What to do if the potatoes are too salty

What to do if the potatoes are too salty

Now, it's probably hard to even imagine how people used to live without potatoes. But in Russia it appeared relatively recently - Peter I brought it to us, and since then potatoes have become part of traditional Russian cuisine.

The number of dishes that can be prepared from potatoes is simply huge. Probably not in the world of man who would not like fried potatoes or mashed potatoes. But what to do if suddenly the dish turned out salty? You can, of course, blame everything on love, but do not leave the whole family hungry! Is it possible to somehow save salted potatoes? And let's try!

How to avoid over-salting

Than to alter what has already been done, it is easier not to allow this to happen - that is, always be attentive to the process of adding dishes and follow simple rules:

  • Always do not overload the dish a little - you can add more salt after the dish is almost ready. This can be done even in the process of eating - remember, for these purposes there are always salt shakers in canteens.
  • For one kilogram of minced meat or minced fish, two teaspoons of salt without a slide are required.
  • When kneading dough per kilogram of flour, one teaspoon of salt is taken with a small hill.
  • To cook crumbly buckwheat porridge, take 2 teaspoons of salt without a slide per pound of raw cereals.
  • It is better to salt all dishes at the end of cooking, the only exception is boiled potatoes and fish soup.

How to save salted potatoes

  • If the fried potato is too salty, then it can be saved only by adding another ingredient to the pan that will take away the excess salt. For example, to drive 1-2 eggs - you get fried potatoes with eggs, a very favorite dish of many.

    You can add unsalted mushrooms - for example, fresh champignons, and fry them with potatoes.

    Sour cream and fresh greens can also save salted potatoes.

    Well, the last way is to fry some more fresh potatoes and mix it with salted.

    And still simple advice - make it a rule to salt the fried potatoes after it is finally ready.

  • In case of salted boiled potatoes you need to drain all the water from it and rinse thoroughly under cold water. Then add unsalted water to the saucepan with potatoes and bring to the boil - salt, of course, you do not need to add more.
  • Remove the excess salt from mashed potatoes by adding a little more unsalted mashed potatoes to it and mixing it well with the pickled potatoes. You can also add butter, milk or a little sour cream and greens to the salted mashed potatoes. You can add a raw egg to puree - but only if the potatoes are still hot.
  • Slightly salted potatoes should be served with unsalted vegetables - for example, with a salad of cucumbers and tomatoes. In the end, you can put the potatoes in a vinaigrette, vegetable salad or make a casserole from it, adding unsalted minced meat, eggs and butter.

Here, in fact, all the ways to save salted potatoes. Cook with pleasure, and such a nuisance, like peresal, will rarely happen to you!

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