Fruit cake - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to prepare a fruit cake.

Fruit cake - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to prepare a fruit cake.

Fruit cake - general principles and methods of cooking

Fruit cake is a real cream-glaze miracle, decorated with familiar and exotic fruits and covered with fruit jelly. The ideal cake should be exactly like this: with a base of the most delicate biscuits soaked in sweet rum, a layer of fruit and jam. Light cream melting in your mouth with fruit fillings, decorations from fancy flowers and fruit figurines are a work of art, as well as a means to express your imagination and embody the most daring ideas in the design.

Fruit cake is just a variation of biscuit or sand base and various types of cream. To cook a delicious and not too greasy cake at home, it is enough to invent a recipe with lots of variations and follow your own instructions.

Fruit cakes are different - each housewife probably has at least a dozen options in his culinary repertoire. The whole interest is to come up with something original, something that has not yet been there to surprise and amaze with its unusual taste and appearance. And let this thing be quite painstaking - at least an hour or two, and even insist on jelly or cream for several hours. The result will speak for itself, because the fruit cake is almost impossible to spoil.

Fruit Cake - Food Preparation

Homemade cake cooked with your own hands, undoubtedly, will be much tastier than the shop. At home it is easier to pick up fresh, quality products. First of all, it is eggs. Beat whites and yolks separately in a best ceramic dish. Gelatin or agar-agar is used to make jelly. Sour cream, milk, cream - of course, it is better to take homemade fresh products. And of course, fruit. If you are using canned compotes, let the liquids drain well using a strainer or a colander. When whipping the cream it is still better to take fine sugar, and not icing sugar. Fruit Cake - Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Fruit rainbow sponge cake

The basis of this cake is sponge cake. Our task is to achieve softness and fluffiness, so we add starch to the dough, which makes the pores smoother. The filling of sour cream with fruit is what will make our cake light and airy, and, no doubt, extremely tasty.

Ingredients: eggs (7 pieces), fine sugar (150-200 g), a pinch of vanillin, potato starch (1 tbsp), flour (200 g, you can measure 5 full tablespoons).

Stuffing and cream: orange (1 pc), canned cherries (2 cups, remove bones), sour cream (2 cups), walnuts (lightly fried, 30-40 grams), kiwi (1-2 pcs), fine sugar (150 grams).

Cooking method

First, prepare the base - sponge cake. Separate the yolks from the proteins, rub the sugar with the yolks until completely dissolved, the mass should increase about two to three times. Squirrels are whipped into a strong foam, gradually adding a spoonful of sugar, proteins from this will become stronger.


Pounded yolks are mixed with 3/4 whipped proteins, poured sifted flour, starch and vanilla. Stir the mass should be carefully, from top to bottom. Add the remaining proteins and mix again. Grease the form, lay out 3/4 of the dough, followed by orange slices, cover with the remaining dough. We bake at 180 ° C for about an hour or less. We check the readiness of the torch, but you can only open the oven at the end of baking so that the biscuit does not rest. Cool, remove from the form on a wooden and fabric “breathing” surface. Cut along the circumference of 1 cm, we get two non-uniform cakes. This can be done with the help of a thread inserted into the incision.

Fruit decoration

On a thicker cake lay out the cherries and cover them with sour cream (whipped sour cream with sugar). Cover with the second cake. We coat the top and sides with sour cream and decorate with cherries and kiwi slices, sprinkle with nuts and put them in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours. This original fruit miracle will be a worthy end of the holiday.

Recipe 2: Yoghurt Fruit Cake

Ingredients: eggs (8 pieces), sugar (250 grams), flour (100 grams), flour (1 tbsp. Spoon), milk (2, 5 cups), starch (1 tbsp. Spoon), soluble strawberry chicory cream , yogurt (200 gr.), butter (150 grams), vanillin, cognac (30 ml), fresh or canned fruit.

1 cup jelly.

Cooking method

Dough. Beat 6 eggs, 100 grams of sugar, 2 proteins. Add a little milk (a quarter cup), flour, mix and divide into three parts. Quickly bake 3 round cakes.

Impregnation: boil water with sugar, cool and add a little cognac.


Mix starch, a spoonful of flour and two yolks. Boil milk and 100 grams of sugar, add starch and flour solution. Stir in thickened, slightly chilled, cream, add butter, vanillin, yogurt. Beat well.

Soluble cream. Mix the contents of the package with milk, beat.

Formation of the cake. Cakes soaked with a small amount of syrup. Lubricate the yogurt cream, spread the fruit on top of the cream, decorate the sides with strawberry cream. On the surface we make a side of the cream with a confectionery syringe.

Soak cakes with syrup, smear with yogurt cream, put fruit on top of the cream. Fill the jelly and set for impregnation in the fridge. Great color cake, a worthy reward for your hard work.

Recipe 3: Fruit Cake with Butter Cream and Jelly

In this recipe, you can use absolutely any fruit. Fruits from compote or frozen are quite suitable for winter fruit options; in summer, of course, it will be more convenient to add fresh ones. The originality of the recipe is emphasized by the curd cheese that enters the cream and gives it an original taste.


dough: butter or margarine (50 grams), eggs (2 pieces). sugar (50 g), baking powder for the dough, flour (150-200 grams).

cream: cream (33-35%, 50 ml), curd cheese (150 grams), sugar (50 grams), jelly for cake (10 grams), fruits and berries for decoration.


Any store jelly will be suitable for making a cake, but water should be taken a little less than the norm in order for it to freeze well and not soften.


Pound butter with sugar, add eggs, mix, add baking powder and flour and stir well. We fill the form for the test with paper, lay out the dough and make the sides. Bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes. Cool

Cream. Whip cream with sugar, mix with curd cheese. Cream lay out on the cake, leave for 1 hour in the refrigerator. We decorate with fruits and berries. For example, you can use seedless grapes (cut into 2 parts), strawberries (cut into slices), kiwi (cut into slices and ringlets), blueberries.

Prepare the jelly from the package, pour the fruit. It is better to start pouring a thin layer, let it harden a little and add the remaining jelly. That's all. It is not necessary to be an expert in cooking, it is enough to follow the instructions, and real fruit wonders are born under your hands.

Recipe 4: Curd jelly - fruit cake without baking

The cake, over which baking was not made any effort, will be the most delicious. In order for the cake to form and hold, we use agar-agar. Try to use several forms of different sizes and lay the ingredients (curd cream and jelly with fruit) at different levels - you get a great festive dish.


The first layer: agar-agar 2chl., Mango 2 pcs., Raspberry 100g., Mango juice 250ml, cottage cheese 200g.

Second layer: sugar (2 tablespoons), watermelon, martini (150 ml), cottage cheese (200 gr), blueberries (100 gr), agar-agar 2 hl.

The third layer and layer: agar-agar (3ch.l.), sugar (3-4st.l.), watermelon, martini (250ml).

For decor: grapefruit, grapes, mango. 1. Fold the ingredients into a blender and beat, add the agar-agar, bring to a boil and mix the cooled mass with the curd. Add mango and raspberry slices. Move the mass into the mold and set to freeze.

2. By the same principle, peeled watermelon, martini, sugar, beat, add agar-agar, boil, cool, mix with cottage cheese and add blueberries. Pour into a smaller form. Leave to freeze.

3. We mix the mixture for the base and interlayer in a blender, add agar-agar, boil for 1 minute.

The formation of the cake takes place in the following order: pour a watermelon layer on the mango mass, then a layer of a small shape. Decorate with fruit and pour watermelon jelly. In the refrigerator, the cake should stand for several hours.

Fruit Cake - useful tips from experienced chefs

For decorating cakes, there are hundreds of original additions, for example, lemon slices. Squeeze the juice from 3 lemons. Add a tablespoon of gelatin, 8 tablespoons of sugar and 100 grams of vodka or brandy to the juice. We warm the mixture until the sugar and gelatin are completely dissolved. We clean the lemons from the pulp and pour the mixture into the skins of lemon halves. Cool and cut into slices. In the same way, you can prepare different colored slices of kiwi, orange, tangerine, etc. The original addition to adult gatherings.

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