What to cook for breakfast quickly and tasty: healthy meals for every day. A selection of quick recipes for breakfast of the most simple products

What to cook for breakfast quickly and tasty: healthy meals for every day. A selection of quick recipes for breakfast of the most simple products

Axiom - breakfast should be healthy and satisfying. There is nothing easier than to cook an ordinary omelet or scrambled eggs, quickly cook porridge of oatmeal, or just eat a portion of cottage cheese. But it is too banal and not worth the whole article, we picked up simple recipes for quick and tasty breakfast dishes from the most ordinary products. Habitual food can make a lot more tasty in just half an hour.

Fast breakfast dishes - general cooking

What is common to completely different dishes? At first glance - nothing, but if we expect from the breakfast not just the satisfaction of hunger, but also the charge of cheerfulness at the beginning of the day, then we should think about something special.

The first is the recipe selection. Products should be simple and unpretentious, the combination is reliable, because no one smiles at half a day to listen to their body.

It is best to use dried bread for toasting - it is easier to brown it, you need less oil, and traditionally it is not customary to throw out bread.

Eggs - fresh and selected varieties, as a rule, the hens carrying them, get better nutrition.

Cottage cheese choose non-granular and not watery, otherwise adding to it any watery component, and simply mixing with sugar, get a floating mass.

Tea or coffee is better than brewed, simple everyday variety. Tea, of course, black, krupnolistovoy, with sugar and lemon, coffee - the most common, “Arabica”, large or mixed grinding.

No matter how desirable, but avoid the temptation to add an extra piece of sausage, or make a thicker layer of butter, better plan a second, light breakfast or just stock up a couple of cookies.

What to cook for breakfast quickly and tasty: a hearty omelet

Scrambled eggs - the perfect dish for a quick breakfast, just three minutes to mix the omelette mass, six for baking. If you spend a couple of minutes for slicing sausage and chopping cheese from a regular omelet for breakfast, you can quickly make nourishing brisol.


four selected eggs;

50 grams of boiled sausage;

a little over 0.5 cups of milk; 60 grams of cheese;

a spoonful of flour;

a pair of spoons of ketchup and mayonnaise;

a handful of finely chopped dill;

one and a half spoonful of butter.

Cooking Method:

Use a narrow knife to cut the cheese into thin slices, sausage - into thin strips.

After breaking eggs into a bowl, slightly unzip them with a fork. Do not whisk, this is important!

Add milk to the eggs, add flour, add it and mix everything thoroughly. Again, without beating, stir with a whisk or fork until the lumps disappear.

We place on the stove a frying pan with a diameter of twenty centimeters or a bit less, lubricate its bottom with vegetable or butter.

Pour into the pan part of the egg mass and tightly cover with a lid. Cook over medium heat until the underside is browned. The top should be well grabbed and not be liquid.

We turn over the omelet with a wide spatula, slightly lower the heat, wait half a minute. Dividing the surface of the omelet visually in half, spread on one part of the strip of sausage, squeeze out some mayonnaise and ketchup from above. Sprinkle with dill stuffing, cover with slices of cheese and wrap the portion of the omelet, left free, with a spatula.

Cover with a lid, turn off the heat and let it stand for three minutes.

From the second half of the egg dough and the remaining products prepare the same omelet.

You can cook two portions at a time, in a larger frying pan. If there are two identical pans, it is advisable to cook immediately on both, a large omelet is difficult to turn over without damaging.

What to cook for breakfast quickly and tasty: delicious oatmeal

Just half an hour for breakfast, you can cook not only healthy, but also very tasty porridge. Complemented with caramelized apples and sweet nuts, such a mess will appeal to everyone.


six tablespoons of instant oatmeal;

3/4 glasses of water;

two small apples;

200 ml of milk;

four spoons of almond (petals);

50 gr. powdered sugar;

Creamy, “Traditional” butter - 20 g;

spoon of sugar;

8 gr. grated cinnamon;

a quarter of lemon.

Cooking Method:

Turn on the oven to warm up.

We spread almond petals on a sieve, wash with water. As soon as the excess moisture leaves, sprinkle with powdered sugar and shake the sieve several times. It is necessary that all the petals are completely covered with sweet powder. Sprinkle the nuts on a parchment-laid baking tray and place it in the oven. We stand about 10 minutes. Watch the almonds carefully, it should be just a little podzolot. After cooling down, a layer of almonds should be crushed by hand.

Fill the flakes with water. Bringing to a boil, pour milk into porridge. Salt slightly and sweeten just as modestly, again bring to a boil and remove from heat. We wrap the pot in a terry towel, let the porridge stand for 10 minutes.

We wash the apples, thinly peel the skin. Cut into slices, remove the remnants of the core.

Squeeze juice from lemon and sprinkle apple slices.

In a pan over low heat, melt the butter, place the apple slices on the bottom and sprinkle them with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon. Slightly increasing the heat, simmer the apples for about three minutes.

Put the porridge in two portions. Top caramelized apples, sprinkle with sweet almonds.

What to cook for breakfast quickly and tasty: homemade cheesecakes for half an hour


one egg;

400 gr. low fat cottage cheese;

half a spoon, or a little less vanilla powder;

a little more than half a cup of high-grade flour;

three spoons of sugar;

oil, refined, high quality.

Cooking Method:

In deep dishes, knead cottage cheese with a fork. If the product is grainy, wipe it on a sieve. This will help get rid of the lumps - cheesecakes will be more tender.

Pour the egg to the curd, add sugar and quite a bit of salt. After pouring in the vanilla, we mix thoroughly and begin to introduce the flour. Add in small pieces, carefully mixing the next batch. Flour will be enough when the curd dough stops sticking. Do not overdo it, it is better not to use more than this norm, or cheesecakes will come out hard.

Sprinkle the surface of the table with a thin layer of flour. Spoon separates some cottage cheese dough and roll it up with a ball. Next, lightly crush, roll in flour and put on a floured surface.

When all the cheese cakes are formed, in the pan with medium heat, warm the butter. Fry cheese cakes on both sides until a gentle blush. When you turn the cheesecakes over, be sure to cover the pan with a lid, so they are better baked. Serve cheese cakes preferably hot, with honey, sour cream, jam or condensed milk.

What to cook for breakfast quickly and tasty: simple toasts with a banana filling in French


eight thin slices of white bread;

ripe banana;

60 grams of cheese, “Dutch”;

two spoons of honey or sugar;

half a cup of milk;

oil “Peasant” for frying, about 70 grams;

one and a half spoonful of powdered sugar.

Cooking Method:

Put together two slices of bread, cut off the crusts. In the same way we prepare other pieces: we put in pairs and remove the crusts.

Beat eggs with milk, in a separate bowl, large, rub the cheese.

Mash a banana with honey with a fork, combine with cheese and mix well.

We take two slices of bread, spread on one a little filling and cover with the second slice. Do not put a lot, one and a half teaspoons will be enough. Try not to smear much, the filling should not reach the edges. Fold all the slices in this way.

In a pan melt butter. You can add to the cream and a little sunflower, then the toast will come out with a crispy crust.

Alternately dipping toasts in the egg-milk mixture, spread into the pan. Waiting for the appearance of a golden crust below, turn over and fry the other side. With medium heat, each side should be roasted for at least three minutes.

When all the toasts are roasted and slightly cooled, sprinkle them with powdered sugar on top. It is more convenient to do this by cutting the powder through a sieve.

If you do not need to take breakfast with you, when serving, cut the toast laid out on a plate diagonally and press lightly on top so that a little filling will appear on the cut.

What to cook for breakfast quickly and tasty: homemade curd mass

From the usual cottage cheese, you can quickly cook up a delicious curd mass for breakfast. The light coffee taste and aroma of cinnamon will invigorate perfectly, and the curd mass on ryazhenka will saturate for a long time.


thick ryazhenka - 100 ml;

400 gr. soft low-fat cottage cheese;

two spoons of sugar and one instant coffee;

50 ml of hot water;

teaspoon vanilla (powder without sugar);

grated cinnamon powder - 1.5 tsp.

Cooking Method: Fill instant coffee with hot water, stir thoroughly, leave to cool.

Combine ryazhenka with sugar, beat with a mixer until the crystals dissolve. Add vanilla and cinnamon at the end.

Grind into the prepared mass through a sieve curd. After adding the brewed, cooled coffee is thoroughly stirred and refrigerated for half an hour.

Chilled curd mass can be served independently or used as spreads for cookies.

What to cook for breakfast quickly and tasty: scrambled eggs with vegetables - “Shakshuka”


three eggs:

ripe tomato;


two spoons of tomato paste;

small fruit of sweet pepper;

a quarter spoon of ground paprika;

fresh dill;

small onion.

Cooking Method:

Peel two small prongs of garlic and pepper. Chop the garlic, and cut the flesh of the sweet pepper and tomato into thin strips or small slices.

Warming up one and a half tablespoons of vegetable oil in a pan, add pepper with garlic and fry until soft.

Put the slices of tomato in the pan, add the tomato, add it, and stir well, cook another three minutes.

Level the contents of the pan, in three places we make small depressions and pour them into the egg. Cover with a lid, cook, bringing the eggs to the desired degree of roasting.

Quick and tasty breakfast meals - cooking tips and helpful tips

To get a lush omelet, eggs should not be beaten for a long time. All omeletnuyu mass need only stir.

Any cottage cheese dish will be more tender if you rub it on a sieve. Beating with a mixer will not help to get rid of lumps, if the curd is granular, and using a blender you can get a liquid mass.

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