Grechanik - a nourishing and inexpensive dish

Grechanik - a nourishing and inexpensive dish

This recipe for Western Ukrainian cuisine will allow you to reduce the cost of food, because it will already include both a meat snack and a side dish. In addition, such buckwheat and minced meat patties are extremely nourishing and nutritious, so the feeling of hunger will not overtake you soon if you have breakfast, lunch or dinner with them.

Although their name comes from buckwheat, you don’t have to add buckwheat to the recipe - barley porridge, wheat and even rice can be dispensed with, though minced meat cutlets with rice have a different name - “Hedgehogs”.

This option of the second hot will help you out even in that situation, if uninvited guests suddenly come up - at one of the stages of cooking cutlets you just have to freeze them in the freezer and then you will always have ready-made semi-finished products, which you will only have to fry pan for 15 minutes!

To cook Greek, take:

- 250 g of minced meat;

- 150 grams of buckwheat;

- 0.5 tsp. salts;

- 1 onion;

- 1 chicken egg;

- 150 grams of wheat flour;

- 50 ml of vegetable oil

- 2 pinches of black ground pepper.

Grechanik - a nourishing and inexpensive dish

Buckwheat groats will cook the longest and therefore boil it immediately, washing and placing in a saucepan. Fill buckwheat with hot water and cook for 15 minutes until cooked. To boiled porridge mixed better with minced meat, it is worth a little boil.

Grechanik - a nourishing and inexpensive dish

While the porridge is boiled, skip the cleaned and washed onion in the meat grinder, adding it to the minced meat.

Grechanik - a nourishing and inexpensive dish

Pork-beef or minced pork will sound best in meatballs, but if you use minced chicken meat, then additionally twist in a meat grinder a small piece of lard to prevent grechaniki from being dry.

Next, boiled buckwheat and mince mix in a separate container with high sides, breaking a chicken egg and salting the resulting mass. Do not forget to add a few pinches of black pepper to enhance the meat taste.

Grechanik - a nourishing and inexpensive dish

Pour wheat flour in a plate and, wetting your hands in water, form small patties from the mass and immediately roll them in the flour. Put the patties on dosochku.

Grechanik - a nourishing and inexpensive dish

This is exactly the cooking stage in which you decide what to do with the semifinished products further: freeze or fry them. Although, if you cooked a lot of cutlet mass, you can do both. When freezing, put the Greek in the freezer with the doshok, and as soon as they are properly frozen, separate them from it and put them in bags for further storage in the freezer.

Having decided to fry patties, pour vegetable oil into the pan and heat it red hot. Put boneless Greek inhabitants in it and fry them for about 3-5 minutes, then turn over to the other side and reduce the heat. Cover the pan with a lid and fry for another 10 minutes - so the meatballs are steamed from the inside.

Grechanik - a nourishing and inexpensive dish

Serve the Greek for the latter along with the greens and any sauce! Enjoy your time!

Grechanik - a nourishing and inexpensive dish

By the way, such a dish will not only satisfy you and your family, but also save your family budget - let's calculate together ...

Calculation of dish cost:

- 250 g of minced meat - 50 rub .;

- 150 g of buckwheat groats - 10 rubles;

- 1 onion and 1 egg - 8 rubles;

- 100 g of flour - 3 rub .;

- 50 ml of vegetable oil, salt and pepper - 5 rubles.

TOTAL: 76 rubles

An appetizing and tasty second will cost you only 76 rubles, moreover, provided that a couple of excellent semi-finished products remain in your freezer! And this means that according to our recipes it is very profitable to cook - join us!

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