Salad with champignons and chicken breast: hit of the season! The best author's recipes and the original supply of salad with mushrooms and chicken breast

Salad with champignons and chicken breast: hit of the season! The best author's recipes and the original supply of salad with mushrooms and chicken breast

Salads are one of the most delicious and favorite dishes. They are loved by children and adults. They are able to brighten up any boring homemade meal and must be present at the festive table.

Win-win - salad with champignons and chicken breast. Properly cooked, juicy, tasty, it has dozens of cooking options. By the basis of mushrooms and chicken fillet you can easily add almost any “salad” component: meat, leafy and starchy vegetables, greens, eggs, cheese, potatoes.

Salad with champignons and chicken breast, you can take almost any. Store and homemade mayonnaise, oil-acetic sauce, olive oil with herbs, lemon juice - many options. The degree of calorie salad is controlled very simply. Roasted ingredients and fatty dressings increase calorie content, boiled and low-fat - lower. Although ... On a holiday, you can afford a little more, right?

Salad with champignons and chicken breast - general principles of cooking

The basis of the salad is chicken fillet and champignons. Much depends on the proper preparation of these ingredients: taste, flavor, appearance of the dish.

Fresh champignons need to be cleaned with a knife, cutting out dark fragments, remnants of sod. Large mushrooms should be cut into pieces of arbitrary shape. Plates, cubes, straws - the hostess herself should choose the form. Small champignons need to be cooked whole, so the salad will become more beautiful.

You can add bay leaf, a few peas black pepper or allspice, bay leaf (only at will) and necessarily a few grains of citric acid in boiling champignon water. Four pounds of acid is enough for a liter of water. Citric acid will prevent darkening of mushrooms.

From the moment of boiling, champignons boil for an average of ten minutes. Small mushroom slices will be ready in seven minutes, whole large pieces in twelve. If frozen mushrooms are used, they should be thrown into the water without defrosting, wait for boiling and boil for two minutes. Cooked mushrooms pour in a colander. Chicken for salad can be boiled or fry. Before meat should be washed, dried. For boiling can be taken as a breast on the bone, and already prepared fillets. Boil whole piece will have twenty to thirty minutes. Finished chicken meat can be easily broken by hand or divided into fibers with a fork.

To fry the fillet, be sure to cut it into small sticks or small cubes. In a skillet, the breast is cooked almost instantly: in three to five minutes. It is important not to overdo the meat, otherwise it will become hard, dry, tasteless.

Salad with champignons and chicken breast “Quick appetizer”

Very easy to prepare, tasty and juicy salad with champignons and chicken breast can be made very quickly. The dish is low-calorie due to boiling the main components. One Who is not afraid to get better, can not boil, and fry the meat and mushrooms. Get better!


• one chicken breast;

• a pound of fresh champignons;

• a jar of canned corn;

• three tomatoes;

• one hundred grams of delicious crackers;

• three spoons of mayonnaise.

Cooking Method:

Boil breast and champignons as described above.

The main components of fat very finely chopped.

In a large container to mix mushrooms, lettuce, corn, crackers.

Finely chop the tomatoes and add to the salad.

Season with mayonnaise and put into a salad bowl or portion plates.

Layered salad with mushrooms and chicken breast “Pineapples in the company”

Layered salad, decorated with “flowers” ​​of high-quality melted cheese cut, decorate the festive table. Canned pineapple will give the salad with mushrooms and chicken breast juiciness and original flavor.


• 200 grams of pickled champignons;

• one chicken breast;

• a jar of canned pineapples (you need a hundred grams of pulp without syrup);

• small onion;

• one hundred grams of cheese;

• three eggs;

• medium carrot;

• two or three green onions; • mayonnaise packaging 250 grams;

• three slices of processed cheese from ready-made sliced.

Cooking Method:

Wash the mushrooms, dry and fry a little.

Boil the breast and chop it very finely.

Pineapples removed from the syrup (you can even wash), dry and cut into small cubes.

Cheese grate finely.

Boiled eggs grate coarsely or finely chopped with a knife.

Boil carrots.

Laying: mushrooms and onions.

Then chicken and pineapples.

The next layer is cheese.

The last layer is the egg.

Between the layers must be mayonnaise layer.

To decorate the salad you need to make edible "callas". Cut a few thin “stamens” from the carrot. From the transparent plates of cheese roll up the buds. From the arrows of the bow to make small stalks.

Salad with champignons and chicken breast “Delicate charm”

A hearty, tasty, beautiful salad with champignons and chicken breast can be made on weekdays and holidays. If there are no pine nuts, you can replace them with finely chopped hazelnuts, cashews or a spoon of sesame seed.


• two potatoes;

• one carrot;

• two eggs;

• 150 grams of fresh champignons;

• medium bulb;

• medium chicken breast;

• light mayonnaise to taste;

• a handful of pine nuts;

• a spoon of olive oil for the pan;

• a bunch of dill.

Cooking Method:

Individually boil all ingredients except mushrooms and onions.

Fry champignons in hot oil with chopped onions.

Grate carrots.

Finely chop the eggs.

Cut potatoes into small cubes.

Chop the breast into thin sticks.

Spread out layers in a deep salad bowl, smearing them with mayonnaise.

Put potatoes on the bottom of the salad bowl, then eggs and mushrooms, carrots and chicken bars.

Top coat with sauce, garnish with a sprig of dill, nuts.

Salad with champignons and chicken breast “Exotic”

Avocado and kiwi add to this salad with mushrooms and chicken breast an unparalleled exotic flavor. Prunes and cheese - a subtle note of creamy sourness. Restaurant serve (shaped ring) make the salad ideal for the holiday table. Very unusual, hearty and incredibly delicious dish that you should definitely try. Ingredients:

• chicken breast;

• one avocado;

• two kiwis;

• 250 grams of champignons;

• 50 grams of cheese;

• 50 grams of pitted prunes;

• two eggs;

• a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice;

• some sour cream

Cooking Method:

Boil chicken, finely chop.

Fry champignons, chop.

Boil eggs and cool, then rub.

Soak prunes and chop finely.

Finely grate cheese.

Peel kiwi and cut into thin slices.

Avocado free from the bone, cut into thin sticks, pour with lemon juice so as not to darken.

Choose a flat wide plate, in the center set a glass, glass, glass.

Salad spread ring layers around the base. Ingredients slightly press with your fingers, tamping layers.

Each layer should be repeated twice, so you need to mentally divide all the components of the salad into two equal parts.

All layers need to coat with sour cream.

The sequence of calculations: chicken fillet, mushrooms, egg, avocado, prunes.

Cover the top with cheese crumb, garnish with kiwi slices.

Carefully remove the glass, let the salad soak.

Salad with champignons and chicken breast “Meat mix”

Delicious meat salad with champignons and chicken breast will surely please men. It is nourishing, moderately spicy, rather dense. If the chicken breast is not boiled, and take ready smoked, then the taste will be more piquant.


• one hundred grams of ham;

• half chicken breast;

• one hundred grams of beef tongue;

• two potatoes;

• two medium fresh cucumbers;

• bank of canned champignons (200 grams);

• pepper to taste;

• mayonnaise;

• a bunch of parsley.

Cooking Method:

Boil tongue, breast, potatoes.

Meat components cut into strips.

Largely grate potatoes and cucumbers.

Crushed large parts of mushrooms.

In a large container, mix the ingredients, season with mayonnaise, if desired, add salt and sprinkle with pepper.

When serving, decorate with finely chopped greens.

Salad with champignons and chicken breast “Mushroom Glade”

A beautiful festive dish can be a table decoration. This version of salty salad with mushrooms and chicken breast is very popular among hostesses. It is delicious, spicy, satisfying.


• one chicken breast;

• three eggs;

• A jar of pickled whole champignons;

• two hundred grams of semi-solid or hard cheese;

• three medium potatoes;

• three small pickled cucumbers (you can take just salted);

• bunch of parsley or other greens;

• mayonnaise.

Cooking Method:

Chicken breast for this salad should be baked until cooked in the oven, after having rubbed your favorite spices. Wrap the piece in foil, bake at 200 degrees for about 20 minutes.

Boil potatoes, cut into small cubes.

Boil carrots and grate.

Diced boiled eggs, cucumbers, cooled meat into cubes.

Cheese coarsely grate.

Greens are not cut, and tear hands.

Spread out the layers, smearing each with mayonnaise.

The sequence of calculations: potatoes, cucumbers, chicken, carrots, eggs, cheese crumb.

The last top layer is champignons. They need to have legs down, in a row, imitating the natural growth of forest mushrooms. Insert “blades of grass” between the mushrooms - torn greens.

Salad with champignons and chicken breast “Home-style”

A simple and easy to prepare salad with mushrooms and chicken breast is very tasty. Butter is only good for him. Instead of boiled, you can take smoked breast.


• large chicken breast (or two small);

• two hundred grams of champignons;

• two small carrots;

• a clove of garlic;

• medium bulb;

• three eggs;

• spoon of butter;

• fresh greens according to the season or to taste;

• mayonnaise.

Cooking Method:

Boiled breast disassembled into fibers.

Finely chop the onion.

Coarse grate carrots.

Fry onions and carrots in butter, at the end adding crushed garlic clove. Separately, fry the sliced ​​mushrooms in butter.

Boiled eggs finely chopped.

Lay layers of chicken, mayonnaise, carrot and onion layer, eggs and mushrooms.

Brush with mayonnaise and decorate with finely chopped greens.

Salad with champignons and chicken breast “Big original”

The unusual combination of components of this salad with mushrooms and chicken breast will surely appeal to lovers of sour apple notes in meat salads. The lightness and juiciness of this dish is given by Chinese salad and natural yoghurt. In general, it turns out a worthy replacement for traditional mayonnaise salad.


• three hundred grams of Chinese salad;

• medium breast;

• two hundred grams of fresh champignons;

• one Bulgarian pepper;

• a clove of garlic;

• some vegetable oil;

• two small apples;

• A jar of natural yogurt (125 grams);

• tablespoon of fresh lemon juice;

• two teaspoons of Dijon mustard;

• a teaspoon of honey;

• a teaspoon of dried dill;

• pepper.

Cooking Method:

Chinese cabbage to disassemble the leaves and finely chop.

Peppers, cleared of partitions and seeds, cut into thin strips.

Peel and chop the apples in the same way.

Put the crushed ingredients in a large salad bowl and pour over lemon juice so that the apples do not darken.

Cut chicken into long strips.

Fry the crushed garlic in oil.

Throw out the garlic, and quickly fry the chicken fillet in garlic oil. Five minutes is enough!

Boil the mushrooms. If necessary - chop.

For dressing mix yogurt, salt, pepper, mustard, honey and dill.

Put chicken and salad bowl, season with sauce and mix.

Salad with champignons and chicken breast - tricks and useful tips

  • You can cook mushrooms in different ways: throw the mushrooms into boiling water or lay them in the cold and wait for boiling. However, the mushrooms, cooked in the first way, get tastier, denser, as not so much water is absorbed.
  • If the chicken breast is boiled together with bones and skin, the cooking time will be half an hour. Whole meat, freed from bones and skins, will be ready in twenty minutes. If the fillet is cut into pieces, they will be ready within five minutes after boiling.
  • Chicken broth after boiling the breast can be used to prepare light first courses, sauces or freeze for the future.
  • The chicken can be cooked not in water, but in broth cooked from vegetables. In addition, the meat can be baked in the oven or multicooker, rubbed with spices. This will give the salad extra flavor and matchless aroma.
  • The cooked meat should not be immediately removed from the broth. Let it lie a bit in the liquid, especially if celery, parsley, dill, bay leaf were cooked with the chicken. Meat will become juicy and very, very tender.
  • Puff salad should be allowed to soak. After cooking it is better to leave the dish for half an hour in the refrigerator.
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