cutlets).

Cheese is grated. fresh greens finely chopped with a sharp knife. Peeled onions, crushed.

The prepared ingredients are added to the stuffing, put mayonnaise, flour, drive eggs. Stir slowly, you can hand.

Form the patties. Before frying, roll them in breadcrumbs or flour. Fry first with the lid open, then with the lid closed.

Gentle Cutlets “Consolation”


For minced meat:

• Eight hundred grams of chicken fillet;

• Bread - 150 grams;

• A glass of milk;

• Flour - 50 grams;

• Eggs - 2;

• Three small bulbs;

• Fifty grams of butter and the same amount of vegetable;

• Salt, spices;

• Chopped parsley root.

For the sauce:

• Two hundred grams of butter;

• Five yolks;

• One table. l vinegar;

• One and a half table. l white wine;

• One small lemon;

• Salt pepper;

• Three tomatoes.

Cooking Method:

Chicken fillet is cut into cubes and let go through a meat grinder along with bread dipped in milk or water, onions, chopped parsley root and egg are added. Do not forget to put salt and pepper. From the resulting mass form patties and fry in a well heated pan with vegetable oil. To prepare the sauce, mix vinegar and wine, add pepper. The mixture is slightly heated. Intensely beat the yolks, pour them into the pan. Stir the mixture until it thickens. Add juice from one lemon and chopped tomatoes. Butter, pre-melted, is poured into a saucepan with a spoon.

Toasted sauce is poured over this sauce.

Delicious minced meat patties


• Minced pork and beef meat (half a kilo);

• Slices of stale bread;

• Onion;

• Sunflower oil (two tables. L.);

• Two eggs (table);

• Milk - half a cup;

• Butter (forty grams);

• Wheat flour - one or two tables. L .;

• Salt, ground pepper.

Cooking Method:

The meat is washed, allowed to dry and cut into rectangles. Skipped through a meat grinder. Bread is soaked in milk and combined with minced meat. The onion is peeled, finely chopped, fried in a skillet and added to the mince. Egg eggs, you can pour a little more milk for tenderness, salt and pepper. All ingredients are mixed.

Then form a longitudinal patties rounded. Fry in a pan with refined oil.

Tender cutlets made from minced turkey


For minced meat:

• Minced turkey meat (one kilogram);

• Half a loaf of bread;

• One table. l sour cream;

• Two glasses of milk;

• Two tables. l adzhiki;

• Onion;

• Salt, ground pepper.

For breading:

• A glass of pea flakes;

• Half a cup of flour;

• Two eggs (table);

• Sunflower oil.

Cooking Method:

Turkey fillets are washed and cut into rectangular pieces. Crushed in a meat grinder or passed through a blender.

Baton or bread is soaked in warm milk, then it becomes obsolete and added to the stuffing. Put sour cream, adjika sauce, finely chopped onion (can be dried), salt and pepper. Knead, passing mince between fingers.

For breading, pour flour in one bowl, whipped eggs in the other, and pea flakes in the third. Hands, dipped in water, form the patties (size and shape according to your desire). First, the cutlets are rolled in flour, the second stage in the egg, and last of all in the pea flakes.

Fry in a skillet with refined oil. First on one side, then on the other. Cutlets are ready when golden brown. Enjoy your meal!

Delicious cutlets - tricks and useful tips

• To prevent cutlets from sticking, fry them in a well heated pan with vegetable oil.

• To make cutlets better shaped and shaped, add an egg, bread or flour to the mince.

• If the meat for skipping is not in a meat grinder, and chop with a knife or blender, you get chopped tender cutlets.

• Cutlets can be roasted both in a pan and in an oven. Then they are obtained with a crisper crust.

• To make cutlets more juicy and soft, do not over-press bread that has been soaked in water or milk.

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