Fried sea bass fillet with vegetables

I used to fry fish in flour or egg, sometimes in batter. But it turns out, you can cook a delicious grilled fish completely without additional products. Only fish, spices and vegetable oil. It turns out very tasty!

Fried sea bass fillet with vegetables

But to get a beautiful result (so that the fillet pieces are not stuck to the pan and do not fall apart, but turn out to be whole, beautiful), you need to take into account some nuances. Knowledgeable cooks shared with me some of the secrets of the cook, and part I learned through experience: before offering you a recipe, I grilled the fish three times to scout all the “know-how” and share with you.

Ingredients for Roasted Sea Bass Fillet with Vegetables

  • 2 grouper fillets;
  • salt;
  • ground black pepper;
  • vegetable oil.

Instead of sea bass, you can take another fish without stones, medium fat.

Fried sea bass fillet with vegetables

A method of cooking roasted sea bass fillet with vegetables

Secret one. To fry fish without eggs and flour, you need a special frying pan with a non-stick coating. For example, I fry on a pancake with a ceramic coating. In a conventional pan, this trick is unlikely to work.

The second secret. Fillet must be dry. Therefore, if you are cooking fresh-frozen fish, you need to thaw it completely, and then you should rinse the fillet pieces and dry with a paper towel. Do not use a napkin better - it is not as dense as a towel, it will soften and stick to the fish. The fillet prepared in this way is rubbed with salt and pepper.

Fried sea bass fillet with vegetables Fried sea bass fillet with vegetables Fried sea bass fillet with vegetables

The third secret. Spread fillets on a hot frying pan. Not warm or just slightly warmed up, but hot - then the risk that the pieces will stick is minimal. Pour some vegetable oil into the pan, distribute it in a thin layer and heat it until it starts to squash.

And one more trick, invented by me - before putting the fillet in the pan, grease it from both sides with sunflower oil. I did this when I fry “take 3”, and this time turned out to be the most successful.

Fried sea bass fillet with vegetables

Fry the fish from one side on the fire above the average, covered with a lid, until the color changes.

Then we gently disperse with a thin wide blade and turn it over.

Fried sea bass fillet with vegetables

Fry from the second side without a lid, 3-4 minutes, until browning.

And carefully remove the spatula on a plate.

Fried sea bass fillet with vegetables

With practice, you get the hang of it, and you will get neat, ruddy pieces. Serve fried fish can be with a side dish or salad, and always with bread. It is successfully complemented with boiled and, if desired, lightly fried broccoli or cauliflower, slices of sweet pepper and tomatoes.

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