Omelet with cottage cheese is a healthy breakfast that everyone will like. A selection of recipes for omelet with cottage cheese in the oven, multicooker and pan

Omelet with cottage cheese is a healthy breakfast that everyone will like. A selection of recipes for omelet with cottage cheese in the oven, multicooker and pan

Cottage cheese is a useful product that has a lot of useful properties. He is the leader of fermented milk products in terms of calcium content, so it is very important that cottage cheese is present in the diet of each person. Omelet with cottage cheese - breakfast, which will energize the whole day.

Omelet with curd - the basic principles of cooking

To make an omelette not only useful, but also tasty, you need to choose the right cottage cheese. When choosing this product you need to pay attention to color and smell. Fresh cottage cheese is usually slightly creamy or white in color with a sour-milk flavor.

The texture of the curd should be uniform and slightly oily. If it is granular, it means, most likely, it has been pereushyli, and too liquid consistency suggests that the product is overdue.

Before making an omelet, cottage cheese must be ground through a sieve to make the dish tender.

Then add cottage cheese, eggs, ghee and whisk everything until a homogeneous mass.

Prepare an omelet in a pan, in a slow cooker or oven.

Omelet with cottage cheese can be made sweet or salty. Sweet omelette is cooked with dried apricots, raisins or fruits, and salted with greens or vegetables.

Recipe 1. Classic omelet with cottage cheese


three teaspoons of butter;

eggs - three pcs .;

sea ​​salt;

two thirds cup cottage cheese.

Method of preparation

1. Rub the curd through a sieve. Put eggs and soft butter into it, salt and whisk everything until smooth with a blender.

2. The resulting curd mass is placed in a pre-heated frying pan.

3. Cook over low heat, covered with a lid, until golden brown.

4. Turn over and fry on the other side. Serve with chopped herbs and sour cream.

Recipe 2. Dessert omelet with cottage cheese and cinnamon


25 g butter;

50 g of cottage cheese;

eggs - two pcs .;

three teaspoons of sugar;

a pinch of cinnamon.

Method of preparation

1. Combine cottage cheese with sugar and cinnamon in a deep plate. We interrupt all the blender.

2. Beat the eggs and continue to beat everything until a fluffy smooth mass.

3. Dissolve the oil in the pan. Pour the egg-curd mass into it and fry over low heat for about seven minutes until golden brown.

4. Then turn the omelet over and cook another five minutes. Serve scrambled eggs with fresh fruit or jam.

Recipe 3. Omelet with cottage cheese, green onions and greens


three egg whites;


200 g of 1% cottage cheese;

on a couple of sprigs of parsley and dill;

five feathers of green onions.

Method of preparation

1. Separate the yolks from the whites and place them in a deep bowl and whisk until frothy.

2. Add cottage cheese to whipped whites and season with all spices. Stir.

3. Green onions rinsed, obsushivaem and crumbled ringlets. Add to the protein mixture with cottage cheese and mix.

4. Pour the resulting mass into a heated frying pan and cook, covered with a lid, for about seven minutes on low heat.

5. Turn off the fire and keep the omelet under a lid for a couple of minutes. Then sprinkle with chopped fresh herbs.

Recipe 4. Omelet with cottage cheese, spinach and zucchini


young squash;

sea ​​salt;

four eggs;

black pepper;

four egg whites;


cottage cheese - 120 g;

clove of garlic;

a large bunch of spinach;

butter - two tablespoons;

several leaves of basil;

cherry tomatoes for decoration.

Method of preparation

1. Heat oven to 200C. Lubricate the baking pan with butter.

2. Rinse the spinach and tear it into large chunks. Fold in the form and send for a couple of minutes in the oven.

3. Put the baked spinach on the board and chop with a knife. Young my zucchini and three on a coarse grater. We put in a plate, salt and leave for ten minutes. Fold back on the sieve and squeeze out excess liquid. 4. Clean the chive from the husk and finely crumble it with a knife. Basil leaves are rinsed, dried and ground. Heat a couple of spoons of vegetable oil in a pan. We put zucchini and garlic in it. Fry over medium heat for seven minutes, stirring occasionally with a spatula. Remove the pan from the stove and cool the zucchini.

5. Curd mash with a fork. Add eggs and proteins, salt, pepper and beat with a mixer at low speed.

6. Combine fried zucchini with spinach, basil and egg-curd mass. Knead with a fork and lay out in a baking dish.

7. Bake an omelet at 200C for 35 minutes. Take out the omelet from the oven and decorate with cherry tomato halves. Cut into portions and lay out on plates.

Recipe 5. Omelet with cottage cheese, cheese and tomatoes


60 ml of milk;


three eggs;

cheese - 70 g;

three sprigs of dill;

cottage cheese - 100 g;

two teaspoons of butter;

fresh large tomato.

Method of preparation

1. Eggs are shaken with a fork. Pour in milk, salt and mix well.

2. Curd mash with a fork. Add to it the milk-egg mixture and mix.

3. Tomatoes are rinsed, wiped and cut into cubes. Melt some butter and slightly let the tomatoes in to let them juice.

4. Chopped cheese into large chips. Greens rinsed and finely crumbled.

5. Put the egg-curd mass on top of the tomatoes, cover them with cheese and greens. Cooking, covered with a lid, about 15 minutes, on medium heat.

Recipe 6. Sweet omelet with cottage cheese and raisins


2 tablespoons powdered sugar;

low-fat cottage cheese - 400 g;

60 g raisins;

eggs - three pcs .;

butter - 50 g;

half a cup of flour;

table salt.

Method of preparation

1. The yolks are separated from proteins.

2. Combine the yolks with grated cottage cheese, salt, flour and raisins. Mix well. 3. Beat the cooled proteins to stable peaks. Carefully introduce them into the curd mass and gently mix with a spatula.

4. Put the mass on the heated wide pan. The thickness of the mass should be no more than a centimeter, otherwise the omelette will not be baked.

5. As soon as the omelette is fried, tear it into pieces with two forks and cook a few more minutes.

Recipe 7. Omelet with cottage cheese and apples


three apples;

three fresh eggs;

cane sugar - four tablespoons;

a pinch of sea salt;

fat cottage cheese - 200 g;

tablespoon butter;

three pinches of cinnamon.

Method of preparation

1. Wash the apples, wipe, cut in half and remove the core. Crush the fruit into thin slices.

2. Melt the butter in a pan, add two spoons of sugar and keep on low heat until it is completely dissolved.

3. Put apples into boiling caramel and simmer until soft on a low heat.

4. Put cottage cheese in a bowl and knead with a fork. Add salt, eggs and sugar to it. Whisk everything with a whisk until smooth.

5. Slices of apples lay in a greased heat-resistant form. Put the curd-egg mass on top of the fruit and bake at 180 ° C for 15 minutes. Sprinkle omelet with cinnamon powder before serving.

Recipe 8. Omelet with cottage cheese and cabbage


tablespoon butter;

six chicken eggs;


cottage cheese - 100 g;

half a cup of milk;

white cabbage - 400 g

Method of preparation

1. We drive in eggs in a deep plate, and slightly shake them with a whisk. Add milk to the beaten eggs and season with spices.

2. Add to the milk-egg mixture ground with a sieve curd and mix.

3. Shred cabbage thin straws. Lightly rub hands and lay out evenly in a greased heat-resistant form.

4. Pour the cabbage with the milk-egg mixture and bake at 200 ° C. Cut the warm omelette into portions and serve with sour cream.

Recipe 9. Omelet with cottage cheese and green peas in a slow cooker


two tablespoons of milk;

100 g of cottage cheese;

teaspoon butter;

two chicken eggs;

two tablespoons of green peas;

a pinch of sea salt.

Method of preparation

1. Put cottage cheese in a bowl and knead well with a fork.

2. Pour milk into curd and whisk with whisk.

3. Beat eggs separately with sugar and salt. Enter the egg mixture curd mass and mix.

4. Lubricate the multicooker bowl with butter. Carefully lay out the curd-egg mixture. From above evenly distribute green peas. Close the lid and start the “baking” mode. Cook for 20 minutes. We take out an omelet from a bowl, we shift it on a dish, we cut into segments and we serve, having watered sour cream or ketchup.

Omelet with curd - tips and tricks

Be sure to grind the cottage cheese through a sieve, so the consistency of the omelet will be homogeneous, and the taste of the dish is softer.

The omelet will be healthier and tastier if cooked in a slow cooker.

Spread the omelet mass only in a well heated pan, otherwise it will stop to the bottom and burn.

To omelette well roasted, cook it on low heat, covered with a lid.

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