Fish Salmon Soup

Red fish soup is a delicious first course meal to try! But when looking at the price tag with salmon or salmon, the hand reaches for the usual heck? Stop! We still cook gorgeous royal soup with red fish! The solution is - this is the soup of the salmon ridges. At cost, it is an order of magnitude more budgetary than soup made from steak or whole fish, and on taste and usefulness - on a par.

Fish Salmon Soup

Products for fish soup

  • In 2, 5-3 l of water - 1 spine of salmon;
  • 3-5 medium potatoes;
  • 1 carrot;
  • 1 onion;
  • Salt - about 1 tablespoon without top;
  • Spices: black pepper-peas - 10-12 pieces; bay leaf - 1-2 things.

And if there is fresh greens, then dill and parsley will be very useful to the soup.

How to cook a delicious soup of salmon ridges

Peel and wash the vegetables; cut potatoes into small cubes, carrots - in circles or strips, and onions can be put into the soup in whole, in halves or crumbled.

Fish Salmon Soup Fish Salmon Soup Fish Salmon Soup

When the water boils in the saucepan, pour the potatoes and carrots in there, and cook for 15 minutes with a gentle boil under the lid until half cooked.

Rinse the salmon ridge, the tail and fins can be cut off and given to the neighboring cat. The rest is cut into pieces 5-7 cm wide and dropped into the pan to the vegetables. You can put the backbone of the fish in the pan and completely. There we will send both onions and bay leaves.

Fish Salmon Soup

We continue cooking all together for another 5-7 minutes, then add spices: salt, pepper and peas (we added bay leaf with fish). Seasonings in such a company give the fish soup a delicious aroma and mouth-watering taste!

Fish Salmon Soup

Together with spices, add, if any, chopped greens. We give the soup to simmer another 2-3 minutes and turn off.

Fish Salmon Soup

It is convenient to clean the pieces of fish from the seed first, and then enjoy the delicious fish soup without any interference.

Fish Salmon Soup

Fish salmon soup ready. Enjoy your meal!

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