Orange calories

Orange calories

Among the variety of citrus fruits, oranges, perhaps, occupy the most honorable place. These orange fruits have a surprisingly bright and memorable taste, they are juicy and sweet, perfectly quench thirst and at the same time give a feeling of satiety. Meanwhile, oranges are rightly considered a dietary product, since 100 g of fruit pulp of this plant contains only 47 kilocalories per 100 g. At the same time, oranges are rich in vitamins and trace elements, which are indispensable for the body of both adults and children.

Orange Composition

The nutritional value of oranges is difficult to underestimate, since the composition of the fruits of this tropical plant includes volatile, possessing anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It is for this reason that oranges are recommended to be introduced into the diet of people after severe food poisoning, with colds and viral diseases. In addition, oranges are rich in organic acids, which contribute to the improvement of the work of the digestive organs, and have a very positive effect on the endocrine and nervous systems. It is thanks to organic acids that the process of splitting fat occurs in the human body, therefore, oranges often include in their diet those who want to lose weight. It should also be borne in mind that 100 g of orange pulp contains only 0, 2 g of fat and 0, 9 g of protein. However, these fruits are rich in carbohydrates, the specific Olya of which in oranges is at least 10%. It is for this reason that these tropical fruits have excellent tonic properties, they give a person strength, contribute to the rapid recovery of physical form, relieve fatigue and enhance immunity. Plus, oranges have excellent anti-edema properties, so they are recommended to be included in the menu for people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases or renal failure. It is also necessary to take into account that orange fruits are rich in dietary fibers, which are responsible for the processes of digestion. If you eat several slices of this tropical fruit before each meal, you can get rid of constipation, improve the body's metabolism and increase their digestibility.

However, when it comes to oranges, it should be borne in mind that they can cause a strong allergic reaction in people who are hypersensitive to citrus. Therefore, do not abuse this tasty and low-calorie product to the detriment of their own health.

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