Potato patties are the best recipes. How to cook potato patties.

Potato patties are the best recipes. How to cook potato patties.

Potato patties - general principles and methods of cooking

Potatoes without exaggeration can be called a favorite product in our country. There are several reasons for this popularity. It is relatively cheap, easy to grow and store, but, most importantly, a variety of hearty and very tasty dishes can be made from potatoes. Therefore, it is found on our tables almost daily, in the form of mashed potatoes, fried or boiled whole potatoes, various soups. But there is another great dish that can be made from this affordable vegetable. These are potato patties, which are essentially the same mashed potatoes, but decorated and served in their original form, with a crispy golden crust. Potato patties can be made with various fillings - meat, sausage, mushrooms, greens, cheese, cottage cheese and vegetables.

The principle of cooking potato cutlets is very simple. First, prepare mashed potatoes, then, forming the cutlets out of it and breaded them in breadcrumbs or flour, fry them on both sides. In some recipes, eggs are added to the potato mincemeat for meatballs, but in this process, each housewife herself can choose a suitable option for herself during the cooking process.

Ready cutlets are served with sour cream or various sauces - tomato, sour cream, mushroom. Potato cutlets are also good because they can be prepared for future use: by sticking, freezing and cooking when there is a need for it.

Potato patties - food preparation

To potato patties turned out really tasty and lush, it is important to use high-quality potatoes. We all know that potatoes are different. Practice shows that the best potato patties are obtained from potatoes with a pinkish skin. It is crumbly and tasty, so the meatballs from it turn out lush and very appetizing.

One more thing. In recipes, potato patties are usually fried in vegetable oil. However, for this you can use not only vegetable oil, but also pork, chicken or goose fat. The main thing is to have enough fat so that the cutlets can be well fried and covered with a golden crust. Potato patties - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Potato patties

These cutlets are easy to prepare and the minimum set of necessary products, in addition, the most affordable. However, they are tasty and tender.


1 kg of potatoes;

50 gr. vegetable oil;

50 gr. flour;

to taste salt;

frying oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Peel the potatoes and boil them in lightly salted water until cooked.

2. Very carefully drain from the pan with the potatoes water, put it for a few seconds on the fire, to allow the remaining liquid to evaporate (this is important).

3. After adding vegetable oil to the boiled potatoes, knead it in mashed potatoes and salt if necessary. Give cool.

5. From the cooled mashed potatoes, form the patties and, thoroughly breaded them in flour, fry in a well-heated pan with vegetable oil. As soon as a ruddy crust appears - our potato patties are ready! Serve them with sour cream.

Recipe 2: Potato patties with salmon

A great option for a simple family dinner, when there is neither time nor energy for large-scale cooking, but I really want to eat after a working day. The task is even more simplified if you already have mashed potatoes. Instead of salmon, you can add pieces of any white fish to the patties.


900 gr. potatoes;

30 gr. butter;

300 gr. salmon fillet;

200 gr. flour;

to taste salt with pepper and parsley;

rast. frying oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Clean and boil potatoes in lightly salted water, then add butter and make mashed potatoes. Cover with a lid to keep it cool.

2. Pour salmon with water, cook on low heat for about 5 minutes. Then lay out the fish on a plate, let it cool for a few minutes and disassemble it into pieces. Finely chop parsley.

3. Carefully mix the salmon pieces with mashed potatoes, add the parsley with salt and black pepper to them. We form round patties from the resulting mixture and roll them into flour.

4. Warming up on medium heat in a pan of vegetable oil, fry our burgers until golden brown. Served with sour cream.

Recipe 3: Potato patties with mushrooms

Very tasty and nourishing meatballs, which will surely please vegetarians and those who keep the posts. Although the rest of the lovers of tasty food, they will fall in love.


1 kg of potatoes;

200 gr. champignons;

2 tbsp. l flour;

to taste pepper and salt;

rast. frying oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Peel the potatoes and boil them until done in lightly salted water.

2. When the potatoes are cooked, drain and mash the potatoes in mashed potatoes. Give a little cool, salt and pepper.

3. While the potatoes are cooling, make the filling. After washing the mushrooms and chopping them finely, fry in a frying pan with vegetable oil, stirring occasionally. At the end of frying, salt and pepper, then remove the pan from the heat and let the mushrooms cool.

4. Turn on the oven and start cooking our chops. After forming a cake with wet hands, we spread 1 tsp on it. mushrooms. Then, again with wet hands, put it together with the filling with the filling on the palm of your hand and make an oval cutlet so that the filling remains inside.

5. We grease a baking sheet with vegetable oil. Then we spread our potato patties with mushrooms on it, first rolling them in breadcrumbs or flour.

6. Put the baking sheet with our burgers in the oven and bake them for about 20 minutes until golden brown. Serve hot. Add adzhika or mushroom sauce to these potato cutlets with mushrooms.

Potato patties - useful tips from experienced chefs

If the mashed potatoes that you made for meatballs turned out to be too thin, don't worry. Add flour to it, so much so that you can make cutlets with your hands from the resulting mass.

Starting to prepare potato patties, look in your fridge to find the right stuffing for them: leftover sausage, cheese, ham, mushrooms, meat and any other that can make your dish more tasty and appetizing.

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