Kiwi calories

Kiwi calories

Is Qiwi an exotic fruit or not? Of course, in our places it still does not grow, and they bring it from across the land. But after all, how many years he has been a frequent guest on the table of a Russian person, his price is low and it is available to almost everyone. But do we all know about kiwi? What do you know besides the fact that it vaguely resembles strawberries? How rich and useful is kiwi, how many calories does it have, is it suitable for dietary nutrition?

Kiwi is also called the Chinese gooseberry, and, the truth, the shape and color are the same, the size is perhaps different. This berry is also rich in vitamin C - it is contained in it very much. It is believed that if you eat only one kiwi a day, you can fully cover the daily rate of vitamin C.

How many calories in kiwi

At the same time, the kiwi's calorie content is truly dietary! Per 100 grams of this fruit has only 47 calories! One can see from simple mathematical calculations that for a weight loss, 1, 7 kg of kiwi can be eaten per day, and in order not to recover, all three kilograms!

But a large amount of vitamin C and other substances will not allow you to overeat just like this with this tasty low-calorie product - already on the second or third berry, the tongue will begin to tingle, and if you continue - strongly tweak. Total should be in moderation. Also per 100 grams of kiwi accounted for only 0, 8 grams of protein, 0, 4 grams of fat and 8, 1 gram of carbohydrates. That is, kiwi, like all fruits, is a carbohydrate product - consider this in the preparation of a balanced diet.

Dietary fiber in the same amount of kiwi contains 3, 8 grams, organic acids - 2, 5 grams, unsaturated fatty acids - 0, 1 grams, saturated fatty acids - also 0, 1 grams, mono- and disaccharides - 7, 8 grams, starch - 0, 3 grams, ash - 0, 6 grams and water 83, 8 grams. Such is the nutritional value of kiwi and it is necessary to know that the fruit benefits your body.

By the way, kiwi can be eaten not only fresh. This fruit is very popular in dried form, while its useful properties remain full, it can also be used in the form of cocktails, mixed with other fruits, juices, milk, yogurt.

Kiwi is great with meat, because it contains the enzyme actinidin, which softens the meat fibers, which makes it just the most delicate. Kiwi for meat can be used as a marinade or a sauce for an already prepared dish. You can put sliced ​​kiwi on meat baked in the oven - it will turn out perfect, and there will be no smell from the fruit.

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