What to do if the fish is too salty

What to do if the fish is too salty

Salt is the most necessary seasoning, without which it is impossible to cook almost any dish. But salt is also one of the most insidious seasonings - the over-salty dish is practically impossible. Alas, not a single one, even the most skilful hostess, is immune from such a nuisance.

But do not despair - there are plenty of options for saving the situation. Each product requires a separate consideration, now tell you how to save salted fish.

Fried, braised or boiled fish

Salted fried fish can be corrected with lemon juice. Use this simple recipe:

  • Sprinkle the fish with lemon juice and sprinkle with a little sugar on top;
  • fry a small amount of finely chopped onions and carrots and sprinkle with lemon juice and sugar too;
  • place the overcooked vegetables in a deep griddle or saucepan, put salted pieces of fried, stewed or boiled fish on top, then another layer of vegetables;
  • extinguish on low heat for 5-7 minutes.

Thus, you get a wonderful dish - a fish under a fur coat. The onions and carrots, refried without salt, will absorb some of the excess salt, and lemon and sugar will add some piquant sourness. Thin sliced ​​lemon slices can be used instead of lemon juice. This dish will be especially tasty when a few hours later it absorbs the lemon flavor.

You can also serve salted fish with unsalted garnish - mashed potatoes or rice.

Minced fish

If raw minced fish is over salted, then this problem will not be difficult to fix. It is enough to add a small amount of a suitable unsalted ingredient to the mince - onion, carrot, soaked in milk, bread or raw grated potatoes. Excellent rice will help - it must be pre-boiled until half cooked in unsalted water. If you find salting already in ready-made fish cakes, you still should not despair. The situation will help correct any sauce or sauce, cooked without salt. Creamy or milky sauce with spicy herbs is perfect for fish cakes. Pour the cutlets with the sauce and put them in the oven for 20 minutes - and the most delicious fish dish is ready. An unleavened side dish served with meatballs will even more balance the situation, and your household will never realize that quite recently a small tragedy broke out in your kitchen.

Salted fish

If you suddenly purchased salted herring, mackerel or any other fish in the store, do not rush to carry it back to the store - the situation can be saved. Your actions will be as follows:

  • Wash the fish thoroughly under running water.
  • If the fish is small, then we will soak it whole, if it is large, then we cut it into portions, so the salt will be better off.
  • Put the fish in a deep bowl and fill it with milk - so that the liquid completely covers the carcass. Fish soaked in milk is especially tender and juicy.
  • If there was no milk at hand, you can soak the fish in plain water or in steeply brewed black tea. In the water, you can add a few drops of lemon juice - salted fish will turn out with a little pleasant sourness.
  • We put the casserole with the soaked fish in the refrigerator - at room temperature the fish may deteriorate. If it is too small, then 2-3 hours is enough for soaking; if there is a lot of salt, then the fish remains in the refrigerator overnight. Water needs to be changed periodically.
  • After soaking the fish is thoroughly washed under running water, and you can enjoy mouth-watering slices.

What can be cooked from salted fish

If saving salted fish does not work, still do not rush to throw it away. There are lots of recipes of dishes in which the taste of salt will not be felt at all.

  • Use salted fish as a filling - for a pie or fish pie. Separate the flesh from the bones, add some rice, onions and carrots - and the most delicious filling is ready!
  • You can stew fish with potatoes. To do this, separate the fillets from the bones and mix with coarsely chopped potato pieces. We put everything in the pot, add some water and put in the oven for 30 minutes. Salts do not add! You can add a little greens, spices and butter. It will turn out a wonderful dish, and no one will guess for what reasons it appeared.
  • Prepare sour cream sauce and fill them with fish - it will be as tasty as beautiful.

Remember that there are very few hopeless situations in life. Enjoy your meal!

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