Omelet with sausages - a simple and rich breakfast! Cooking delicious omelets with sausages in the oven, microwave, slow cooker and pan

Omelet with sausages - a simple and rich breakfast! Cooking delicious omelets with sausages in the oven, microwave, slow cooker and pan

Omelets rarely leave the kids and their parents indifferent. Prepare them in dozens of different ways, and the fillers used and even more. As scrambled eggs are almost unthinkable without the toasted “boiled pork”, so the omelets perfectly harmonize with sausages. Option omelet with sausages, perhaps the fastest and budget. Products such as milk, eggs and sausages can be found in almost any kitchen.

Sausage Omelet - General Cooking Principles

• Fluffy and simple omelets with sausages can be cooked not only in a frying pan. This nourishing nutritional dish can be baked in the oven, cooked in a cooking bowl or steaming container of the slow cooker or microwave.

• Omelet mass is prepared from whole eggs or only proteins. The pomp of an omelet depends on the method of mixing the main components of the omelet “test”. To make the dish fluffy, whites and yolks should be whipped separately, and then gently mixed without whipping. Omelette will be less sumptuous if you mix all the components of the egg mass at once.

• Sausages for omelets can be taken slightly smoked or regular, preferably “Dairy” varieties. With sausages, remove the outer casing and cut into rings or small pieces. Before mixing or pouring with omelet mass, they are lightly fried to a golden color or added immediately after grinding.

• In an omelet with sausages, you can fry medium-sized chopped onions, sweet paprika or tomatoes. Often, grated cheese is added to the egg mass or sprinkled with practically cooked omelet, and then bring the dish to readiness. To cook a more substantial dish, put the fried sausages on the fried bread and then pour them with the egg mixture.

Recipe for a fluffy omelet with sausages and cheese in a pan


• three sausages;

• 50 grams of “Dutch” or “Edam” cheese;

• four eggs;

• 30 grams of homemade butter.

Cooking Method:

1. Remove the outer casing from the sausages and cut them into thin ringlets. 2. Beat the eggs, place the yolks in one bowl and the whites in the other.

3. Salt the yolks slightly, season with ground pepper and lightly beat with a fork.

4. Whip whites in a fluffy whisk and combine with yolks. Do not whisk, gently mix the protein foam with the yolks, movements from the bottom up.

5. Melt the butter on medium heat, fry in it slices of sausages on both sides and put on a separate plate.

6. In a clean skillet, melt some more butter and lay out the egg mass. Cover and cook over moderate heat for exactly one minute.

7. Spread the fried sausages over the omelette, rub the cheese on top of them through a fine grater, cover again and bring the omelette to readiness for three minutes.

The easiest recipe for an omelet with sausages in a pan


• four eggs;

• smoked sausages - 4 pcs .;

• one and a half tablespoons of corn oil;

• 100 ml of pasteurized milk.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the sausages peeled from the outer casing into rings and fry them slightly on both sides.

2. Beat the eggs in a bowl, add a little salt and ground pepper. Pour in the milk and vigorously whisk everything with a mixer or a whisk.

3. Fry sausages evenly spread over the pan, and fill them with the mixture prepared from eggs.

4. On a small heat, under the lid, hold the omelet until fully cooked, it should not be liquid.

Omelet with sausages, vegetables and cheese in the oven


• one sweet bell pepper;

• a small clove of garlic;

• “Russian” or “Kostroma” cheese - 100 gr .;

• 120 grams of “Dairy” sausages;

• small onion;

• a tablespoon of refined vegetable oil;

• 80 ml of cow's milk.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the pepper, cut it in half lengths, remove the seed part with the stem and wash again.

2. Cut the peeled onion and pepper into small-sized slices, chop a garlic clove with a knife. With the sausages, remove the casing and cut them into thin semi-rings.

3. Heat the oil in a thick-walled pan and dip the garlic in it. Continuing stirring, fry the garlic pieces until a specific flavor appears and add the onions. 4. As soon as the onion slices acquire a delicate golden color, put the sausages with the pepper pieces into the pan and continue to heat until the pepper flesh is soft.

5. Pour the eggs into a deep bowl, add a little salt and sprinkle with freshly ground pepper, pour in the milk.

6. On the middle grater rub cheese. Approximately 20 grams of cheese chips set aside, and add the rest to the eggs and stir with a whisk.

7. Combine cooled sausages with egg mixture, fried with onions, mix.

8. Coat the bottom and sides of the deep small form with butter, pour the omelette mixture into it and place in a hot (at least 180 degrees) oven for 40 minutes.

9. Five minutes before being cooked, sprinkle the omelet with deferred cheese chips and bring to readiness.

10. Bake omelette a little cool, so that it becomes harder, cut into pieces and serve.

Omelet with sausages on bread and cheese


• two thin slices of white loaf;

• three chicken eggs;

• two sausages;

• 80 ml of high-fat liquid cream;

• 40 grams of cheese;

• a sprig of fresh dill and a little more parsley;

• butter for frying.

Cooking Method:

1. Put about one and a half tablespoons of butter into a large thick-walled frying pan and warm well with minimal heat. You can replace the creamy fat with vegetable oil.

2. Pour the eggs into the cream, add your favorite seasonings and, without beating, stir the egg mass with a fork or a whisk.

3. Chop the cheese on a coarse chopper, chop the dried greens without stems.

4. In the heated fat, lower the sausages chopped with ringlets. Fry the pieces to a light blush on both sides and spread out from the pan.

5. Put the pieces of bread in the remaining fat in the pan. As soon as the bottom side is well roasted, turn over, return the fried sausages to the pan, evenly distributing them along the bottom, and fill everything with cooked omelette mass.

6. Sprinkle the egg mass with cheese chips mixed with finely chopped greens, cover with the lid and continue cooking on low heat for about five minutes.

Recipe for protein omelet with sausages for multicooker


• five eggs;

• “Milk” sausages - 3 pcs .;

• 60 grams of “Kostroma” cheese;

• a little butter.

Cooking Method:

1. Grease the bottom of the brewing bowl well with oil and dip sausages sliced ​​in ringlets into it. Spread the pieces evenly in the cooking bowl and start the baking program. Stir fry the sausages in the prescribed mode until they are lightly browned.

2. Separate the proteins and add a little salt to them and beat with a mixer, at medium speed for about 2 minutes. Yolks do not need.

3. Pour the fried sausages with whipped squirrels, sprinkle with cheese and grated on a large grater and leave to cook by closing the lid of the device.

Delicious omelet with sausages and fresh tomatoes


• smoked sausages - 3 pcs .;

• half-sized onion;

• half a cup of pasteurized milk;

• small tomato;

• three large eggs;

• non-aromatic vegetable oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Put down the shredded onions in a vegetable oil well heated in a pan and fry the pieces on a low heat.

2. When the onion slices begin to turn red, place the sausages sliced ​​into thin circles next to them. Stir and reduce heat to medium or slightly more.

3. Cut half of the tomato into thin slices, set aside. The rest of the cut into small cubes and add to sausages.

4. Lightly salt the eggs, pour the milk to them, blab everything until smooth with a fork. Pour the roast in the pan with the prepared mixture, place the remaining tomato slices on top.

5. Cover the pan with a lid, set the minimum heat. After about seven minutes, an omelet with sausages and tomatoes will be ready.

Express breakfast from an omelet with sausages in the microwave


• one egg;

• a teaspoon of finely chopped dill;

• half sausage;

• two spoons of milk;

• a tablespoon of finely grated cheese.

Cooking Method:

1. Break an egg into a large cup, add milk, lightly salt it, add pepper if desired, and mix it well with a fork.

2. Pour the chopped dill and cheese chips. 3. Cut the halved sausage into small pieces and put the slices into a bowl with eggs, mix.

4. Place the omelette cup in the microwave and turn it on for six minutes.

Simple steam omelet with sausages in a slow cooker


• chicken eggs - 6 pcs .;

• half a cup of cow's milk;

• three sausages, preferably “Dairy”;

• a few sprigs of fresh dill.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour the milk into the bowl and pour the eggs to it. Add quite a bit of ground pepper, lightly salt it and bring to homogeneity, slightly beating the egg mass with a fork.

2. Remove the casing from the sausages. Cut them into small pieces, any shape, mix with the egg mass and add the chopped dill.

3. Pour two glasses of warm water into the brew bowl.

4. Cover the steaming container with cling film and place it on the cooking bowl.

5. Fill the prepared container with egg mass and turn on the slow cooker in the “Steaming” option for half an hour.

6. After the end of the specified program, open the lid of the device, carefully remove the steam container with the prepared omelet and turn the container on the plate so that the omelet slips onto it.

7. Decorate the dish with fresh green sprigs.

Sausage Omelet - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• Do not beat the egg mixture for a long time, otherwise the scrambled eggs will turn out low and excessively dense. To get a lush dish, enough eggs, mixed with other ingredients, only a little loose with a fork.

• The more eggs are used, the more magnificent the omelets are. To cook a lush omelet with sausages in the cooking bowl of the slow cooker, it is advisable to take at least ten eggs.

• It is not advisable to add semolina, flour or starch to omelets. They will not only delay lifting, but also make an omelette hard.

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