Fish in cream: cooking is easy, eating is useful. Options for cooking fish in cream: with mushrooms, cheese, shrimp

Fish in cream: cooking is easy, eating is useful. Options for cooking fish in cream: with mushrooms, cheese, shrimp

Fish cooked in cream, turns out just incredibly juicy and tender. Absolutely any fish is cooked in cream. It can be marine or freshwater. It is desirable, of course, that it had as few bones as possible.

In Russia, fish in cream was long tormented in a furnace, thanks to which it practically melted in the mouth.

Add horseradish root and celery to this dish, and if you want to make the taste of the dish more vivid, add garlic. Also, the cream fish is cooked with vegetables.

Fish in cream stew or bake in the oven. Pre-fish is cleaned of scales, remove fins, tail, head, and cut into portions. You can take out the ridge and bones to get fillets.

Fish in cream - the basic principles of cooking

The prepared fish is marinated in spices or sauce. Vegetables are cleaned, washed well and crushed. They can be spread on the fish, or else make a vegetable pillow, and bake fish on it.

Cream sauce is prepared, which add spices, flour or cheese. The dish is poured the resulting sauce and sent to the oven for 15 minutes.

For stewing fish in cream, they use mostly fillet, which is cut into small pieces, add vegetables and cook over low heat.

Recipe 1. Norwegian cream fish


fillet of any fish;

2 eggs;


spices and sea salt;

300 ml of cream;

2 slices of white loaf crumb;

100 grams of cheese;

lean oil.

Method of preparation

1. Pour vegetable oil into the form, lay out leeks chopped with rings.

2. Wash the cod fillet, dry it with a disposable towel and cut into small pieces. We put the fish on top of the onion and fill it with cream.

3. Crumble the loaf crumb. Break eggs into a bowl, lightly beat and spread the crushed bread into them. Salt, pepper, add fine cheese chips and mix well. Spread the mixture over the fish.

4. We put the form with fish in the oven and bake for half an hour. We take out the form, cut the fish into portions and serve.

Recipe 2. Fish in creamy lemon sauce


fresh fish (carp, pike perch or pelengas) - half a kilogram; basil and parsley;


80 grams of cheese;

flour - 65 g;

60 g breadcrumbs;

cream - 100 ml;

spices for fish;

60 ml of olive oil;

salt coarse.

Method of preparation

1. Peel the scales off the fish, gut, remove the head and tail. Wash and slice it in portions of steaks. Salt, rub with spices for fish and roll in flour.

2. Heat the olive oil in the pan, and fry the fish in it until an appetizing crust. Put it in a fireproof dish. Sprinkle with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

3. Using the smallest grater segment, remove the zest from the lemon. Cheese rub fine chips. Rinse greens, lightly dry and chop melenko with a knife. Put everything in a deep dish, add some breadcrumbs here and mix.

4. Fill the fish with cream. Sprinkle the top with a mixture of cheese and bake for ten minutes in an oven preheated to 200C.

Recipe 3. Fish stewed in cream


kilogram of fish;

a pinch of salt;

100 ml of cream;

120 grams of hard cheese;

40 g olive oil;

Provencal herbs.

Method of preparation

1. Clean and gut fish. Wash it under the tap and cut it into small pieces.

2. Put the fish pieces in the cauldron, cover with cream and sprinkle with Provencal herbs.

3. Put the cauldron on the stove, cover with a lid and turn on the fire to the minimum. Tomite the fish for about ten minutes. Chop the cheese into large chips, and sprinkle them with fish. Cover with a lid and cook until all the liquid has evaporated and the cheese is melted. Serve the potato side dish.

Recipe 4. Cream fish with shrimp


cream - half a cup;

200 ml of milk;

a piece of butter;

12 shrimp;

5 g of spices for fish;

900 g of fillet of any fish (it is better to take salmon);

20 ml of olive oil.

Method of preparation

1. Thaw the fish fillets, rinse and dip them with paper towels. Cut the fillets from the skin, salt, pepper and put in a heat-resistant form, having previously smeared with a piece of butter.

2. Peel and rinse the shrimp. Put on a napkin and lightly dry. Tails do not throw away. Heat the butter in a pan and lightly fry the shrimp in it until it turns red. Put them on top of the fish. 3. In a skillet, mix the cream, milk and melted butter. Place the skillet on the stove, put the shrimp tails in the sauce, salt and bring to the boil. Strain the sauce.

4. Pour the sauce over the fish. Put the fish form in the oven preheated to 180 ° C for a quarter of an hour.

Recipe 5. Fish in cream with broccoli


Half a kilo fillet of any fish;

on the tip of a knife ground pepper;

10 g butter;

two pinches of kitchen salt;

150 g cauliflower;

100 g of frozen green peas;

150 g broccoli;

200 ml of cream of fat.

Method of preparation

1. Wash the fish fillets, lightly salt and season with pepper. Leave for a while. Then lay out the fish in a heat-resistant form, brushing it with a piece of butter.

2. Divide the cauliflower into florets and transfer it to a colander. Rinse it under the tap. Broccoli wash. We shift the vegetables on top of the fish, salt and pepper. Fill all with cream.

3. Sprinkle all the green peas, and put the form with fish and vegetables in the oven, preheated to two hundred degrees. Bake for half an hour. Sprinkle with chopped greens and serve with any side dish.

Recipe 6. Fish in cream with vegetables


1 fish (take the one you like);

dill greens;


spices for fish;

2 bell peppers;

kitchen salt;

150 g pumpkin;

a glass of cream;

2 red, fleshy tomatoes.

Method of preparation

1. Rinse and dry the Bulgarian pepper and tomatoes with a napkin. Cut tomatoes into medium slices. Pepper chop thin, short straws. Rinse greens, lightly dry and chop with a sharp knife. Chop peeled onions in thin quarters. Peel the pumpkin, remove the seeds and cut into small pieces.

2. Mix greens with tomatoes and peppers. Pour all the cream. Salt the mixture to your liking.

3. Clean the fish, remove the head and tail, gut it and rinse it under the tap. Slice the fish in batches, salt and tackle with spices for the fish.

4. Cover the heat resistant container with foil. Put the pieces of fish in it. Fill it with a vegetable mixture with cream. Nether fill with onion and pumpkin slices. Cover the form with a sheet of foil and send it to the oven. After half an hour take out the form, remove the foil and hold in the oven for another ten minutes.

Recipe 7. Fish in cream with wild mushrooms


900 g fillet of any fish;

vegetable oil;

large onion;

5 g of dried dill and thyme;

half a kilo of frozen forest mushrooms;

salt and pepper;

a glass of fatty cream.

Method of preparation

1. Fresh fish, clean the scales, cut the fins, remove the insides and rinse well. Tail and head cut. On the back, make a cut along the ridge and separate the fillets from the bones. It should make two pieces of fillet. Use tweezers to remove small bones.

2. Peel and chop onion in thin quarter-rings. Heat lean oil in a frying pan, put onions in it and fry until golden.

3. At room temperature, thaw the mushrooms and place them over the onions. Fry all together for about 15 minutes so that all the liquid evaporates. Salt and turn off the heat.

4. Lightly grease the ceramic deep mold. Cut fish fillets in portions. Put the skin down into the mold. Salt, pepper and sprinkle with thyme.

5. Lay the fried mushrooms and onions in an even layer on the fish. Season cream with dried dill and salt. Pour this mixture of fish and mushrooms and put in the oven for half an hour. In this case, the oven should be cold. Serve with vegetable or rice garnish and vegetable salad.

Recipe 8. Creamy fish in a frying pan


fresh fish fillet - 400 g;

incomplete glass of cream;

a bunch of dill and parsley;

2 garlic cloves;

Italian herbs;

25 g of flour;

a small piece of butter.

Method of preparation

1. Thaw the fish, remove the skin, if there are bones, carefully remove them. Wash, pat dry and cut into two centimeters.

2. Put the fish in the pan, add butter, cover with a lid and simmer a little over low heat.

3. Pour the cream into a deep plate, add flour and whisk until smooth. Make sure that there are no lumps.

4. Sprinkle the fish with Italian herbs and pepper, squeeze the garlic through a press and fill it with cream. Mix gently. As soon as the sauce boils, add chopped greens and mix again. After a couple of minutes, turn off the heat. Serve the fish with vegetable salad and potato garnish.

Recipe 9. Fish in cream with cheese


half a lemon;

Gouda cheese - 200 g;

three pinches of paprika and ground black pepper;

heavy cream - incomplete glass;

three pinches of coarse salt;

2 onions;

5 g of dried dill;

700 g fillet of any fish.

Method of preparation

1. Peel and cut into half circles two onions. Heat the oil in a skillet. Put the onion in it and fry until golden.

2. Pour cream into a deep plate, sprinkle them with dried dill, paprika and black pepper. Lightly whisk.

3. We wash the fish fillet under the tap, dry it with a paper napkin and remove the small bones. Cut into five-centimeter pieces. We lay out on a slightly blurred deco. Salt

4. At the fish squeeze juice from half a lemon. Fold the onion over the fish. Fill all with cream and send in the oven for half an hour. Bake at 180C.

5. Chop the cheese into large chips. Sprinkle it with fish and send in the oven for another ten minutes.

Fish in cream - tips and tricks from chefs

  • Fish in cream can be baked whole, but in this case the cooking time increases.
  • If you want to cook fish with potatoes, it is better to pre-boil it or fry it, since the potato is cooked longer than fish.
  • Before cooking, season the fish with spices and salt.
  • To remove the specific smell, sprinkle the fish with freshly squeezed lemon juice.
  • Simmer the fish in cream only over low heat, so as to prevent intense boiling.
  • Before you roll the fish in flour, mix it with pepper, spices and salt. But in this case, the fish no longer need to salt.
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