On which pan you can fry without oil

On which pan you can fry without oil

Fried foods with their mouth-watering golden color and ruddy crispy crust to all. And so the pan - the first assistant of any hostess (and a weighty argument in a heated argument).

Until recently, cooking without oil was considered simply impossible. Besides the fact that the heated oil film envelops any product, preventing excessive evaporation of the liquid - the marinade or its own juice, the roasting time is often much less than the time that would have to be spent boiling the same products until ready. When roasting in oil, it loses moisture and only the outer layer is dried in contact with the pan. It forms the coveted crust.

No matter how briefly it is roasting in oil, it is possible to reduce this period to just a few minutes and to minimize the consumption of hazardous compounds formed when any oils are heated, special dishes allow:

  • with a so-called non-stick coating;
  • grilled pans;
  • ceramic pans.

The principles of healthy eating that are in vogue are based on a reduction in caloric intake and a reasonable reduction of fat. Eliminating the contradiction between what is considered tasty and healthy, helps roasting in a pan without oil. Any woman can appreciate the benefits of such cooking today: this technology is no longer the exclusive prerogative of prestigious restaurants.

Plastic shield

All non-stick coatings somehow represent a special layer of polytetrafluoroethylene polymer, which has the simple trade name “Teflon”. Contrary to rumors, it is completely harmless and is widely used in medicine and the production of implants.

When choosing Teflon dishes should consider a few points:

  • the thicker such a coating, the more durable the pan equipped with it - some manufacturers apply several layers of it;
  • cast base dishes preferably stamped, which can be deformed;
  • a frying pan with a non-stick layer applied by spraying will last longer;
  • The non-stick layer of trustworthy branded products has a rough surface.

Feature of Teflon-coated cookware: it requires careful handling. Mechanical damage and sharp temperature contrast are unacceptable.

Striped frying pan

Grill pans with a nanocomposite coating are made primarily of cast iron, so the moisture from the products evaporates slowly, feeding them and preventing overdrying. The ribbed surface is an imitation of the grill; it limits the contact area of ​​vegetables or meat with a hot frying pan, leaving them with characteristic mouth-watering strips. Such dishes are just perfect for cooking meat, and the thicker the casting and the higher the embossed stripes, the better the cooking quality will be. Cooking in a frying pan-grill is carried out without an open flame, only due to the release of its own juice or fat, melted from meat pieces, when heated and drained into its grooves. Steaming, it creates a greenhouse effect in miniature, which brings any product to readiness.

The gradual release of liquid and in parallel with its evaporation prevents burning. Frying pans of large sizes, similar to corrugated baking trays, which are placed on several burners, make it possible to cook dinner for a large company.

Advantages of grill pans:

  • variety of forms, convenient execution with two heat-resistant handles;
  • a practical cover-press may be included in the package, without which it is impossible to prepare a number of dishes, for example, chicken tobacco;
  • their durability, resistance to mechanical damage;
  • thickened bottom.

Cast-iron grill dishes are versatile, it is suitable for all types of cookers.

Stylish and sleek

Ceramic dishes are great for cooking foods that are high in fat. Its name “ceramic” is very arbitrary, since in fact, the working surface of dishes is made from a mixture - a composite - of several materials based on ceramic.

The advantages of such dishes are:

  • a one-third reduction in electricity costs for cooking;
  • uniform heating of the entire area of ​​the pan;
  • exceptional heat resistance (dishes can withstand heat up to 400-450 ºC), allowing it to be used for baking in the oven;
  • her amazing lightness.

A number of simple recommendations will allow you to enjoy both cooking and consumption of food prepared without oil:

  • products should be laid out on a well heated pan;
  • the refusal of oil does not mean that they should not lubricate the working surface of the dish;
  • lovers of roasted steaks should be cut into slices no thicker than 2 cm;
  • vegetables should be salted and sprinkled with spices before frying;
  • food is cooked under the lid, and it is better if it is equipped with a valve to release steam.

When choosing dishes, one should understand that a quality frying pan from a reputable manufacturer will not be cheap.

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