Cake "Potato" - the most delicious delicacy


The “Potato” cake, so familiar to us all from childhood, never ceases to delight us with its taste, even in times of crisis. Such a dessert is very easy to prepare and it turns out so much that you can easily feed them all your relatives and friends.

The basis for this sweet dish is biscuit crumbs or pounded cookies - this product is sure to be found in any supermarket or store. It is not for nothing that “potato” is called an economical dessert, because to create it, you can dry the remaining pieces of not eaten cake or biscuits - such non-waste production!

You do not need to bake or cook anything while standing at the stove, as this cake is prepared in a matter of minutes and, in addition to great taste, is very popular all over the world. Let us enjoy its chocolate aftertaste!

To make 4 cakes, you will need:

- 500 g of biscuit crumbs;

- 120 ml of condensed milk;

- 3 tbsp. cocoa powder;

- 150 grams of butter.


You may not worry about the fact that you may not have such a dessert! Due to the lightweight composition of products, this sweet is created easily and quickly, the main thing is to find the basis for it. These can be: crackers, two or three day biscuits and pies, cookies that nobody wants to eat.

If you decide to cook “Potatoes” for your loved ones, then no one forbids you specifically for this recipe to buy a pack of cookies in the store, grabbing there and all the rest. Once you find the base - crush it into a crumb. It is best to do this in a combine - it is he who will bring a lot of biscuit or shortbread dough to the desired consistency. You can also chop walnuts right in it - if you plan to add them.


Then pour the condensed milk into the bowl, add cocoa powder and add butter. Many people advise to heat the butter first in the microwave, and only then pour it into the bowl, but this is not worth it, as the butter may coagulate due to cocoa powder. Slowly it is better to knead the whole mass into a homogeneous chocolate. If you or your loved ones have a sweet tooth, then, if desired, add some sugar to the mass. By the way, if you put it in the fridge, you get tasty chocolate butter - also from childhood!


Add crushed crumb into the mass and mix everything for 10-15 minutes, until the whole base is soaked with chocolate mass. At the same time, the resulting plastic chocolate dough itself will stick out from the sides of the bowl - this is practically the dish and ready!


Now pour water into a separate container and, constantly wetting the palms in it, separate the pieces from the dough and make oblong sausages from them - about 8 of them are produced (2 per serving). You are free to decorate such cakes to your taste: dipped in a round multi-colored sprinkle, powdered with powdered sugar or rolled in cocoa powder. In the last version, “potato” will look like a long candy “Truffle”. Serve decorated cakes to freshly made tea or coffee. Good appetite!


But if you compare this dessert with the shop, you will see what the essential difference is:

- 500 g of biscuit chips - 25 rubles;

- 120 ml of condensed milk - 10 rubles;

- 3 tbsp. cocoa powder - 10 rubles;

- 150 g of butter - 20 rubles.

Total: 4 servings of this sweet will cost you 65 rubles, but, having a biscuit base in the house, you can reduce expenses and then the dessert will pay off for you 40 rubles, while in the store 1 serving of this delicacy costs 30 rubles. Cook with us and you can surprise your loved ones with tasty and inexpensive dishes!

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