Choosing citrus fruits

To choose the best citrus fruits for the festive table, first, you need to know the weather in the country from where they were brought. Indeed, in fact, the taste, quality of citrus depends on the weather during their ripening. Citrus fruits are unique plants, because they love the heat, but at the same time they also need moisture. With a lack of moisture, the tree, in order not to die, takes moisture from the fruit, and therefore instead of a juicy fruit, its miserable similarity is obtained.

Choosing citrus fruits

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However, it is often unlikely that our compatriots will burden themselves with work to find out: the ripening season of citrus in Spain, Abkhazia, Egypt or Turkey was dry or wet. A few recommendations may help here.

  • citrus fruits are not able to ripen during storage, such as apricots or tomatoes, so the fruit must be ripe;
  • choose the fruits heavier, as they are more juicy;
  • perfectly ripe lemon has a rich yellow peel, closer to orange, it is resilient, soft, it can be easily peeled; however, such lemons deteriorate rapidly and suppliers do not risk contacting such a product; and yet look for a fruit that at least corresponds to this description a little;
  • if citrus is hard, light and does not smell, do not buy them, such fruits are very bitter and not juicy;
  • Since citrus peel is rich in essential oils in addition to vitamin C, it is good to eat it, but wash the fruit before you eat;
  • buy fruits with a thick skinned only if they are large enough and you are going to make juice from them;
  • the highest content of vitamin C is not in lemon (there is citric acid), but in lime and orange; buy only smooth, smooth and heavy fruit, then you can’t go wrong;
  • buy a grapefruit, considering the same signs, (the color of the fruit changes from greenish to pink, and this is not an indicator of maturity); it is the lowest calorie fruit of all citrus fruits, and can be used by those who want to lose weight; bitterness to the fetus gives the substance naringenin, which helps to improve digestive processes; To get rid of bitterness, remove the transparent skin from the fruit, mostly there are bitter glycosides.
Choosing citrus fruits

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