Buckwheat with meat - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cooked buckwheat with meat.

Buckwheat with meat - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cooked buckwheat with meat.

The fact that buckwheat is an extremely healthy, very tasty and nutritious product is unlikely to be denied. There are much less carbohydrates in it than in any of the cereals. A high content of amino acids and iron is another plus for this valuable dietary grain. Buckwheat is rich in vitamins and minerals. In addition, it is a complex carbohydrate, which makes the assimilation process a long one, and this increases the saturation time.

Dietary and baby food are not complete without buckwheat. So that the porridge is not tired, it can be varied. The choice of supplements is great, so nutrition does not seem boring. Milk, mushrooms, meat, vegetables, seafood, dried fruits - even this list is already wide, and it is far from complete. It can be complemented by applying all your imagination.

This article offers a number of recipes in which buckwheat is cooked with meat. With what kind of meat to cook porridge - everyone decides on the basis of their preferences. It will be equally tasty with pork, and with veal, and with poultry meat, and with rabbit meat, and even with meat of wild animals.

Buckwheat with meat - food preparation

It is customary to wash the cereal before cooking.

In addition, it must first be sorted, removing grains covered with husks and other debris.

Before cooking, the meat is washed in running water, cut into small pieces. The shape of the cut does not matter, does not affect the taste. Want to cut into cubes, rectangular bars - as they used to.

Buckwheat with meat. The best recipes

Recipe 1: Buckwheat with meat

For the dish will suit both beef and pork. Porridge cooked according to this recipe turns out rich, generously flavored with delicious, fragrant gravy.

Ingredients Required:

- meat (300 g),

- carrots (1 pc.),

- buckwheat (1 cup),

- water (two glasses),

- vegetable oil (for roasting),

- onions (1 pc.),

- salt.


First you need to cook the meat.

It should be washed, chopped. Peel the onions and carrots, chop them: carrots - using a grater, and onions - a knife.

In a pan with hot butter, first fry the meat, do it over high heat.

Add carrots and onions to lightly roasted meat, reduce heat, fry everything together. Do not forget to salt.

To the finished flavored fried add the washed buckwheat and pour boiling water.

Stir and, adding fire, boil for about five minutes, without covering with a lid.

After that, tightly close the lid, reduce the fire to the maximum and torment until fully prepared. The degree of readiness of the dish will show the water - it must be completely absorbed.

Recipe 2: Buckwheat with meat in a slow cooker

The slow cooker not only saves time, but also gets a dish with delicious and juicy meat.

Ingredients Required:

- meat (0.5 kg),

- buckwheat (1 cup),

- one onion and carrots,

- pepper, bay leaf, salt,

- water (2 cups),

- vegetable oil (for roasting).


Rinse the meat, chop. On which parts - cubes, long bars, does not matter.

Pour the vegetable oil into the bowl, fold the meat, fry in the “Frying” or “Baking” modes. This process takes about half an hour. Do not forget to turn the meat.

Meanwhile, peel the onions and carrots.

Grate carrots, better on a coarse grater.

Chop the onion with a knife.

Add carrots and onions to the meat, salt, sprinkle with pepper, put bay leaf.

Together, fry, stirring, for another quarter of an hour.

Remove the bay leaf, lay the washed buckwheat.

Pour boiling water, add salt, mix and simmer until tender.

Recipe 3: Buckwheat with meat in pots

The recipe is designed for cooking porridge in pots, the volume of which is 0.5 liters. Meat is desirable to use pork or chicken.

Ingredients Required:

- meat (250 g per pot),

- buckwheat (half a cup for one pot),

- carrot,

- vegetable and butter,

- bow,

- pepper,

- bay leaf, salt.


Washed meat cut into small pieces. Fry it in vegetable oil until golden brown. The fire for this must be strong.

Peeling carrots and onions, first - grate on a coarse grater, and cut the onion into thin half rings.

Add them to the meat, reduce the heat, add pepper and salt.

Five minutes all together, fry.

The meat is ready, you need to prepare the cereal.

It will have to sort out, rinse.

In each pot put, as mentioned, half a glass of buckwheat and pour a glass of boiling water. Do not forget about salt and pepper.

Top with pieces of fragrant meat, roasted with vegetables, and on it - bay leaf - let it make new notes of smell.

The oven must warm up to 200 degrees during this time.

Pots tightly with lids close, send for 40 minutes.

Add a piece of butter to each pot. This will improve both the taste of the porridge and its flavor.

Recipe 4: Buckwheat with meat in a pressure cooker

Mushrooms, sweet peppers complement the taste and aroma of buckwheat with meat. Thanks to cooking in a pressure cooker, the serving of lunch or dinner for hungry family members is significantly accelerated.

Ingredients Required:

- veal or beef (300 g),

- buckwheat (1 cup),

- one by one - sweet pepper and onion,

- mushrooms (200 g),

- water (2 cups),

- the amount of salt, pepper, spices, you define, to taste,

- for roasting meat will require vegetable oil.


Washed and finely chopped meat folded in a pressure cooker. Do not forget to pre-pour the vegetable oil there and wait until it warms up.

Ten minutes to fry the meat, stirring and waiting until it is browned.

Meanwhile, peel the onion and then chop finely it, mushrooms, sweet peppers.

Add these vegetables to rosy meat, then fry all together. The end of the process is defined as follows: the liquid from the bowl should evaporate, but not all — otherwise the dish may turn out to be somewhat dry.

The time has come to do buckwheat. It should be washed, put in a pressure cooker, pour boiling water.

After that, cover with a lid, close the valve. Cook, a quarter of an hour will be enough.

Recipe 5: Buckwheat with chicken meat

Another option buckwheat porridge cooked in a pressure cooker. This time - with tender chicken meat, yes, with sour cream. If you replace water with broth or mushroom broth, then, of course, you will get a rich, nourishing, nutritious dish at the exit.

Ingredients Required:

- sour cream (4 tbsp. l.),

- chicken meat (400 g),

- one by one - carrots and onions,

- one glass of buckwheat and water,

- some vegetable oil - for roasting meat,

- salt, pepper, spices - as always, strictly individually.


Peel the onions and carrots.

Chop onions into cubes.

Grate carrots on a coarse grater.

Meat, washed and finely chopped, fry in vegetable oil.

When the meat is reddened, add onions and carrots to it.

Together, fry for about ten minutes.

Washed cereal put to the meat with vegetables.

Add sour cream to the water, pour it into the pan.

Leave everything together for about twenty minutes, tightly closing the lid.

Buckwheat with meat - tips from experienced chefs

To make porridge tastier and more aromatic, you need to fry it. It will take only three minutes, but the effect will be amazing! After going, pour the cereal into a dry heated frying pan. When frying, it should be continuously stirred.

In order for buckwheat porridge to succeed, use water or broth twice as much as cereals. That is how you get moderately crumbly porridge.

Boil the porridge under the lid closed, in no case stirring it.

To determine readiness with a spoon, go to the bottom of the saucepan and check if there is water at the bottom. Water is absorbed into the grits, then remove from heat and wrap in a towel - let it sweat a little more. Then the porridge will taste better.

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