Zrazy with mushrooms - a dish with a surprise! Recipes for meat, potato zraz with mushrooms and cheese, vegetables, various sauces

Zrazy with mushrooms - a dish with a surprise! Recipes for meat, potato zraz with mushrooms and cheese, vegetables, various sauces

Zrazy with mushrooms is not just a burger with stuffing. This dish is distinguished by an appetizing crust, special juiciness, amazing aroma and taste.

You can cook them on the stove and in the oven, use meat or potatoes for the base, there are many options, and here are the most interesting.

Zrazy with mushrooms - the general principles of cooking

The base for mushrooms and zraz can be made from meat or potatoes. In the first variant, minced meat is used, it is mixed with egg, spices, onions, a soaked loaf can be added. For potato dishes, the tubers are boiled in uniform or in peeled form. It is important not to chop them very finely, not to add a lot of liquid. Next, the potatoes are crushed, eggs are added to the bond, flour, you can put any seasoning in the base, but not greens. Pieces of dill or parsley will burn, which will spoil the look of the dish.

Which mushrooms are used for the filling:

• boiled;

• fried;

• pickled or salted.

Any seasoning, cheese, vegetables, ham or sausages can also be added to them. Before forming zraz, hands need to be moistened with water, especially whimsical in the work of potato dough. The shape of the products can be given any, but usually prepare zrazy in the form of elongated meatballs or pies.

Ready zrazy paned flour, crackers. Then you can simply fry in a skillet, stew in sauce, bake in the oven. When serving potato zrazy, it can be added with vegetables, various sauces. Meat dish with mushrooms perfectly complemented with side dishes of rice, buckwheat, pasta, potatoes.

Classic potato zrazy with mushrooms

Recipe for ordinary potato zraz with mushrooms, which are fried in a skillet in oil. For the filling, you can use mushrooms, mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, chanterelles.


• kilogram of potatoes;

• egg;

• onion;

• 300 g of mushrooms;

• flour, spices;

• oil for frying.

Cooking 1. Peel the potatoes, put them in the pan. Add water as much as it barely covers the tubers. Put on the stove, cook until soft, salt it.

2. While the potatoes are being prepared, we shred one onion, put them in the pan, add the chopped mushrooms. Cooking stuffing. We fill with salt, pepper, add greens to taste. Leave to cool.

3. Pour out all the water from the potatoes, chop them with ordinary tolkushkoy. Cooling down. Add one raw egg, pour three tablespoons of flour. It should make a soft, sticky dough.

4. We moisten hands, we pinch off a small amount of potato dough, form a cake. It can be laid out on a surface powdered with flour.

5. We type an incomplete spoonful of mushroom stuffing, put it on potatoes, form a chop, completely roll in flour, flatten out a little. You can give an oval shape, make in the form of a bar or droplets, as you like.

6. Form all zrazy at once.

7. Spread on a griddle with heated butter or vegetable oil. Fry to a beautiful, golden crust on both sides. Cover is not necessary. Served with sour cream, ketchup, garlic sauce.

Zrazy with mushrooms in the oven

Meat recipe with marinated mushrooms, which are baked in a conventional oven with cream.


• 800 g minced meat;

• 250 g marinas. mushrooms;

• 1 bunch of green onions;

• 1 egg;

• 3 tbsp. l flour;

• 1 onion raw;

• 2 cloves of garlic;

• 180 ml of cream;

• 120 grams of cream cheese (soft).


1. Grind the peeled onion and two cloves of garlic, combine with minced meat, add one raw egg to it. The mass must be thoroughly stirred and must be discarded. To do this, take the stuffing in hand and with force we throw on the tabletop, lift and repeat so several times.

2. Pickled mushrooms cut into thin slices, mix with green onions, you can add dill to them. Spices and salt are not needed.

3. We moisten hands, make meat patties with mushroom stuffing inside. Smooth, we roll in flour, but a little. Immediately shift in a blurred form. 4. We bake zrazy for 15-20 minutes, the temperature is about 200 degrees.

5. Mix the cream with a teaspoon of flour, add cream cheese to them, carefully rub it so that there are no lumps. Sauce slightly salted, pepper.

6. Take out the zrazy from the oven, pour plenty of each sauce. Return to the oven. We bake about twenty minutes, but reduce the temperature to 180 degrees.

Potato zrazy with mushrooms and cheese

Mushrooms and cheese are one of the most popular combinations that can be used as a filling for ordinary potato zraz. We will fry them in a conventional griddle.


• 1.2 kg of potatoes;

• 2 eggs;

• 250 g of champignons;

• 120 grams of cheese;

• 1 clove garlic;

• oil, spices;

• 1 tbsp. flour;

• dill, pepper and other seasonings.


1. Boil the potatoes, salt and knead, leave for a while to cool slightly. Then break eggs one by one, add 0.5 cups of flour in small portions, stir.

2. Mushrooms cut, fry for a couple of minutes, add to them chopped onion. Pass to transparency, add garlic, add dill, spices, turn off. Give the mushrooms a little cool.

3. Cut the cheese into pieces or rub it coarsely. Add to fried, but not hot mushrooms, stir.

4. We make zrazy from potatoes, put mushroom stuffing with cheese in each piece, carefully hide everything, smooth it, roll it down in flour.

5. Spread the patties, spread on the pan, fry one side first, then brown the product on the second side. Oil for roasting can be used any.

Potato zrazy with mushrooms in the oven

Recipe potato zraz, which are baked in the oven. Stuffing from ordinary fried champignons.


• kilogram of potatoes;

• 200 g of mushrooms;

• 1 carrot;

• 1 onion;

• 150 g sour cream;

• 20 g creamy. oils;

• spices, flour;

• 2 eggs.


1. Mash the boiled potatoes until smooth, cool to room temperature. Enter a couple of eggs, do not forget to salt, add 3-4 tablespoons of flour, knead until homogeneous. 2. Cut the onion and carrot into small cubes. Fry for a few minutes in butter, add mushrooms. If champignons are used, then we cut them into small cubes. If forest mushrooms, then first boil, then cut. Fry with vegetables almost until tender. Put the spices.

3. We make potato zrazy in the form of large meatballs with mushroom filling. Sprinkle with flour outside, if the mass will stick. Put in shape.

4. Liberally grease zrazy fat sour cream.

5. Bake until golden brown in the oven at 200 degrees. Served with greens.

Potato zrazy with mushrooms and eggs

Option economical fillings for potato zraz with mushrooms. Soaked dried mushrooms can be used.


• 900 g of boiled potatoes;

• large raw egg;

• 100 g boiled mushrooms;

• 2 boiled eggs;

• 1 onion;

• flour, spices, butter;

• dill, onion.


1. In a boiled potato, break a large egg, add a couple of tablespoons of flour, stir.

2. Cut the onion into small cubes, fry in oil, add finely chopped mushrooms to heat, season with spices, and stir. Cool it down.

3. Cut eggs into small cubes, add chopped greens. Stir, put in cooled mushrooms.

4. Blind zrazy, roll in flour.

5. Put in hot oil, fry until a beautiful crust. Serve with fresh sour cream, herbs, vegetables.

Zrazy with mushrooms in the oven with tomato sauce

Another recipe for meat zraz with mushrooms in the oven. Fresh tomatoes are used for the sauce.


• 700 g of minced meat;

• egg;

• 2 pieces of bread;

• some milk;

• 250 g of mushrooms;

• 100 g onions;

• 6 tomatoes;

• 1 tsp. flour.


1. Soak a couple of pieces of bread in milk, put in minced meat, add spices, egg, mix thoroughly.

2. Fry the mushrooms with onions until tender.

3. Form zrazy with mushroom filling, put in a greased form. Bake until light crust in the oven, set the temperature to 190-200.

4. Grate the tomatoes, discard the skin. Pour into a saucepan, gently mix a teaspoon of flour. Boil until thickened, add spices. 5. Remove the patties from the oven and pour over the tomato sauce. Return to the oven, cook the same amount of time. Serve with gravy.

Potato zrazy with mushrooms in a crispy crust

For these potato zraz it will take a lot of breadcrumbs, they will give the cutlets a ruddy, crisp crust.


• 800 g potatoes (already boiled);

• 3 eggs;

• 180 g pickled mushrooms;

• 2 onions;

• spices;

• 0.3 Art. flour;

• vegetable oil and cream;

• 1.5 cups of crackers.


1. Prepare a potato base from a single egg, flour and salt. To stir thoroughly.

2. Fry chopped onions in a small amount of oil, cool, add chopped pickled mushrooms.

3. Blind zrazy small size.

4. Beat two eggs in a bowl with a fork. In another bowl pour the breadcrumbs.

5. Moisten immediately in the egg, roll in crackers. To panned in this way all formed patties.

6. Combine butter and vegetable oil in a frying pan, heat up. Lay out the formed zrazy, fry until cooked.

Zrazy with mushrooms - tips and tricks

• Fry potato zrazy better on a mixture of vegetable and butter, the crust will taste better.

• Cheese can be added not only to the filling. But also in potato dough. For this, the product is rubbed very finely, thoroughly stirred.

• If fresh greens are added to the filling, then it is better to mix it with your hands beforehand in order to reduce the volume, to facilitate the formation of spares.

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