How to spoil grilled fish: major errors

How to spoil grilled fish: major errors

The grill is either natural or electric, and a griddle with a special ribbing is often used instead. On any of these types of grills you can cook fish. It will be juicy and tasty, if you do not make some mistakes.

How not to spoil grilled fish?

There are nine of them. The most common mistakes cooking fish on the grill. It is important to read to the end!

Error one: wrong fish

On the grill, you can even throw yourself caught carp or perch. Even this fish is better suited for it than dry pike perch, pike, berchik. Whiting, hake and other marine species, in which there is very little fat, are also not suitable. Nothing tasty and really juicy will come of it.

In addition to dry fish, you should also not grill over-fatty species, such as halibut or oily fish (family stromatheus, seriolella, gray mackerel).

What can be grilled:

  • crucian, common carp, tench and other river fish;
  • som;
  • mackerel;
  • all types of salmon;
  • herring.

Fish loses its taste and juiciness after thawing, especially for river species. For this reason, a fresh product should be purchased for grilling. But, if there is no such possibility, then we try to defrost it properly. It is better to leave in the refrigerator for 10-12 hours.

Error two: chopped or crumbled?

The grill does not cook the fish in small pieces. Usually make transverse steaks, if the carcasses are large. Small fish is better to cook whole, removing the scales and removing the entrails, heads can be cut off or left, the same swinging fins. As for the thickness of the fish when cutting, then for steaks it should not be less than two centimeters. Otherwise, the pieces will quickly dry out. This is especially dangerous with respect to pink salmon and other dry species. If several types of fish are used, it will differ not only in the thickness of the pieces, but also in the preparation time. Therefore, it is not necessary to combine everything in one bowl or interspersed on the grill.

Good advice! If fillet of salmon or other large fish is being prepared on the skin, then the skin must be cut in several places. Otherwise, it will begin to cringe from the hot grill, the piece will turn out in an arc.

Third mistake: fish is not meat, you don’t need to pickle so much

Grilled meat or shish kebab requires a long soaking, pickling in spices and sauces. Fish do not need it. It is enough to season the pieces, leave for half an hour. Sometimes they don’t do it, they just pour lemon juice on it, rub it with oil, and then send it to the grill or to the surface of the electric grill.

If the fish is marinated for a long time, especially with the use of a large amount of salt and lemon, it will only become drier.

Before marinating, the fish must not only be rinsed well, but also dried with napkins, otherwise the water will prevent the spices from going deep inside.

Error Four: Many Spices for Grilling

Fish loves spices, they give a spicy taste, mask the aroma of tina (if available), significantly improve the quality of the dish. It is advisable not to overdo it, and also not to mix more than four types at the same time.

What can I add:

  • paprika;
  • turmeric;
  • different types of pepper;
  • rosemary;
  • laurel.

It should be borne in mind that not only fish but also spices roast on the grill, they can burn. Therefore, it is recommended to either grind to powder, or leave large pieces that can be brushed away without problems.

Fifth error: did they grill the grill?

In fact, the grill can not be lubricated, and you should not cover with oil grill. It is better to apply it directly to the pieces of fish. You can pour in the marinade. This is especially true when using fish dry species. Fats will saturate the fibers, give juiciness, significantly improve the taste.

In addition to oil, special glaze is sometimes used to give a fish a brown crust. It is made from honey with soy sauce and spices, but is applied to the pieces with a brush at the very end. If you lubricate immediately, the glaze will burn faster than the fish itself is prepared.

Error Six: Low Temperature

There is nothing worse than fragrant and tasty, but overdried fish. It is impossible to swallow. Therefore, grill or grill before laying the product must be well heated. If coals are used, then hot. Firewood must be burned out, but not extinguished. Good heat must come from them.

If the meat is cooked, you can fry it after the fish, as it is cooked much faster, the coals during this time will not have time to go out or lose the heat. But vegetables for side dishes, like mushrooms, can be cooked at the very least, especially for potatoes.

Error Seven: cooking for a long time

This moment often follows from a previous error. But sometimes the fish is cooked and at high temperature for a long time. Do not do this. Salmon steaks often require 10-12 minutes. Small fish even not fully prepared for more than 15-20 minutes. No need to navigate the outer crust. The fish in the skin does not always brown to brown.

Error eight: the fish are not tired

Therefore, she does not need to “rest” after cooking. It is better to lay out on the plates immediately from the grill. You should not put in a saucepan, cover, otherwise the juice begins to flow out of the pieces. For the same reason, do not prepare grilled fish for the holiday table in advance. This is exactly the dish that is best served immediately on the table.

Last mistake: smart side dish

Grilled fish can be served with cereals, and potatoes, and even with pasta. But it is desirable to choose the simplest side dish with a minimum amount of spices, seasonings, sauces. Otherwise, they will interrupt the taste and aroma of the fish from the grill.

Ideal side dishes for grilled fish:

  • leafy salads and greens;
  • fresh vegetables;
  • boiled, baked cauliflower, broccoli;
  • steamed vegetable mixes, can be with rice.

Since the grilled fish is usually cooked in large pieces or as a whole, it will completely replace the whole dish and perfectly “go down” even without a side dish. It is enough to add a slice of lemon and a few twigs of greenery. Especially gorgeous in this design looks salmon. Does he need anything else?

The main secret of grilled fish is minimalism. No need to pile up the product with spices, cook for a long time, pour on sauces and fill up with a bunch of side dishes. The golden rule - the simpler the better!

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