Simple egg snack with mushroom pate

A simple egg snack with mushroom pate will decorate a festive or buffet table. Making such a snack is simple, even a beginner cook will master this recipe. Eggs stuffed with mushrooms in our family are prepared by mother for almost every holiday, this is her signature dish from time immemorial. When I was little, I loved to look in the fridge very much on January 1, a few stuffed eggs from the New Year's table were specially left for me there. Since then, this dish I have strongly associated with the New Year holidays.

Simple egg snack with mushroom pate

However, you can cook a snack all year round, it is not seasonal at all. Depending on the season, for the filling, we take fresh forest mushrooms, champignons, mushroom preparations or dried mushrooms. If mommy prepares the stuffing of dried mushrooms, then on this day we overeat delicious and fragrant mushroom soup.

In a hurry, you can prepare such a snack from ready-made mushroom pate, which I make from butter, mushrooms or forest mushroom platter, russules, mushrooms, and chanterelles fall into it. Somehow I will share a simple recipe for this workpiece for the winter.

  • Cooking time: 15 minutes
  • Servings: 6

Ingredients for snack of eggs with mushroom pate

  • 150 g mushroom pate;
  • 3 large eggs;
  • bunch of green onions;
  • mayonnaise to taste;
  • salt, black pepper, butter;
  • fresh cranberries to decorate the dish.

The method of cooking a simple snack of eggs with mushroom pate

Heat a tablespoon of butter in a pan, lay out the pate, warm it up for a few minutes. Especially for those who have no such pate in their stocks, I will describe at the end of the recipe how to cook it quickly.

Simple egg snack with mushroom pate

Boil hard-boiled large eggs, cool, clean from the shell. Carefully cut the eggs lengthwise into two parts, we get the yolks.

Add yolks to the mushroom mass, knead with a fork.

Simple egg snack with mushroom pate

A bunch of green onions chop finely. Add chopped onions and mayonnaise. Mix the stuffing, salt and pepper to taste.

Simple egg snack with mushroom pate

Prepare halves of eggs. So that they do not roll on a plate, we make a thin slice from below, so the egg will reliably stand on the plate and will not roll to the side. Cutting the middle is not necessary, it is better to make a high bit of meat from the filling.

Fill the eggs with stuffing, it is very thick and is well molded - you can give any shape, do not feel sorry for the mushroom stuffing. Egg white is the basis, so to speak, dishes, and this dish should be well filled.

We spread the eggs on a festive plate. Cut off a corner of a mayonnaise bag, squeeze a snake on each egg.

Simple egg snack with mushroom pate Simple egg snack with mushroom pate Simple egg snack with mushroom pate

Decorate eggs with mushroom paste with berries of fresh cranberries or pomegranate seeds and sprinkle with a green onion. Before serving, store in the refrigerator. Enjoy your meal!

Simple egg snack with mushroom pate

And now, as promised, a quick mushroom pate recipe. Mushrooms boil in boiling water for 10 minutes, recline in a colander. Fry in vegetable oil finely chopped onion with a grated carrot, salt. Put passerated vegetables and boiled mushrooms into a blender, grind and salt to taste. By the way, canned champignons will also work if you don’t have time to mess with fresh mushrooms.

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