Smoked fish - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook smoked fish.

Smoked fish - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook smoked fish.

When smoked, the fish is not only preserved for a long time, but also takes on the appearance of a tasty snack. In the store, it is rarely possible to find real smoked fish, most often it is treated with so-called “liquid smoke” - a very harmful substance that only creates the smell of smoked fish. However, delicious fish, both hot and cold smoked, can be cooked at home.

Cold smoking allows you to store fish for a long time at room temperature (from +18 to + 20 ° C). When smoked hot (t - from +80 to + 150 ° C), we get a healthy, biologically valuable product in a relatively short time.

For smoking you need the following conditions:

1. A good smokehouse (purchased or homemade);

2. correctly harvested wood for the smokehouse;

3. strict maintenance of the temperature regime of smoking.

Smoked fish - preparation of dishes

For smoking, you need any non-oxidizing pelvis for pre-salting the fish and, in fact, the smokehouse itself. If not ready, then it can be built on their own. The simplest option is a non-galvanized bucket that has a lid or a stainless steel box equipped with handles (for mounting and removing from the fire) and a lid. Inside this tank, at a distance of 4 cm from the bottom, place the grid (there may be several). Sawdust or shavings poured to the bottom of the smokehouse (2-3 handfuls per bucket).

Smoked fish - food preparation

Different varieties of fish need to be prepared for smoking in different ways. You should also pay attention to the fat content of fish and its weight. For example, small fish do not need to gut.

In perch, the belly should be cut not from the bottom, but from the side, while cutting all the ribs. Next, you need to salt the fish, pack in a plastic bag, bury it in the ground. After an hour and a half (depending on the size of the zander), the fish is dug out, turned over to the other side, buried again for the same time interval. Then the pike perch is removed from the bag, washed well, hung upside down. Finely chop the garlic and put it together with black pepper (peas) and bay leaf in the belly of the fish. Salmon and perch are gutted, but the scales are not peeled off - the fish will come out richer, then it will easily come off together with the skin. Large fish need to cut. Salt in brine for 15-30 minutes (depending on the concentration of salt). 1-2 bay leaves, black peppercorns (2-3 pieces), dill and onion are put into the fish. If the fish is cooked in its entirety, then its belly needs to be expanded or a sliver-spreader should be inserted into it.

The oppressive method is suitable for carp, chub, ide, pike, catfish, perch and any small fish. Large and medium-sized fish gut, along the ridge make longitudinal cuts for the best sagging. Next, the fish fall asleep coarse salt and put under the yoke: small - for 8-9 hours, large - for 11-12. The resulting brine is drained, and the fish is rinsed in water (preferably running) for 2 hours.

When dry salted in bags, the fish can not be washed. Large and medium-sized fish gut, remove the spine and head. Then it is placed in bags by this method: a layer of gray coarse salt, a layer of fish pulp down (even before sprinkled with salt), a layer of fish (with salt) pulp up, a layer of salt. Next, repeat the layers. Periodically shake the bag so that the layers are properly sealed. Do not fill the bag more than half. After laying the neck should be tightly tightened, because it will create additional pressure on the salted fish. Bury the bag in the sand, then carefully seal it. With this method, any fish salted for a day. Trifle and pike - for 12 hours.

Recipe 1: Hot smoked fish

To cook hot smoked fish, you must first salt it in one of the above methods, and then fix it for an hour.

Ingredients: any fish, salt, spices.

Method of preparation

Rinse the fish after wilting (it is better to soak the large one in water for an hour) Then it is laid out on the grid loosely, in one layer. Larger place at the bottom of the smokehouse. At the very beginning of smoking, for boiling and drying the fish, they maintain a sufficiently strong fire, while ensuring that the fish do not burn. Next, the fire is screwed and smoked fish 30-60 minutes.

Recipe 2: Cold Smoked Fish

For salting fish before cold smoking, salt is used a little more than before hot. Next, the fish is well soaked (one day), washed and dried. Large - up to 5 days, and small - up to 3. For large fish, spacers are inserted into the abdominal cavity.

Ingredients: Any fish, salt, spices

Method of preparation

Prepared fish is placed in a smokehouse with sawdust. Smoke with cold smoke (about 25 ° C) for 1-6 days, depending on the size of the fish. The more salted it is, the lower the temperature should be.

Recipe 3: Half-Hot Fish

Recently, this technology is becoming increasingly popular, because it is quite simple and allows you to experiment.

Fish should be salted no more than a day. The same time is required for her soaking.

Ingredients: Any fish, salt, spices.

Method of preparation

The temperature in the smokehouse is maintained at 50-60 ° C. The whole process takes no more than one light day.

Smoked fish - useful tips from experienced chefs

The fish will be even tastier if sawdust of fruit trees is used for smoking. It should not be used for these purposes tar trees (pine, spruce).

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