Minced meat patties (step-by-step recipe) is a time-tested dish. Minced meat patties: A step-by-step recipe for the classic version and with cheese

Minced meat patties (step-by-step recipe) is a time-tested dish. Minced meat patties: A step-by-step recipe for the classic version and with cheese

The cutlet is a universal dish that can be served with a side dish, or taken with you for a picnic. There is a basic recipe for cooking meatballs, but each housewife can change it to your taste.

Minced meat patties (step-by-step recipe) - basic cooking principles

For cooking meatballs use: minced meat, garlic, onions, eggs, milk, dry bread, table salt and spices.

Stuffing is made from pork, beef, chicken or ryushinogo fillet. Better for cooking to take several types of meat in equal proportions. Whatever meat you choose, the main condition is that it is fresh. Juicy burgers come from chilled meat. Frozen product is not very suitable for making meatballs. Take the fillet or tenderloin. Be sure to cut the veins and film. If the meat is lean, add lard to the mince. The prepared meat is washed, dried with a paper towel and cut into not too large chunks. Then it is twisted through a meat grinder. Chicken or turkey fillet can be crushed in a blender.

Crusts are cut from slices of bread or rolls, and the flesh is cut into small cubes. Spread it in a deep plate and pour it with milk. Set aside so that the bread absorbs all the liquid. Bun must be stale. Fresh bread will stick together minced meat, and the cutlets will not turn out to be airy. If you wish, you can not soak the bread, but grate it on a grater and add it to the minced meat.

Garlic and onions free from husks and crushed. Vegetables can be finely crumbled with a sharp knife, twisted through a meat grinder or chopped with a blender. Bread and vegetables are added to the stuffing. The yolks are carefully separated from the proteins and put in the stuffing. It is better not to add egg white, since it will be curtailed and stretched into a single dense structure during heat treatment. Cutlets get tough. Salt, pepper and mix the stuffing, slightly beating it on the bowl. It should be a homogeneous, fairly dense mass. In the stuffing, you can add raw vegetables: potatoes, cabbage or carrots.

Then divide it into equal parts and form of them round or oval-shaped patties. You can do this with a tablespoon. She takes the stuffing, and shift on the palm. Throwing from hand to hand, form a patty. This method will allow to obtain blanks of the same shape.

Before cooking, cutlets are breaded in flour, breadcrumbs or semolina.

Prepare burgers in a pan, a couple in the oven or a slow cooker.

Vegetable oil is poured into a frying pan, put it on the stove and heated well. They spread the cutlets in preheated butter and fry until golden brown, then turn them over and fry them on the other side until cooked.

For cooking in the oven, the baking sheet is covered with parchment, lightly smeared with butter. They put the cutlets in it, and send them for forty minutes to the oven, preheated to 180C. The surface of the cutlets should be covered with a golden crust.

For steaming, cutlets are laid on a steamer. Water is poured into a saucepan, a grate is installed, covered with a lid and cooked for forty minutes.

Cutlets can be cooked in a slow cooker. At the bottom of the tank pour a little oil. Turn on the mode "frying". When the butter warms up, spread the patties and stir fry until golden brown on both sides. In addition, using this device, cutlets can be cooked simultaneously with a side dish. To do this, in the capacity of the device spread potatoes or another side dish. Top set the basket for cooking in a pair, which put the burgers. Cover the device with a lid and start the program “steaming” or “stewing”. Cooking time depends on the readiness of the side dish.

Minced meat cutlets: a step-by-step recipe in the oven can be cooked on a vegetable pillow, with cheese, tomatoes, in a tomato or cream sauce.

Recipe 1. Classic minced meat patties (step by step recipe)


600 g mixed ground beef; kitchen salt;

large onion head;

a mixture of peppers;


vegetable oil;

100 grams of white bread or loaf;

80 g butter;

150 ml of pasteurized milk;

125 g wheat flour.

Method of preparation

1. Bread or roll must be stale. It is advisable to use yesterday or even the day before yesterday pastries. Cut off the crust from slices of bread, cut the flesh into small pieces. Put them in a small plate. Fill with milk or cream. Leave to swell for ten minutes. The bread must absorb all the milk.

2. Cut off the root of the onion and remove the husk. Wash the onion and dip it in a napkin. Put it on a chopping board and finely crumble with a sharp knife.

3. Put the pan on fire. Pour vegetable oil into it and add butter. As soon as the last melted, put onion in a frying pan and fry, stirring constantly, until transparent. Onions, fried in a mixture of oils, it turns out fragrant, with a pleasant delicate taste. At the end of the onion fried salt and season with spices.

4. Carefully break the egg and separate the white from the yolk. Place in different dishes. Protein lightly salt, and whisk in a dense foam with a mixer or a whisk.

5. Mince is better to use chilled or homemade. But if you have a frozen product, remove it from the freezer and thaw it at room temperature. Do not speed up the process with an oven or microwave. Add the soaked bread, yolk and onion to the mince. All salt, pepper and mix well until smooth. Now beat off the stuffing, throwing it in a bowl, until you get a dense homogeneous mass. Cover the bowl with the minced meat and place in a refrigerator for 20 minutes. In chilled minced add whipped protein and mix gently.

6. Sift the flour into a flat plate. Take a tablespoon of the cutlet mass, lay on the palm and form a cutlet, throwing the stuffing from hand to hand. Roll the cutlet in flour and place on the board. Similarly, make the rest of the patties, until the mince is over. As a breading, you can use breadcrumbs or dry bread crumbs. 7. Put the cast iron skillet over medium heat. Pour the vegetable into it, and add the butter. Put the patties in the heated mixture of oils and fry until golden. Then gently turn and cook until they are browned on the other side. Pour in some water, cover and simmer until tender.

Recipe 2. Mincemeat Cutlets: A Step-by-Step Recipe with Cheese


600 g mixed ground beef;


200 grams of potatoes;

freshly ground black pepper;

two large onions;

100 g of durum cheese;

large fleshy tomato;

sunflower oil - for frying.

Method of preparation

1. For juiciness, we will add potatoes to cutlets. Wash and peel the tubers thoroughly. Grind into small chips using a grater with small sections. Grated potatoes need to squeeze. It is desirable to rub it immediately before adding to the stuffing, otherwise it will darken.

2. Rinse the pork and beef pulp, trim the streaks and film. Cut the meat into small pieces. Peel the onion and cut it into four pieces. Meat together with onions twist through a meat grinder. Onions can be chopped separately in a blender or crumble very small with a knife. Mince the salt, season with pepper, add grated potatoes and knead until smooth, beating on a bowl. Ready minced meat is desirable to be placed for some time in the refrigerator so that the meat is saturated with the aromas and flavors of spices.

3. In a tablespoon type minced. Put on the palm, pre-moistened hands in water. Form round patties of the same shape.

4. Put the pan on fire. Pour in the sunflower oil and heat it well. Put the cutlets and fry on an intense fire for a minute. Then turn and fry on the other side. This is necessary so that the burgers turn brown and preserve a maximum of juice. Then reduce the fire and cook for another five minutes over low heat. Put in a plate. 5. Peel the bulb, wash and crumble with a sharp knife as small as possible. In a frying pan, where the cutlets were fried, put onion and fry it slightly. If there is a need, add oil, but, as a rule, there is enough fat left over from frying the meatballs. When the onions turn red, pour in the broth. Tomato wash, cut off the place of attachment of the stem and cut the vegetable into small pieces. Put in pan. Simmer until tomato is soft. Put in the sauce patties. Cook for two minutes on each side.

6. Cut the cheese into thin slices by the number of chops. Put on each slice of cheese, pour over the sauce from the pan, cover and cook for another five minutes. The cheese should melt and, as it were, “wrap” minced meat patties (step-by-step recipe). Serve with a side dish or a salad of fresh vegetables.

Minced meat patties (step-by-step recipe) - tips and tricks

Do not pour the bread with a large amount of milk, otherwise it will turn out to be a liquid gruel, and accordingly the mince will turn out to be liquid.

To cutlets turned out lush and do not crack during cooking, slightly repel the stuffing.

Put the cutlets only in hot oil, otherwise they will stick to the bottom of the pan.

If the mince is liquid, fold it over a sieve and wait until all the liquid has drained.

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